Top Reasons To Get A Virtual Receptionist

Get 100% Of Your Calls Answered

Missed business calls are a disservice to your customers. We make sure all your business calls are handled with the utmost diligence.

We Only Hire Highly Trained Professionals

Rest assured our agents go through a very stringent hiring process and we vet them thoroughly. All of our agents are fluent in English and are local to United States and Canada.

Provide Exceptional Customer Experience

Our agents understand in order to provide exceptional customer service to our clients we must satisfy the needs of your customers.

Live Call Answering From Friendly Virtual Receptionists

With 24H Virtual Receptionist, you get access to an incredible staff of loyal receptionists ready to help streamline growth; work with us and start working on your business, and not in your business. Our experienced staff will allow you to focus on scaling your business and not doing your regular mundane tasks.

Satisfying Our Customers While Impressing Yours

Fully Comprehensive Virtual Receptionist Service

Inbound Calling

As customers we understand how frustrating it is when our calls do not get answered. Giving your customers an unimaginable experience improves your overall business success. Along with cost reduction and increased productivity.

Call Transfer

Whether you are out of the office or halfway around the world, we will transfer your calls anywhere you want them to go.

Qualifying Leads

Not every customer will be a right fit for you. We will qualify incoming calls with your set of questions and then follow the appropriate action set by you.

Taking Messages

Never let those important messages slip through the cracks again. We will make sure you get all the important information you need to best serve your clients.

Schedule Appointments

Let us keep your calendar full by setting appointments on your google calendar or other web-based scheduling systems.

Overflow Calls

Customers should never get your voicemail during regular business hours. Automatically forward your calls to us if you are busy with another customer.

See What Our Customers Say

Explore How 24H Virtual Can Help You Break Through Your Plateau And Reach New Heights

Your Customers Deserve The Best

Deliver personalized customer service that builds brand loyalty and enhances your revenue. The truth is that when customers feel like you care, they will care for you in return. Our Receptionist Service has just the compassion and empathy your business needs to handle customers the right way. Make your first customer impression the best impression with 24H Virtual.

Never miss an important phone call from customers again.

Schedule appointments and keep your calendar full.

Lower your operating expenses and keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Our Virtual Receptionist service maintains the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Get calls transferred to you wherever you are.