10 Key Post-COVID Contact Center Trends and Insights 2021

April 16, 2022by Mr Unsox0

The Covid epidemic has wreaked havoc across the globe and in all industries. Throughout 2020, new and valuable trends in the call center sector will emerge to address the issues. To stay ahead of their competition, businesses must proactively keep up with changing conditions. Many businesses have taken on the issues that arose last year head-on and adjusted their processes to deliver the best possible service to their customers. This essay examines the most important Virtual Live Receptionist Services trends and insights for the post-covid age.


Trends and Insights in 2021


As we look forward to a better 2021, there will be a greater focus on providing excellent customer service and upgrading clients’ experiences. The following are some of the trends and insights to look forward to in 2021 for Automated Virtual Receptionists:


Omnichannel Support Will be Appreciated

Consumers expect brands and businesses to answer their questions in a variety of ways. Consumers want their issues to be answered as quickly as possible without having to repeat them across various channels. Consumers will seek out several means to contact your company, and omnichannel support will be one of the fastest-growing channels.


Live Engagement Will be Preferred

The message might be miscommunicated numerous times due to a lack of real-time communication. As a result, one of the major trends to keep an eye on is live involvement. Customers are often pressed for time and want immediate responses. Customers will appreciate a better customer experience if you engage with them in real-time.


Cloud Technologies Will Help Reduce Costs

Because the majority of call center employees are going to work remotely, buying and operating an office might be costly during this time. More businesses are projected to transfer their operations to a cloud-based solution, which will drastically lower expenses. Without investing in more equipment or resources, cloud technology may let you grow up and reach a much larger audience.


Data Security Will be a Priority

Consumers are getting increasingly worried about the security of their personal information. The data privacy argument is resonating across sectors at an accelerating rate. Companies must ensure that their employees are aware of the importance of data privacy and why it is important in the eyes of consumers.


Interaction Through Social Media Will Soar

Social media will no longer be just a place where people talk about your companies; it will become one of the most significant platforms for your customers to use. In the future years, people will use social media to seek help and assistance more than ever before.


Use of Chatbots Will Continue to Grow

Chatbot customer service will continue to transform the industry. The innovation and expansion of chatbots will continue in the post-pandemic period. Last year, over half of US buyers favored chatbots while making online purchases, indicating that they are a preferred mode of contact.


Self Service Options Will Gain Popularity

Call volumes to fix difficulties have increased significantly in the covid era. Call volumes can be greatly decreased by implementing a digital self-service platform. The company may increase customer involvement by introducing interactive chat platforms and messaging applications that allow customers to settle most concerns without having to speak with an agent.


Automation Will Free Agents

Consumers like to receive personalized service and develop a positive relationship with a company. Agents will be able to focus on personal client relationships when various contact center procedures are automated. Brands can improve the entire customer experience by giving consumers personal attention.


Remote Working Will Continue

More and more contact centers are recruiting agents who work remotely since it benefits both the individuals and the company. Businesses may save money on administrative expenditures by hiring remote call center employees, while agents can benefit from flexible working hours and reduced commuting time.


Technology Will Help Ease Budgeting Problems

While consumer demands have been steadily increasing, funds have been dropping. Companies are turning to the latest technology to assist them to scale up their efforts while they reduce their personnel owing to the present economic conditions. In the following year, over half of the enterprises aim to increase their technology spending.


About 24H Virtual

For more than two decades, 24H Virtual has been a pioneer in offering the highest quality call center services in India to clients all over the world. Onboard, we have some of the most talented and experienced call center specialists that can easily meet all of your needs. While providing top-notch services to clients, we make use of the most up-to-date tools and technology.


It might be exhausting to get a large number of calls every day. You run the risk of losing new customers or aggravating existing customers who can’t reach the right department. Virtual Auto Receptionist is a new approach to answering more calls and serving more customers.


Every service, sales, technical, or sales support call is answered by a Virtual Auto Receptionist, who directs it to the appropriate department, extension, or voicemail. This includes not just business hours, but also out-of-office calls to any phone worldwide.


Why choose a Virtual Auto Receptionist?
  • Upgrade Your Existing System: It works for your current company number as well as all related extensions.
  • First Impressions: Relax knowing that your customers will always be greeted with a polite greeting and sent to the appropriate department.
  • Organize Call Flows: Easily filter and manage your phone flows to guarantee that all clients that call in are greeted and treated with respect.
  • Customer Experience: It’s not uncommon for a consumer to be diverted to many departments for a simple issue. With a Virtual Auto Receptionist, you can be confident that consumers will be guided to the appropriate department, professional, or extension for their inquiry.
  • Fully Customizable: Every business is unique, which means every call system should be as well. Personalize your Virtual Auto Receptionist Answers Services to fit the concept, tone, and operation of your business.
  • Send Callers to Voicemail or Other Phone Numbers: Do you want to forward a call? It’s no issue! You may easily redirect a call to another number, multiple numbers, or just voicemail the caller.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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