Find Me Follow Me Services To Help Your Business

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Find Me Follow Me Services

If there’s one thing that jumps out as making Business VoIP the must-have telephone solution for your company, it’s the fact that these services are jam-packed with features. Because the service is supplied through the internet and does not require expensive on-premise infrastructure, your company obtains access to capabilities that were previously unavailable.


A basic function that we think is one of the greatest Virtual PBX features available is one of our favorites. This fundamental function, which is also known as call hunting, call routing, and find me or Follow Me Service, helps us to constantly stay connected and never miss an important phone call again. This should be the one aspect of your Business VoIP service that you use the most.


How Does It Work?


Without delving into too much detail on the technical side, the core premise is very straightforward. The most essential thing to remember is that Find Me, Follow Me features are not the same as simple call routing, intelligent IVR systems, or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems, which place a greater emphasis on automated attendant scripting.


Instead, as we stated above, this function is merely a “phone forwarding” option, and setting it up is pretty straightforward. Most, if not all, business phone systems have an online portal or app for users. Users may totally personalize and adjust their call handling through this portal to meet their specific demands.


The Main Benefits of Find Me, Follow Me Features


Of course, you may have already picked up on some of this: follow me capabilities allow you to be connected at all times and never miss a phone call. This powerful technology, however, can do a lot more than merely keep you available at all times. The advantages of a Follow me, Find Me Service function may be summarised as follows:


Configure To Fit Your Setup

One of the nicest things about the Find Me Follow Me function like many hosted PBX services, is how customizable it is. The method may be totally customized to match the user’s needs. Users may select to have these numbers ring concurrently or in a certain order, in addition to specifying a priority list of different phone numbers, such as your Office number, then your Cell, then your Home number, or even simply your Department number. You may also choose whether or not the call will be sent to voicemail.


Maximize Your Availability

Always be connected and never miss a call, no matter where you are. If you’re at a critical meeting and can’t answer your desk phone, the call will be routed to your mobile phone or whatever backup line you’ve designated. Depending on how you set up the function, the procedure will repeat itself, and if you don’t answer at all, the call will be diverted to voicemail.


Utilize Only One Number

You can now just have to give out one number: your principal office line, by setting up a call routing list or having all of your different lines ring at the same time. The benefit of this system is that you may keep your mobile phone number private while still receiving calls while you’re not at work. Because the forwarding is handled by your VoIP provider, you won’t have to give anyone your personal phone number, and you’ll still be able to take essential calls on that phone if required.


Keep Your Numbers Private

In conjunction with the previous point, you only need to use one number, but you may go much farther. Users may set up a virtual number for their find me, follow me a feature with some providers. You won’t have to give your direct desk phone number, direct mobile phone number, or direct home phone number. Simply present this virtual number to clients, and you’ll be able to be contacted on any other device you’ve set up to receive calls.


Clients Can Always Receive the Help They Need

If your clients are dealing with a single agent or representative, the find me, follow me capabilities allow them to always contact that same person for assistance. Clients may find it inconvenient and time-consuming to explain their problems to new agents on a regular basis, but if they can always access the same agent, this may help alleviate a lot of friction.


Enable Your Business to Embrace Mobility

Allow any agent, employee, or team member to use Find Me, Follow Me, rather than limiting it to your phone line. We live in a mobile society, and individuals are always on the move, whether attending meetings or working from home. It doesn’t matter if someone is in the office or not if everyone in your workplace can use Find Me, Follow Me call hunting: you’ll always get that call no matter where you are. Take advantage of your flexibility and stop worrying about missing calls because you’re not in the office. Why should your business be based around a single location when our lives aren’t?


We live in a world where mobility is really important. Small company owners are frequently on the go, working in the field or just not in their office. Enterprise teams may be dispersed over numerous sites, rushing from one meeting to the next, or seldom sitting at their desks. We now all have fully functional supercomputers in our pockets thanks to smartphones and tablets, which have made mobility exceedingly easy.


As a result, it only makes sense to embrace mobility in every manner imaginable. With softphones and smartphone applications, business VoIP alone helps embrace this notion of mobility. But with Find Me Follow Me call hunting, we can take it even farther, keeping business owners and whole teams linked no matter where they are.


About 24H Virtual

24H virtual has developed a unique Find me/Follow me feature that allows you to connect with your client circle on your preferred device. You will not be charged more for purchasing an additional setup. Your clients will be able to reach you at any time, no matter where you are, with 24H virtual. Visit our website to learn more about how you may use Voicemail Messages Service to improve communication in your company.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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