Will AI Replace the Entire Call Center Services Industry?

February 10, 2022by Mr Unsox0

The answers are everything but certain when it comes to the role that cutting-edge technology will play in the future of business. Even though the aggressive use of AI has already awakened numerous businesses, the reality is far more complicated than it appears.

The profit-centric mindset of the corporate sector has allowed cutting-edge technologies such as AI to infiltrate numerous departments. As a business owner, you realize that you will do whatever provides the highest profit for your firm, right? That is exactly what AI is doing. It increases profits for businesses and organizations of all sizes by making them more efficient and effective.

However, not everyone is pleased with incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the corporate world. There has been concern that AI would eliminate the need for human expertise in various professions. A 24-hour answering service is one such corporate activity.

The Future of Call Center Services and AI

Answering services have drastically improved over the years thanks to the ubiquitous accessibility that the internet provided callers. It has turned a small niche service into a multi-million business sector.

The very concept of 24-hour answering services shows that customers have the option of calling you anytime during the day. Well, a machine cannot do that, can it? While an operator can answer calls 10x more efficiently than a machine, the latter is not far away from being a perfect replacement.

The future is running ahead of you. There is no denying AI will be a significant part of call center services. It is already being used with RPA and other related technologies to offer the best 24-hour answering services.

The next step is to make AI understand the language. This is already being done with the help of Google’s AI and other non-profit organizations dedicated to developing chatbots. AI is already capable of answering 80% of the questions. So, what is the future for humans working in this industry?

The Coexistence of Man and AI

The picture may appear to be slightly skewed in favour of AI. However, this does not imply that AI will be free of obstacles. AI is a pre-programmed computer language that is used to do extra jobs without the need for human intervention. Does this imply that people will no longer be required to provide phone answering services? To some extent, sure, but the employment losses will be offset by the increased need for specialists to manage AI. Furthermore, human assistance is inevitable when callers present a complex issue or a sophisticated inquiry.


While it is true that AI will upset the existing balance in the marketplace, the technology is here to stay. Instead of fearing the potential threats of AI, business owners should embrace the technology’s opportunities. After all, when you look at the big picture, AI will help businesses rather than threaten their existence.

You should also remember that AI will not eliminate the position of humans in the workforce. On the contrary, AI will open new employment opportunities in the call center industry.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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