After-Hours Call Support Benefits Property Management

November 7, 2021by Mr Unsox0

After Hours Call Support For Property Management Companies

Prospective renters usually get in touch with a property management company when they are seeking a new abode to live. Similarly, current customers might get in touch when they find some issue with the property they are living in. However, any one of the tenants will never like to receive greetings from a phone answering service that is telephone generated. Calls reaching voicemail can largely annoy the callers. Sometimes customers or tenants might face issues that require immediate attention from a real person. This is what the 24-hour call answering service company like 24H Virtual does. The property management virtual assistants are the personnel a property management company needs to handle calls professionally.


Unifying Communications With Property Management VA

Every proper management company needs to know that 75% of a customer’s experience depends on the way they are treated. Virtual assistants offering after-hours call service are specialists with extensive training to extend the tenants with considerate and fast assistance each time the telephone rings. They can help with everything starting from a customer wanting to manage a broken faucet, callers wanting to learn regarding available units, a rental quote, and a lot more. The team of VAs functions 7 days a week and 24 hours a day which means that they are always available. When a company functions with such a team, it can place a long-lasting impression on the minds of the customers. The property management firms and the tenants can always maintain effective communication with assistance from the virtual assistants. These professionals offer answering services, but they are a total client support solution that every business needs in today’s time.


Service Of A Va For Property Management Companies

An experienced team of virtual assistants is capable of handling more than 30000 phone calls in a single day. Hence property management companies can largely benefit from this as then not a single call from their customers will go unserved. The life operators are efficient workers, but they always maintain a pleasant disposition that guarantees that knowledgeable and kind representatives will greet every customer. The role that they carry out for scaling property management companies are as follows:

  • Capturing leads – supposed to help people rent or buy properties. Each phone call that each property receives is a golden chance for you to attain a new business and boost revenue. Every live operator aims to respond to the calls within three rings or even less, and it can impress callers largely because of the prompt response.


  • Dispatching – The screening of inbound calls for non-emergency and emergency response by following the procedures and protocols. It can also be for seasonal issues like salting, leaf cleanup, and snow removal. The after-hours phone answering service put forward by live virtual receptionists conveys such details to the staff depending on the gathered information. The on-call personnel will be swiftly dispatched through text, email, phone, or pager. The changes in the on-call schedule can be conveniently accommodated.


  • Scheduling appointments – The virtual receptionists are tech-savvy professionals that enable them to integrate into the web-based calendar management software for scheduling appointments for potential tenants. Do you will instantly notify you about any modifications so that appropriate arrangements can be made. This helps in discarding miscommunication and no-shows.


  • Bilingual customer service – With the changes that occurred within the societies, the virtual reception is also prepared to extend property management companies’ reach into the Hispanic community. The live operators working remotely are fluent in Spanish and English, which functions as the telecommunications connection between the diverse residents and your Property Management Company.

High-end customer service from after-hours phone answering virtual assistants will help you set your business apart from your competitors. It will offer you the benefit of keeping your business flowing. If you want to know how to look at the points mentioned below:

  • More cost efficiency – Like any other company, you will have budgetary concerns when running A Property Management Company. Due to this, many times, you need to achieve more but with less. But when you take the help and services from a team of professional virtual assistants, they can help you boost tenant satisfaction and enable you to utilize the present staff more cost-effectively and efficiently. There are few expenditures within the company that are fixed, and you have no or little control over those costs. But with the team of live remote operators, you will only be paying for the hours they are working. Each dollar you are saving in administration is what you can use to deliver all the services your tenants require.


  • No extra equipment – Virtual assistants are agents who work Virtually and remotely. Within your Property Management office premises, you need not install new equipment for them. VAs work with state-of-the-art telecommunications Technology, and they constantly seek to upgrade their services. With the equipment they have at their end, they make it a point to make it worthwhile for your business.


  • Professional staffing – Every property management company must present a professional image to all the tenants. This is why when you outsource the customer service to call centers, there remains no room for error. The after-hours phone answering virtual assistants take every call and beautify it with the specialized greeting that helps represent your Property Management Company flawlessly in front of the clients. Both Potential and present renters will feel impressed with the commitment you show in extending them with flawless services


Final Say

Irrespective of the number of rental properties you are managing right now, there is a need for a competitive edge. You need to get hold of the best 24-hour call answering service for this. Only a nationwide partner committed to progressing your reputation is all you need to advance your business. The most affordable solution that you can find in today’s time is 24H Virtual. You can first opt for the two-week trial that comes for free and then decide whether you need their services or not. Hence technically, here, you have nothing to lose. It is one of the most decorated answering services you can avail of for your Property Management Company. With them, you can take customer care to elevated Heights.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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