Live Virtual Receptionist Services

Inbound Calling

Giving your customers an unimaginable experience improves your overall business success, with cost reduction and increased productivity.

Outbound Calling

Our team understands that outbound calling can be time consuming. We will take a load off your plate and manage all your outbound calls with ease.

Call Transfer

Whether you are out of the office or halfway around the world, we will forward your calls anywhere you want them to go.

Call Screening

Let us get started on evaluating every call to determine whether the caller is a potential lead that meets your standards or not.

Qualifying Leads

Not every customer will be a right fit for you. We will qualify incoming calls with your set of questions and follow the appropriate action set by you.

Taking Messages

Never let those important calls slip through the cracks. We will make sure you get all the important information you need to best serve your clients.

Schedule Appointments

Let us keep your calendar full by setting appointments on your google calendar or other web-based scheduling systems.

Event Registrations

Your event attendees will have a wealth of questions. Our Virtual Receptionists will do everything from answering FAQs to registering guests and beyond.

Process Orders

Processing orders can be very time consuming. We will take the load off your back and input orders into any system or spreadsheet you need.

Order Tracking

Eager customers want their shipment as soon as possible. We can help them to track their packages using your software.

Account Receivable

Businesses need revenue to survive. We will gladly reach out to your clients and follow up on any current and/or arrears payment due.

Customer Survey

Knowing whether a customer is satisfied with your service and/or product is good business. Getting that feedback for you is our business.

Afterhours Answering

Answering calls after your regular business hours will have tremendous impact on your customer's experience. Providing continuous support will only increases your customers' trust and loyalty.

Urgent & Emergency Dispatch

Disasters and Emergencies do not happen on a schedule. Having someone in your corner for those fatal times is immensely effective in mitigating stress.

Inventory Management

Keeping your inventory up to date is crucial in nurturing ongoing relationships with your customers. Allowing us to manage your inventory on a regular basis allows for better customer satisfaction.

We Focus On The Details

Let us be honest, incoming calls can take the better part of the day to deal with. If you are trying to focus on growing your business, you do not have time to deal with customer inquiries, order processing, customer complaints, responding to emails and other tasks that consume your time. Let us focus on those details so you can concentrate on growth building activities.

Never Miss Another Phone Call Again

While customer service can be time-consuming, it's absolutely necessary. Missing out on phone calls because you are occupied will cause your business to lose out on potential income. At 24 Hour Virtual we like to say, stop walking over dollars to pick up cents. Some of the industries we can help streamline are:

Home Services

Accounting Firms

Law Firms 



Real Estate

Event Services

Transportation & Logistics

Cultivate A Culture Of Satisfaction

By using our 24 Hour Virtual Receptionist Services, you can start building a reputation for consistency. Customers will begin to recognize your ability to always address their concerns. In today's highly digitized and impersonal world, customers want to talk to a live person that will do anything possible to solve their needs. That is exactly what we provide you - a team of Virtual Receptionists that will stop at nothing until your customers are 100% satisfied.

Decrease Operating Expenses

By working with us, we will cut down the costs associated with staffing in-house receptionists. Our team of Virtual Receptionists will save you thousands of dollars every year on staffing costs related to training, salaries and even costly benefits like insurance. For a simple standardized fee, you can leave everything to us while you focus on growing your business.