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June 15, 2021by Mr Unsox0

The biggest driver of any big business are customers. But how often does the world consider the customer to be the king and not just the business owner? Today customers always expect instant and unceasing service and proper communication. However, competitive businesses in our day find it challenging to find adequate hours in one day for accomplishing the pile of tasks. Also, when the phone constantly rings, it can be quite distracting for the people working within a company. But not taking every phone call enhances the dangers of losing important leads as well. The Top Answering Services In Canada can help businesses in these cases.

Never Miss A Call Again! It Is That Easy!

Not missing out on leads and resolving every customer query can help a business go a long way. But can the business alone accomplish this? No, it cannot. Virtual assistant services help businesses provide un-matchable customer service by communicating with all customers any time of the day. A virtual receptionist only requires a preliminary set of commands to learn how they need to handle communication. By this, businesses can focus more on the core business processes.

What Is The Role Of A Virtual Phone Answering Service?

Are you hesitating before handing over your business’s communication to a stranger in an extraneous land? Let us give you reasons that will instantly change your hesitation to confirmation.

  • Taking messages
  • Disentangling customer queries
  • Answering every phone call
  • Providing 24*7 customer support
  • Routing calls to the correct person/department
  • Following up with various leads
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Running errands (professional or personal)
  • Mailbox management

The best virtual receptionist is the one who will only let the most important calls reach you. As a result, a business can save a lot of time as you do not need to browse through all those annoying or spam calls. Surprisingly, a virtual receptionist’s service goes far beyond just managing calls. A business can also count on them for the project and email management.


Benefits Of Appointing A Virtual Receptionist 

The benefits that a business can get hands-on by appointing a virtual receptionist are as follows:

  • Bilingual Services – You have the option of appointing a bilingual virtual receptionist as well when your business needs to deal in the international market as well. The professionals can boost customer satisfaction and trust by dialogue in a language that is familiar to the customer. You can enhance the business’s footprint with these professionals. The language barrier can never make you lose sales again.
  • Incomparable Customer Service – Virtual receptionists undergo training for answering emails and answering calls instantly. A VA carries a year of experience. The chances are that the VA you picked has already acquired experience in handling varied customers previously. This kind of experience permits them in assessing every query or request and offers it the kind of response and attention it demands. So when you have a business, the first thing you do is get yourself a VA for putting forward incomparable customer service every time.
  • Happy Customers – As days after days your customers attain prompt support and response from a live receptionist instead of a machine, they will always feel more satisfied by interacting with your business. A trained VA guarantees unique customer service, thereby leaving you with numerous happy customers.
  • Web Chat – The services of a virtual reception reach much beyond taking calls. The customer service chat features are also highly noteworthy. When the visitors engage in a webchat with your web chat receptionist on social media or website, it will help consolidate the virtual presence. It happens as visitors always attain quick answers to their inquiries. Leverage this for making your website and social accounts robust sales tools.
  • Superior Service – The customer that approaches you with some query can be a job candidate or an annoyed customer. A virtual receptionist has all the knowledge of handling every type of customer. Ultimately all you are offering is superior service to various stakeholders.
  • Answering Inbound Calls – Are you an entrepreneur and hardly find time to answer your customers’ calls? For a startup, every call is crucial, and not responding with the solution can be catastrophic. You can emphasize areas that require your attention. Saving time is possible when you employ a VA for answering calls. Not just responses, but a virtual receptionist knows how to heartily greet the customers over call or chat.
  • Process orders – Along with responding to calls and emails, you can also hire a VA to take orders from customers and process the payments. It all depends on your business and if you want the VA to undertake these tasks. You need to give them proper training along with online tools so that they can seamlessly work.
  • Customer tickets – A virtual phone receptionist will list down all your customer queries. They will maintain records of the feedback as well as their grievances. A VA is trained for managing support tickets and keeping the customers happy.
  • Save Money – When you work with a virtual receptionist, the differences between them and in-house receptionists in context to pay becomes clear. For a virtual receptionist, you are only paying for the hours you are utilizing. There are no extra benefits and paid leaves included. Your business can go a long way with the money you save. There is more to hiring a virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionist services are available in various plans for varied budgets. Select a VA plan that is best for the finances and requirements of your business.

Final Say

If your business is starting and aiming for optimum growth, then the Top Answering Services In Canada is just for you. Ensure that no customer call reaches the voicemail with these services. Select a virtual receptionist who will be keen on learning everything about your business. The knowledge that the receptionist acquires will be adequate for anticipating questions and presenting answers without the need of consulting you every time. It is advisable not to sink all the money on full-time receptionists and go for a virtual receptionist. You can hire them for a fraction of that cost.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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