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All About 24H Virtual

How Does 24H Virtual Benefit My Company?

24H Virtual Receptionist offers you the freedom and flexibility to not worry about all the mundane tasks. Free your schedule with more time and focus on building your business. The more answered calls you get, the more revenue added to your bottom line. We understand that it is a numbers game.

Which Areas Do You Service?
We provide dedicated Virtual Receptionist services to both American and Canadian SMBs.

What Currency Will I Receive My Invoice In?

All our prices are in both U.S. and Canadian Currency. Just select accordingly.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

After you sign up, our on-boarding team will reach out to answer any further questions that you may have while we set up your campaign. Thus enabling us to build a relationship with you and your customers.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

At 24H Virtual, our team of Virtual Receptionists works from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday EST. Additionally, upon request, we offer our clients a 24/7/365 Virtual Receptionist Services solution.

Do You Offer Any Referral Bonuses?

Yes, absolutely! We love referrals and will provide you with a $100 credit on your next invoice or a $100 give card after your referral has successfully completed 3 months of service with us. To send us a referral, simply reach out to us via the referral page and in the subject line add “referral”. Also, include your referral’s name, email, phone number, and relation to you. We will reach out to them on your behalf as soon as possible.

What Is The Setup Fee Used For?

We charge a small set up fee to help make your life easier. Getting your Virtual Receptionist campaign up and running requires a bit of upfront leg work. We will have to immediately set up a few additional services such as your custom phone number, account, and all your personal preferences for your business.

Are There Any Contracts Involved?

No! We work on a no contract, month to month basis. But, we do request a one month cancellation notice. We also offer the option to pay in advance for 6 months with 10% off or one year with 15% off.


All About Live Receptionist

How Is 24H Virtual Receptionist Different From Any Other Answering Service?

We are not in the business of competition, we are in the business of relationship building. We believe, as our client you should have a personal relationship with your Virtual Receptionist. That is why your dedicated Virtual Receptionists will answer phone calls and treat your customers as if they were an employee of your company.

What Happens With Calls Received After Hours, On Weekends And Holidays?

The call will automatically go to your custom voicemail and all messages will be emailed to you upon receipt.

Will You Greet The Customer As If They Were An Employee At My Company?

Yes, your Virtual Receptionists depending on your service package, will follow the protocol you set in your custom scripts. Whether you want them to answer calls with a specific name or a generic greeting, we can instruct them to do so.

Are All The Calls Recorded?

Yes, upon request we can for an industry standard period time of one month. All calls will be deleted after that.

What Type Of Clients Do You Serve?

We serve pretty much any SMB’s. But, we specialize in Transportation, Law, and Medical entities, but not limited to – Government, Home Services, and Financial sectors.

What Procedures Do You Have In Place To Protect The Privacy And Security Of Our Clients?

We are in the business of creating long-term relationships with our clients. We are able to achieve trust by having policies and procedures in place to safeguard the privy information we have access to.

All of our Virtual Receptionists sign a non-disclosure agreement. As well Virtual Receptionists’ who manage Medical campaigns complete a 30 minute HIPAA Training to maintain Service Provider and Patient integrity.

What Languages Does Your Virtual Receptionist Speak?

Our Virtual Receptionists are guaranteed to speak fluent and perfected English, French and Spanish.

All About
Chat Receptionist

Feel free to chat whenever you're ready.
How do I check the chat transcripts?

You will have access to a listing of all chat transcripts, date & time information, as well as an indication of when your agents are online.

What if I already have my own live chat software?

This is ok. Our agents can work inside your live chat software if you prefer. Our experienced live chat agents understand how to navigate various live chat software solutions.

Do you offer CRM integration?

Yes. We can discuss all your needs during your onboarding. The process will begin by telling us what you want during a live consultation with your dedicated project manager.

Can your virtual chat agents speak multiple languages?

We have US-Based English-speaking agents that can assist in dozens of languages including Spanish, French, Russian, and many others

Is it mandatory to provide equipment or software to my virtual chat agents?

No. If you prefer not to use your own live chat software, we will take care of that for you. If you wish to utilize your own, that is fine also.

How many in-house agents do you have?

The number always fluctuates. However, at a minimum, we employ over 100 live chat agents ready to assist clients.

Can your agents work in my timezone?

Yes. Our agents can work in any timezone that you prefer. Additionally, they have the ability to work overnight and early morning hours.

Do you use AI-Based chatbots?

No. All of our chat agents are 100% real humans, and live chat agents with years of experience in serving clients.

How much do your services cost?

The average cost of our services varies. Not all businesses need the same services. To uncover an affordable rate perfect for your needs, reach out to a team member today.

How fast does it take for agents to respond?

Your virtual chat agents will respond to and initiate requests in real-time. That means seconds to respond and assist customers with their needs.

Do I get notifications when a chat is initiated?

You can have real-time access to the dashboard. With us, we help customers be as little hands-on or as much as they prefer

What does having a proactive chat strategy mean?

This is a term that refers to live chat agents that will initiate conversations with your website visitors. A well-timed chat can help your customers make that final decision. It’s what we’re good at.

Do you serve all industries?

While we do work with various industries across multiple sectors, we understand that it’s always about finding the right fit. That’s why we go through a simple, yet extensive consultation to understand how we can best be of service to you.


All About
Auto Receptionist

Collaboratively administrate turnkey channels whereas virtual e-tailers. Objectively seize scalable metrics whereas proactive e-services. Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies.
What Industries are we specialized in?

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include green technologies, medical devices, biotechnology, Internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning, real estate, financial services, healthcare services, manufacturing, retail, food service, consumer products, media and entertainment, aerospace, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, insurance, energy, and networking. Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise — which you already possess in abundance — but rather an understanding of what business owners expect from a telecommunications firm.

How Does A Virtual Phone System Work?

A Virtual Phone System works similar to any other cloud-based virtual application such as Dropbox, but it is used for a different purpose – a phone service. You don’t need to buy any telephone systems hardware or any physically installed phone lines with a virtual phone system. Instead, we host your business phone numbers on a cloud-based server that will direct calls into an account specially set for your business.


24h VIRTUAL can provide your business with an economical, easy to set up a Virtual Phone System to meet your distinctive business needs.

Our business Virtual Phone System with cost-effective pricing and packages can be suitable for any business’ budget. Our free, professionally experienced recorded greetings can deliver your message to your customers effectively.

Benefits of Auto Receptionist?

The first impression is the last impression. We all heard it always, and it is quite right. Whenever you get a call from any of your clients or a new customer, what do they expect? A good fresh greeting. Their first impression of your business begins with the way you greet them. Just think, how you want to get heard and noticed by a ringing sound of a mediocre receptionist or a professional greeting likely to your professional business organization. Indeed, the second option is the choice.

A calling and responding service is a priority for continuous and professional representation. It is an exceptionally efficient and reasonable way to boost your business outlook to others. However, to maintain the first impression, it is always important to assure that the callers are easily connected to those they want; it could be anyone, the sales manager, or the owner.

Most probably, you think that how can a call answering service help any business like yours. Alongside the first greeting and impression, there are far more benefits of it. Regardless of who you are, whether a single person is working or a small business, it always works.

Reasonable Than Live Answering Service

Someone from our business 24hvirtual.com spent a good amount of money on a live calling service. But still, it does not satisfy him with the work. Following this, the crucial and instant benefit is that the answering service is way more reasonable than the live answering service.

In comparison to a hired receptionist, a call answering service still saves your money. Generally, finding, hiring, and training any new worker costs a lot of dollars besides the salary, bonuses, holidays, compensation, etc. Besides this, there is no one to maintain 24/7 on his/her desk for call answering, so you also need to prepare for a backup system. So it’s even costly.

24hvirtual.com offers you a call answering service that is not more than 30$ per month, and that’s its highest price. You can go low to 20$ too.

Now you can easily assess how much a call answering service benefits you in the first place of budget.

 Professionalism to Its Core

You can easily find a great amount of live answering service that serves small businesses too. But the question is, how you will know that those service providers can work with the professionalism you need. Even though hiring a full-time and on-site receptionist at a considerable salary won’t give you total control over how they are answering. If your hired person has a bad day or into any situation, then there is no guarantee of professionalism.

A few days before, we called a law firm to discuss some cases, and after ringing for minutes, the phone got picked by someone rushed with “yeah? What do you need?”

Doesn’t this make you think that you should have some control over your calls getting answered?

For sure, being a professional, you never want someone responding to your calls saying, “yeah?” To get control of how your calls get answered, a virtual receptionist is something considerable. It is because the call answering services are customized according to your business needs. It enables you to record the outgoing message to assure you of the level of professionalism you want.

If you don’t know about live answering service, then simply search for call center stories, and you will get to know about thousands of bad examples. In the best circumstances, the live trained receptionist didn’t invest anything in your business and didn’t clearly know the functioning of your company. On the other hand, the worst-case could be that the call answering agent is not qualified and trained and making your company look bad to the one who called.

Some reports showed that 48% of the customer service representatives’ answers to call are unhelpful. And less than 40% of the companies monitor the communication between staff and customers. Now you can assess how much live receptionists are helpful.

Apart from this, even if you are thoroughly training your live call answering agent, you cannot still guarantee if he or she will serve with what you want. However, with an automatic call answering service, customers can instantly and exactly get the help they need.

Making Your Business Look More Established:

Even if your company is still growing, the best call answering services can help you look established. The best answering services show your callers a menu option from which they can easily access whatever department they want. Even if all your departments are based on just one person or you have a group of three, yet your business seems larger and established with automated menu options as it gives the caller many options to choose from.

Total Customization of Your Menu and Answering Service:

24hvirtual offers you the customized experience of you and your callers both. It enables you to record your initial message that is greeting with an option to update regularly according to things happening. After that, you can set up menu options or departments. In fact, it allows you to have an urgent option too that helps the callers to get in touch with you instantly. This is a surety that none of your calls will get missed, whether it’s important or not.

Spend Time on Crucial:

Definitely, you cannot just spend all your time answering calls getting interrupted in between your work. You have a whole business to run. With a virtual receptionist and a phone answering service, your calls get picked and filtered virtually. Also, the information mailboxes can answer frequently asked questions. This will allow you to handle other crucial stuff better.

 Effective Working With Remote Workers:

Nowadays, remote working is getting popular, and more employees are getting into remote teams. This lets the companies take advantage of lower prices, that is, for a freelancer working remotely.

One of the major challenges of remote working is communication. If your company is in Los Angeles and your remote employee lives in San Diego, then how will the phone system surely work for both of you? Yes, no connection and communication are vast, and it is possible, but there are possibilities of communication issues.

However, 24hvirtual makes it easy for you. It allows the callers to call any one company member and connect to all the team members regardless of where they live. In fact, if each of your company employees works remotely, still callers can connect by selecting the certain department or individual they need to talk to. In this regard, call answering service makes a lot of things easier and convenient for both sides.

Get Your Messages Directly:

A virtual receptionist enables you to retrieve your messages in several ways immediately. 24hvirtual.com instantly makes you get your voicemail transcription to email to let you message with convenience. Also, this helps you in scanning and differing the messages between offers to sell products and showing interest to buy from you.

Sending Each Call to Relevant Department Working Efficiently:

Imagine running a small restaurant and receiving each call for different requests like home delivery order, address change call, food complaint call, chef calling, etc., while your work is just to note home delivery orders. It is all quite confusing and time-consuming.

Using an automated call answering service saves your time by letting you focus on the calls of your interest and work. It takes you away from the hassle of receiving several calls to find one of your needs. Virtual receptionists and automated menus allow you to set up and organize calls in your own way.

Using System Without any Hardware:

Do you know that an automated menu does not need any kind of hardware to run? Your existing phone lines are enough. This also saves your money. In fact, 24hvirtual.com takes you away from that fumbling answering machine alongside keeping your phone number. In place of this, following your choice, you can switch to any local number you want.

Eliminate Caller’s Waiting Time:

No one likes to wait! Sometimes, callers trying to get connected to a live person have to wait, and this lessens the points for the company’s customer service. An automated answering machine prevents your customers from waiting and makes them meet the department or person they want to reach. After that, they can also leave a message to make the team member of that department call back immediately. This is the best way of reducing frustration alongside value the time of customers.

Surely Reaching to All The Calls:

Missing calls is something awful, and it gets worse if you are trying to secure new leads. You never want to miss any possible sale. Virtual receptionists take you away from worrying about human errors that disturb the work. Each caller is able to leave a message, and the system saves the information and details about each caller automatically.

Callers get away from listening to the ringing phone and waiting for unanswered calls, and you don’t need to worry about the missed call that could be a new opportunity. A remote answering service answers all the incoming calls, greets your callers with your personalized message and then gets directed to whatever they want.

24hvirtual.com also makes it easy to manage critical and urgent calls by forwarding calls to the respective person. It has a feature of finding me and following me that is a convenience for important calls to reach.

Prevention of Distractions:

Research shows that, on average, a worker gets 56 times interrupted daily and spends 2 hours every day to recover from the distraction. Phones are the primary reason behind productivity loss and distraction when the point is about the workplace.

A phone call answering service enables you to set time for answering phones and working. This boosts your productivity as answering service can assure clients and make them reach respective departments while you can toil on a project or meet freely.

 Callers get Control:

A virtual receptionist and call service allow the customers to choose the direction of their call. This is the way you can know what kind of interaction your customers want with your business. Also, a research study shows that 55% of the customers want automated self-service as it is convenient.

Allow All Calls to Come IN:

Sometimes your office may get closed due to any reason like weather, emergency or anything. But the remote answering service still works. It makes your company operate in all the conditions alongside maintaining your customer service. This way, you never need to worry about missing calls or opportunities.

Prevention of Management:

Hiring any call answering agent is management to handle. Firstly, you need to train the live calling agent for answering the phone, monitoring the work, and assuring about their professionalism and training for complete satisfaction. Besides this, if your live receptionist ends up with no performance, then you may need to do all the work again with someone new.

A virtual answering service takes all such kinds of hassles away, and you don’t need to do any management. Once you set up the answering service as you like, then you need to do nothing except updating it whenever you want.

Versatility in Communications:

Call answering services are versatile and enable you to complete a variety of things. Those things could be using service as an info line, offerings, directions, letting callers know about your availability hours, and much more. Including this, at 24hvirtual, you can use the call answering service as a fax-to-email service and becomes an app to let you commute via mobile easily. This system gives you two options to pick up your phone when you are available to let your phone ring while you are working.

Actually, 24hvirtual.com makes everything easier by following your terms.

Holding the Services Relevant to Your Industry:

Not limit call answering service to one-size-fits-all. In fact, 24hvirtual.com offers you services for all our customers, reflecting their needs according to the relevant industry.

For example, if you run a medical clinic, you need to set a system to make other relevant people reach you. Or you require a system to manage and schedule appointments for patients with ease.

24hvirtual.com avails you a lot of services besides this. 24hvirtual.com works with a great range of companies in several fields. So, we clearly understand your industry and field and help you the way you want for your betterment. Whenever you need anything, just contact us, and we are here for a solution.

Review All The Calls and Voicemails:

24hvirtual.com records all the calls that you receive in your account. All the incoming calls are logged whether the caller talked to someone or just left a message. This helps you with your business’s analytics and how your business calls traffic.

24hvirtual makes it easy for you to know about the calls that lead to sales. Our system keeps a track record of all the calls heading to whatever department. Whether you need to know the frequently asked questions your customers have or whatever, just review the voicemail transcriptions of your calls and get an instant snapshot of whatever your customers said. This info could be super helpful for you when you are making your FAQs page or any marketing material for your site.

The feature of 24hvirtual to give you access to each voice recording and transcription makes it easy for you to know who, when, and why called you. This is a potential insight into your callers and customers. Also, this information is helpful for you in many ways and can make you shape your answering service.

Why Auto Receptionist With 24H Virtual?

It is a call answering service with automated menus paired with several other features. Actually, it is beneficial for smaller businesses letting them save their time and money. In simple words, this is an answering service that allows you to have a great level of customer service alongside letting you be on the productive side.

Whenever you need a call answering service for your business, get in touch with 24hvirtual. We can enable you to have a new system setup and make it run within 24 hours. This assures you that we don’t let you miss any important call or time for work. Also, our services are super affordable and are relatively less than an in-person staff.

24hvirtual.com is a great way to assure that all your calls are getting answered professionally. Regardless of the time your clients and customers call, they get directed to the concerned department or right phone number. In fact, we serve you while you travel by forwarding your calls to your cell phone. This way, you never miss any important call.

Yet not convinced with 24H Virtual? Look into all our solutions and learn about the options that are suitable for your business. Or you can directly contact us to get our help in your company’s success.

What Does An Auto Attendant System Do?

An auto-attendant communication system is based on a telephonic system. It works by redirecting the callers to an extension.

When this system receives a call, it will answer with a professional greeting. Then it will provide the caller with a menu of various options to choose from. When the caller selects an opportunity, he/she is quickly transferred to the selected extension without time being wasted.

This system gives customers options to call from; they can either call by name or extension. Otherwise, they can choose from the menu to be directed to their intended department or person.

This system eliminates the need for a live receptionist or telephone operator.

The main features of the 24hvirtual auto attendant phone system include:
  • Dial by the Name
  • Dial by the Extension
  • Dial by the Department
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Find me call forwarding (also ‘follow me call forwarding’)
  • Simultaneous Handling of calls
  • Digit Extensions (1 to 5)
  • Music during Transfer
  • Do Not Disturb option.
  • Call Routing option

Work-From-Anywhere option (to help your remote staff)

The main benefits of 24hvirtual auto attendant system are listed below:
  • Every call is answered.
  • No customer is lost due to unanswered phone calls.
  • On-hold time for callers is sufficiently reduces
  • No physical apparatus to buy, install or manage.
  • It saves your time.
  • Saves your money.
  • Busy signals are entirely eliminated.
  • The requirement for a live receptionist is eliminated as well.
  • Staff productivity is improved.
  • Customer services are managed more efficiently.
  • These systems can easily be connected to remote extensions.
  • All incoming calls are answered quickly.
  • Ability to transfer calls without a live receptionist.
How Does Voicemail To Email Service Work?

A missed call means a missed opportunity, and it can leave a bad image on your callers. Your callers should be able to leave a voicemail if their call goes unanswered so you can reach them out later. Voicemail to email service is widely used and an excellent tool for businesses that want to stay connected with their clients. The voicemail to email feature makes it easy for you to receive and listen to your voice messages. Instead of taking a separate time to listen to all the individual voice messages, all the voice messages will be automatically sent to your email, making things easier for you.

Benefits Of Voicemail To Email Service

  • Access to your voice messages at any time
  • Connect your multiple office locations
  • Allows you to get rid of busy signals
  • Manage your voice messages and calls whenever it’s convenient for you
  • The pliability to work from any location
  • Response multiple calls instantaneously
  • Personalized and professional recorded voicemail greetings
  • Control calls from different time zones across the world even after working hours.

Full Support With Our VoIP Voicemail To Email Service

24H Virtual provides exceptional service besides our voice mail to mail feature. It includes:

  • No initial setup fees
  • A customized set up according to your requirements
  • No long-term contracts and agreements
  • Live phone support from our dedicated US-based staff at any time when you need to upgrade your voicemail to mail service

Benefits Of Voicemail To Email Service For Your Business

Professional response: Whenever your clients call, they will receive a professional greeting that will be great for your organization or business as it will leave a good impression on your callers. Our voicemail to email feature allows you to record a professional greeting without any additional charges.

Convenient: Having all the messages in a single place enables you to manage your messages and call when it’s convenient for you right from your inbox. Caller information data is in your mail, and you can call back the caller with one click. You can forward messages easily.

Our VOIP voicemail to email feature allows you to call remotely to check your voice messages using any phone line.

Reliability: The voicemail to email feature is included in all our hosted PBX systems. With a 24H Virtual auto attendant, your callers will always get a professionally recorded greeting. If you can’t answer any call, our system will automatically send your caller to our voicemail to email service without having any busy signals and dropped calls.


Other Features Alongside Voicemail To Email Service

You can use 24H Virtual voicemail to email forwarding service either in a single mailbox or as a part of our virtual phone system:

  • Voicemail extensions: you can create multiple extensions for your different departments and people of your company. It can create a professional image for small enterprises to sound bigger and experienced.
  • Auto-attendant feature: Even if you are busy, our auto-attendant will answers every call quickly so that no need goes unanswered. Callers will be directed to a menu to choose the right department or extension. You will never miss a call, and all the voice messages directed to your email.

Local voicemail service: 24H Virtual voicemail to email feature allows you to enable this service on any local phone number. You’ll keep receiving voice messages even if your area code is changed.

Will My Voicemail Be Transcribed To My Email?

The answer is yes! When we send voice messages to your email, we also send a transcription without any additional charges.

Why Do I need Voicemail Transcription?

When you get a call for any query or some other business purposes, you cannot respond to every one of them. You will need someone who can help you attend those calls. The voicemail transcript will receive your calls and record the queries. The queries are sent directly to your email, where you can read them from your inbox.

Traditional voice mails send you the calls in the form of messages, and you have to go through all of them. By the time you get an important message, you might have lost a potential customer. You need to have some authentic and helpful features that keep you free from unnecessary calls and low-priority calls.

Services of 24H Virtual

24hvirtual can be your required voicemail transcription service. We help you catch the necessary calls from potential clients only, either new or regular loyal customers. We help you receive a text transcription of every critical and high-priority call on your email as early as we receive a call.

You can read the message and decide which caller you need to call back and give prompt attention. Instead of offering you voice mails to listen to in a single sitting, you get separate text messages making it convenient for you and pleasing for your customer.

Use 24hvirtual and get all the services in your mobile phone a single touch away. We offer you free voice to text transcription.

Whatever plan you choose from our services, all of your phone calls are translated into text messages by the auto-receptionist and auto attendant products. All your messages and calls are at your fingertips saved in your direct messaging single voicemail box.

Options of Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription is a service that converts your recorded voicemails into text messages so you can have a quick look at the important ones. There are two main types of transcription.

  • Human transcription
  • Computer-generated transcription

Human Transcription

Human transcription involves an auto-receptionist that receives your calls and transcribes them by hand. He listens carefully to all the queries, and hence there is no doubt about the accuracy of these messages. Some disadvantages of using this feature are as follows.

  • Your privacy interferes as a third person can hear your customer’s demands.
  • An auto-receptionist is much more costly than a computer system.
  • The turnaround time is usually longer because the work is being done all by hand.

So, this type of transcription is often not recommended. People try to go for computer-generated transcription because of their business concerns.

Computer-Generated Transcription

The world will be ruled by digital technology shortly. The voice mail transcription done by a digital computer system is preferred over the human-generated. However, the accuracy is not as high as it was later, but there are still certain advantages.

You can be carefree about the privacy concerns because no third person hears your conversation. The computer sends you the message within a few minutes after receiving the voice mail. The computer-generated transcripts are generally available at a lower price.

Benefits of Using 24H Virtual

Voicemail transcriptions have become more comfortable with 24hvirtual. There are no charges for any service, and all the voice to text mails are offered to you for free. If you are willing to listen to the actual conversation, you can avail of a copy of the MP3 recording of the call on your email.

Some other advantages are as follows.

  • Confidentiality

When you use 24hvirtual, all the transcription is computer-generated, and hence the only person listening to your confidential messages is you. There is no invasion of your privacy.

  • Prioritize callbacks

When you receive the message, you can quickly figure out which call was a significant advantage to your business, and hence you can call them back immediately. No time is wasted in unnecessary advertisement calls.

  • Easy access to the details

With 24hvirtual, you need no more rewind. You see the message that contains all the details, and then you plan your next step. Listening to the same audio twice or thrice to get all the details is no longer required.

Why Do I Need A Professional Voicemail Greeting Solution?

There are a lot of benefits to choosing 24H Virtual for your professional and pre-recorded voicemail greetings.

Here are some of the benefits that you get:

Professional voice message greeting recording free of charge.
We have a professional team for you to handle the entire setup procedure.
Complete support before, during, and after the setup.
Based locally in North America, live telephone support.
While you are on the line, we give you solutions to your issues.

How Does An Information Only Mailbox Work?

Most of the calls that you get during office hours are related to the same questions asked every now and then. You may find yourself fully exhausted and drained of answering the same question repeatedly. There would definitely be times when you get stuck in answering typical questions in the middle of a very important task. Such an overwhelming situation can urge you to talk rudely with your customer, which is the last thing you ever want.

Please refer to the following scenario to get a better understanding of how our Information Only Mailbox works:

Hello, thanks for calling ABC Company.
For our packages, Press 1.
For knowing about our new services, Press 2.
To talk to our representative, Please Press 3.

And the message will be repeated.

We can set the first two options to be answered by an automated phone message so that you never have to take the call for trivial questions. For the third option, your caller is still provided the opportunity to talk to a live representative about the things that are not commonly asked or some unusual scenario.

With this information-only mailbox service, you never have to worry about picking up the calls in the middle of an important meeting. So you have blocked all the distractions and irritations that come your way while working.

Moreover, if you want to change any information, your messages will be recorded within no time. So, without losing anything, you get a lot of time and satisfied customers at your hand.

What Are The Benefits Of Information Only Mailboxes?

Our virtual fax to email service is bound to enhance accessibility and add convenience to your lives. One of the biggest contributing factors that can make you change your decision and switch from standard fax to the virtual fax-to-email service is that it results in potential savings for your company. You can physically observe the expenses of paper, ink, and toner affecting your company’s bottom line. However, most companies forget to see and consider the hidden costs implied with a standard fax machine. These hidden costs can include the burden caused to your staff members, the machine’s storage footprint, consumption of power, excessive effort and time wasted on purchasing supplies, and the constant headache of fixing a faulty device. With 24H Virtual’s fax to email service, these hidden costs can go off the records in no time. Our experts will take charge of your online system and attend to any sort of matter that arises. Besides these, fax to email services contains a significant amount of environmental benefits that should also be considered. Our toll-free or local number virtual fax to email service will provide an affordable, convenient, and revolutionary online fax solution to your company. Besides, 24H Virtual is also well-known for its outstanding customer service. By shifting your company from tangible to entirely electronic fax messages, you can contribute to a more eco-friendly environment and sustainable future. The only thing you will need to make it possible is a strong internet connection and your smartphone, computer, or laptop to send/receive messages and documentation. Fax to email service is the ultimate solution to rid your office of all the clutter and commence the remarkable transformation journey from a paper-based to a paperless office.

  • You can receive numerous fax messages at the same time.
  • Our fax messages are crystal clear and very easy to read and understand.
  • You can store your faxes automatically in any format you want and also easily retrieve them.
  • After checking your faxes, you can either save and store them, delete them, forward them, or print them and maintain a hard copy of your faxes
  • You can even merge your fax line with other call transferring and voicemail features.
  • You gain access to all your fax messages and documents in an instant, even when you are not in your office.
  • You can save some money from items like ink, stationery, paper, and toner cartridges.
  • You will instantly be alerted with a text notification or an email whenever there are new fax messages.
  • You can receive fax messages on your email around the clock, regardless of not having a fax machine.
What Are The Benefits Of Fax To Email Service?


You can even add the listen-only mailbox either as a single line or as an extension of the auto-attendant system. You have the freedom to customize the options as per your needs and demands.

With the listen-only mailbox, you will get the additional option of greeting your callers and asking them to leave a voice message.

Do you want your callers to connect with you on your cell phone by pressing a button? That would be a no problem for us. We can do this for you.

Contact us today, ensure the best customer service and increase your work productivity by working with us.


  • Free greeting message
  • Convey all the information to your callers even when you are not there
  • Get rid of answering the same questions repeatedly
  • Promote your new campaigns, packages, and more
  • Play the desired information or any directions
  • Customized menus for choosing information only mailboxes
  • Time-saving and money-saving
Choosing A Toll-Free Number Service Provider

Your toll-free number credibility depends on the company that is hosting it for you. Always go for a provider whose track record is excellent and reliable. It provides the best connectivity, ensuring that your callers never got a busy signal or any error message while calling your business. Always look at what options are provided in a toll-free number package, and affordability is also important so that it doesn’t put an extra burden on your business. Also, focus on a company that provides the best customer service. It is suitable for your peace of mind and your company’s financial growth, knowing that your business is in good hands. WeWe Provide Full Support With Our Toll-Free Number24H Virtual understands and provides value to its customers. Our primary focus is reliability, affordability, and a commitment to provide outstanding customer service. Whether you want your toll-free number to connect to your voicemail box or you are looking for a full auto-attendant feature, we are ready to provide you the best services. While choosing 24H Virtual as your toll-free number provider, here are few things you can expect from us: Customized services with no additional charges: our virtual phone service is easy to use with no extra charges. We know your main focus is running your business successfully; we will work with you to develop a customized plan according to your unique requirement.

No long-term contracts or agreements: if you are not happy with the benefits you hoped for, or you want a change, we ensure you are not tied to a long-term contract or agreement. We also allow you to update your plan whenever you need it.

North American based staff for support: we know that auto service is easy and useful in many ways, but we don’t think it is a substitute for a real person. Our hard working and competitive US-based staff is one call away from you whenever you need help with your toll-free number.

Buy A Toll-Free Number For Your Business From 24H Virtual

24H Virtual has various prefixes available, from an original 800 toll-free number to different prefixes available. We can help you to decide on a customized toll-free number or a vanity number that can correctly promote your business. We have provided our virtual phone services for our many clients, and we are looking forward to working with you and making our next success story. A toll-free number keeps you connected with your customers no matter wherever they are. The best thing is that we provide a one-week free trial.

Call us at our toll free number- 1-800-825-2587 or contact us to know more about our services. We are waiting to know about your business and offer you our customer services and become your communications partner.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

Even if you don’t own a large company and have a small business budget, a virtual Canadian phone number lets your business sound more professional and gives a look of a large company.

Our virtual phone numbers are cloud hosted, with amazing features such as professional greetings, call routing, without any hardware or software, and multiple extensions.

With a Canadian virtual phone number, your Canadian customers can access your business easily no matter where your customers are. You can set up Canadian virtual phone numbers for your customers in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver among other locations. Your incoming calls will be routed to your present location.

Your customers can choose how to interact with you through a professional menu, to route their calls to a right person or department.

All you need to do is-buy a Canadian phone number from 24H Virtual, and we will handle the rest. We offers you a wide range of options such as auto-attendant feature, call forwarding services. We can assist you to put a customized package according to your unique business needs.

Our services are affordable for your small business. We deliver long-term results through a cost-effective local presence, enabling your customers to reach your business easily through a local Canadian phone number.

Virtual phone numbers are easy to use. You can set up your virtual office in Canada conveniently if you are considering growing your business internationally. A local phone number can be routed to your present location. This will enable easy access to your potential clients without causing hefty telephone bills eating into your budget. It will allow you to test new markets worldwide.

You can make your presence internationally without actually having to open a new office in a new country. Call us at-1-800-825-2587 and contact our team to quickly get your Canadian phone number today to grow your business in Canada.

All About
Virtual Assistants

: Everyone has questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear all the time.
Do I have to train my Virtual Assistant?

All of the virtual assistants we work with have specialized skills in their specific fields. However, you may train your VA on any systems or procedures that you like.

How can we help you?

We will help you streamline your day. With high-quality virtual assistant services, we will help you do everything from data entry and data mining to web research and copy-paste tasks and beyond.

How does it work?

Book your consultation and get started ASAP. For more information on how it works visit here

How long is the trial?

For your Virtual Assitant Services, we include 3 hours of service for your 7 Day Trial period.

Where will my assistant be located?

For your convenience, we source Virtual Assistants from the Philippines, Europe, and South Africa. That means we have the capacity to source talents from different parts of the world.

Can your virtual assistant manage accounts payable?

Certainly. Your virtual assistant can make all the purchases and pay all the invoices you need. You focus on running your business and leave the administrative tasks to us.

Do you work on last-minute tasks?

Most of the time we deal with individuals and businesses looking for last-minute “rush” work. That is ok with us. Just tell our team what you need, and we’ll work on making it happen for you.

Do your virtual assistants have experience with languages other than English?

Although we are an English-speaking agency, some of our virtual assistants speak additional languages.

What qualifications do your virtual assistants have?

Our virtual assistants maintain a wide range of qualifications, credentials, and degrees. From associate degrees to HR certifications and accounting credentials. Speak to a specialist to find the perfect match for your needs.

Do you have an average turnaround time for each task?

We work on your schedule. Let us know when something needs to be done and we’ll ensure your virtual assistant completes that task in the agreed-upon amount of time.

How do your virtual assistants introduce themselves?

You always have complete control over how you want your virtual assistants to introduce themselves. However, as a general rule of thumb, they always state they are calling on your behalf.

Where can I find a copy of your contract?

There are never any contracts. We work on a per-task basis. Only pay for what you use. If you need more assistance, simply ask us. If you no longer want to work with us, that is ok also.

Can you accommodate large project requests?

Most virtual assistants prefer working with clients on a long-term basis. Tell us what large request you have, and our team will match you up with the appropriate virtual assistant.

Do you offer dedicated assistants?

In most scenarios, we can offer you a dedicated assistant that works with you permanently. Simply contact our team and we will accommodate your request.

How fast can my Virtual assistant start working?

Most of the time, our team can identify and match you with the right virtual assistant in less than 48 hours. It all depends on your needs and project requirements.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees, set up fees, or commissions. Our pricing is straight forward and can be found here.

Can I switch my VA if needed?

If you would like to change your virtual assistant for any reason, let us know. Someone will get started on helping you onboard your next VA.

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

    Join Our Team

    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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