How A Virtual Chat Receptionist Save You Money And Your Sanity

October 1, 2021by Mr Unsox0

Virtual chat receptionists work similarly to in-house receptionists. They work remotely and answer every call for multiple businesses. Virtual receptionists are more like the main administration persons that you hire for call handling, task management, data organization, event planning, and more.

The reason why every business inclines hiring a virtual chat receptionist staff lies in its unlimited benefits. The biggest benefit is that you save your money and sanity. 

In this global business world, competing with your rivals while staying within your budget and not going insane isn’t less than a dream. Thankfully, virtual chat receptionists can lead you away from both of these stressors. Continue reading to know how 24H virtual chat receptionists can save your money and sanity:


When you hire an in-house front desk receptionist for your administrative tasks, you are legally bound to pay him for full time with all the benefits. Moreover, it’s a long and frustrating process to hire an eligible front desk receptionist, and sometimes you go crazy with the drill. 

What if there is a better alternative to save you money and peace of mind? Hiring a virtual chat receptionist will free you of this hustle and save you money. 

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, full-time receptionists make $14.45/hour. Additional benefits may cost the company up to 42.5% of the receptionist’s salary. On the other hand, virtual chat receptionists will cost you as low as $140/month per month. Unlike the front desk receptionists, you will pay only for the hours in which 24H virtual receptionists work.

So, reach a decision wisely and don’t rush to hire front desk receptionists without looking into your expenses and profits.


Hiring an in-house receptionist means arranging an extra space in your office for your staff. If you have your business set up at your home or in a tiny office, it will be nearly impossible for you to arrange a space for your staff. So, you are only left with two options. Invest your money to shift your office to a spacious place, or eliminate this tension by hiring virtual staff. Hiring a virtual chat receptionist staff inexpensively without buying a single square foot space is the ideal choice.


Why would you spend on a full-time receptionist when a superior option is present? 

With the help of virtual chat receptionists, you can offer the best customer service in town only at a fraction of the cost. Whether you want their services for office hours or odd hours, virtual chat receptionists will always be there to answer every call and project your company’s best impression. They can handle the high volumes of calls with equal attention to every caller. 

Moreover, you never face the worry of going offline on holidays or special occasions. Your virtual chat receptionist staff will be alert to answer every call. Offering professional customer service within your budget will give you the comfort and delight to focus on your essential tasks for your business growth.


“Time is money” is a phrase that we often use to understand the importance of time. Saving time while running a business is nearly impossible. If you invent a way to save more time, you are saving money.

 Hiring virtual chat receptionists can share your work burden and get you some free time. You would no longer be stuck to your phone to answer the calls or read the important messages of your clients. All these tasks will be shifted to your virtual chat receptionists. You can utilize your free time in doing important tasks directly linked with increasing your profits and attracting more clients.


If you are ready to move to a new location or extend your business to other cities, a lot of expenses are waiting for your way. Let alone hiring new staff for your administrative work, the cost of setting up an office at a new location is unbearable. You have to spend your money carefully and set your priorities. 

Hiring an affordable virtual chat receptionist staff can manage your administrative tasks efficiently and professionally. Your dedicated virtual staff will go to the limits to create a positive impression. It will work side by side with you to overcome every hurdle in setting up your business at a new location. You will be free to look into essential tasks and supervise your staff. Hence, when everything is in control, there is no reason for you to choose an expensive front desk staff.


It is a psychological fact that continuous work can cause emotional and physical burnout. But when you step into the business world, following the schedule of 9-5 becomes an old story. You work all day and night and wish to add more hours to your clock. Doing so can affect you physically and mentally. Your work productivity decreases and your interest starts to loosen up. Finally, you may end up failing your business. 

Instead of going through this distress, you can transfer your administrative tasks to virtual chat receptionists and get a week to relax and enjoy. Your virtual staff will handle your clients, keep records of the proceedings, plan your upcoming meetings and focus on qualifying more leads for your business. When you return clear-headed and charged, your work will not be on halt and already running smoothly. You will be able to put your best and earn more success and profits.


Hiring virtual chat receptionists can help your business grow in many ways. Your worry of missing out on important calls or meetings will end. 

Your company will be represented as a professional organization committed to offering standard services to its customers.

24H virtual chat receptionists offer all such services at reasonable rates. With us, you will always stay at the top of the list of best customer service providers. 

Last but not least, our service will save you money and sanity. When everything is in your control and money is expended judiciously, there is no reason to go bankrupt or crazy.

Mr Unsox

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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