How A Virtual Telephone System Help Your Business Through This Pandemic?

January 22, 2022by Mr Unsox0

Virtual Telephone System

The usage of cloud computing is accelerating at a dizzying pace. You’ve heard that more and more firms are switching to cloud-based unified communications platforms. Even businesses that rely on face-to-face physical interactions with clients see the benefits of moving their communications, particularly telephone, to the cloud.

According to a new poll, the Covid-19 epidemic has hastened cloud adoption, with 82 percent of enterprises increasing cloud usage as a direct result of the crisis. Remote working has become the “new normal,” with 60% of respondents predicting that the use of off-premises systems and technologies will increase in 2020.


Communicating Through the Cloud

When it comes to cloud-based remote work, one of the most critical aspects to nail is communication. Cloud communications can help individuals communicate more effectively and collaborate more effectively. Teams and departments are no longer housed in the same office in the new normal. Furthermore, traditional call centers or contact centers are no longer practical; therefore, managing phone calls through the internet is becoming increasingly popular. The optimum way is to ensure that all communication channels, from emails and short text messages to phone conversations and video conferencing, are done through the cloud. This is sometimes referred to as unified communications such as 24 7 telephone answering service.

As previously said, cloud telephone systems offer several benefits to organizations, employees, and customers.


Easy Installation

Moving your telephone systems (PBX) to the cloud has never been easier. Because there is no real on-site gear associated with a hosted cloud phone system, it can be set up remotely and rapidly. This also frees up physical space and removes the complexity of managing and maintaining assets on-site.


Reduced Costs

Subscription-based cloud-hosted services are common, as are various pricing options based on the services and features you utilize. As a result, you’ll be able to choose a price plan that works for you. For example, the initial setup expenses are likely to be substantially lower than a self-hosted system, with nominal monthly fees that only apply to registered users. You could also obtain all inbound calls for free and pay reduced prices for calling destinations that you use regularly. To put it another way, the expenses of making and receiving calls are kept to a minimum. The absence of on-site maintenance will reduce the costs of maintaining a typical PBX system.


Fully Scalable

The subscription approach is adaptable, allowing you to scale up or down based on your current user capacity needs. Businesses may provide an after-hours phone answering service without being physically present in the area because of the capacity to issue new virtual numbers fairly instantaneously.


Improved Management

Cloud telephone systems are simple to track and connect with current business intelligence tools, allowing managers to keep track of employee status, call records, and other pertinent information while gaining useful business insights. It’s simpler to communicate with distant workers using VoIP calls. The ability to adjust call queues, adapt IVR menus, and handle updates adds to the possibilities for remote management. This implies that formerly difficult management activities may now be completed from practically anywhere globally, without the need for on-site installation or disturbance.


Employee Benefits


Streamlined Remote Working

Employees need to connect to anybody, anytime and from any place, as more people work remotely. This is made simple by cloud-based phone systems. In reality, owing to the demand that individuals be linked across all communication channels, today’s world of remote working is a necessity, not a luxury, for both employees and employers.


Improved Collaboration

Collaborative working is extremely beneficial to productivity. Employees may make phone calls without having to dial using cloud-based telephony connected with business applications like CRMs, and the enhanced dependability ensures that team connections are never jeopardized.


Efficient Working Practices

Cloud phone systems frequently make it simple to sync contacts between devices, allowing users to connect contacts at the push of a button. As a result, the average call time will be lowered because dialing is no longer required. Furthermore, after-hours call service allows you to set up call forwarding to any number effortlessly, so you don’t have to bother about voicemail follow-up. Voice communications can also be transcribed to SMS or email automatically. There are several long-term efficiency benefits, such as enhanced resource allocation and work satisfaction, contributing to increased productivity and staff retention.


Customer Benefits


Improved Service

Providing a great client experience is a top priority for most firms. Cloud phone systems assist deliver more dependable service than traditional VoIP or PBX, but they also help improve user experience. Consumers may speak to humans instead of voicemail, thanks to features like call forwarding and dynamic call flows let customers get to the correct people in your company faster, saving everyone time. When all of these channels are connected to your cloud telephone system, channel switching — where a customer moves from one mode of communication to another, such as starting a website chat session and then continuing the conversation over the phone — is easier and less prone to errors and disconnects.


Rigorous Security

Customers value security in the present context of phishing schemes and data breaches. Thus modern cloud phone systems are very secure. Secure systems with regular security patches, upgrades, service monitoring, and risk management specialty providers like 24H Virtual.


About 24H Virtual

At 24H Virtual, we can provide your company with call center outsourcing services to help you satisfy your clients’ expectations and improve their entire experience with your company. We provide Inbound and Outbound Call Center Needs, Chat Support, Email Support, Data Entry, and Virtual Assistants as part of our call center services in Canada. Our objective is to assist you in developing superior outsourced support systems that will allow your company to expand easily and safely reach the final goal of your model.


Our offices are in Canada, but we have access to a talent pool that spans North America, Europe, and Asia, thanks to connections. We have established a productive and professional working relationship. This implies that the agents we outsource for you will respond to your client’s demands in various languages. Explore all of our offerings of after-hours phone answering service on our website.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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