How Are Virtual Assistants Contributing To Contemporary Productivity?

October 2, 2021by Mr Unsox0

If we look at the startups of the current era, we will see the insane amount of planning and strategizing that goes into the process. The whole process is nail-biting, from the pitching to earnestly waiting for the investors to get convinced. In all of this, entrepreneurs sometimes feel mind-boggled by the numerous mundane tasks that are incorporated in shaping a successful empire. After a lot of personal compromises, sacrifices, and putting in long hours, completing all the tasks successfully can be a real struggle. This also marks the turning point for determining the failure or success of a startup endeavor. Either you will burn out because you are a one-person show, or you will adapt to delegating effectively. A 24 7 virtual receptionist in these situations can be the rescuer. Who are they? Stay tuned and learn.

Finding Time For Higher-Level Tasks

In every business, especially in a startup, there are many critical tasks that one cannot ignore, which can easily distract entrepreneurs like you from putting in the best work. Most startups encounter this issue as they are always not prepared for employing full-time staff. In these situations, you can profit by availing of virtual receptionist services wherein individual remote teams function on your behalf and take care of every crucial task. It will give you more time to work upon higher-level tasks and expand your startup. A virtual auto-receptionist is someone who can develop marketing strategies and as well as answer emails and calls. 

List Of Virtual Assistant Services That Can Benefit Entrepreneurs

You must have heard the phrase that you can never miss a call again with a virtual live receptionist. The statement is hundred percent true, but their services go far beyond as well. Let us take a look all the wide array of services that these talented individuals can provide.

  • A virtual receptionist always works within the budget – As a startup entrepreneur, you in your heart always know that you are in need of help. However, several things can stop you from appointing a full-time in-house receptionist, mainly because of the cost. But when it is about virtual assistants, they bring a certain level of flexibility that persuades business owners to hire them without any hesitation. You can begin by establishing the amount you can pay with ease and then discover a professional virtual auto-receptionist who can work by staying within the parameters. Neither do you have to lock yourself in into a lengthy contract, nor do need you to pay for any benefits. These professionals first understand your working style and then launch a routine that works perfectly with your working schedule and hours.     
  • Staying connected with the customers all day and every day – The world we live in has 24 hours and seven days of work, yet it feels too little for people like you who are striving to position their startup venture. On such busy days, there are two tasks that are time-sensitive that you need to perform with exactness for keeping the business coming. Those two tasks are managing the social media presence and responding on time and correctly to customer queries. For staying on top of both these tasks, you must devote all the important resources. A customer can try to contact you either through your startup social media page or email. Responding immediately is crucial in today’s time as there are many others like you. If you pay attention to that customer a week later, the chances are that the customer has already availed of the services from another business or brand. When you have a working expert like a virtual assistant, you should know that they function as your startup’s social media ears and eyes and can protect your business and always stay responsive to the client base.
  • Paving ways for delegation – When you are a small businessman or an entrepreneur, you want to do everything yourself. However, this strategy can eventually wear thin as you will be putting in 100 hour weeks of work. But it is a lot different when you choose to make a virtual assistant a part of your team as they enable you in exercising the delegating muscles. This is a talent that has the potential of serving you very well with the growth of your business. You can begin by developing a comprehensive job description. The more clearly you can state the requirements, the more seamless will be the experience for both you and the VA. Just like everything else, you will receive what you invest in. It needs an initial investment of thought, training, and time for handing work over. But if you can make this up-front investment, you will get more hands-on freedom to engage in the things that truly require your attention. 
  • A VA always grows with the business – At first, when you are employing a virtual receptionist, you will be handing over tasks such as managing the email box, booking reservations while you are traveling, data entry, and a lot more. However, as they understand how you want everything to be, they will quickly adapt and complete all tasks successfully. Following this, they will be prepared for managing even more crucial tasks that can help you propagate and develop your startup. This is the best way of test driving the support staff and recognizing the individuals who carry the potential of developing into the most important players for the startup. 

In Conclusion

Until and unless you appoint one 24 7 virtual receptionist or a team of virtual assistants, it is hard to understand how they can liven you up and your business. An entrepreneur’s life has never been easy. It brings over a myriad of challenges and unexpected mishaps. However, the only difference with a virtual assistant is that you do not have to face those challenges alone. Not only do they stick by your side at your lowest, but they constantly strive for getting hold of feasible solutions for expanding the business. So, get started with one today and witness the thrill. 

Mr Unsox

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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