How Beauty Salons Can Use Top Virtual Receptionist Services In Toronto

April 7, 2022by Mr Unsox0

Calls and appointments are the lifeblood of salons. However, many salons have a costly phone answering issue. Salons fail to answer 10 to 25 calls every day on average. Every week, this amounts to hundreds of dollars in revenue lost. Virtual salon receptionists may take missed calls, allowing salon workers to focus on serving clients and honing their trade. Aside from taking calls and recording messages, there are several innovative Top Virtual Receptionist Services options that may improve the client experience and help your salon stand out.


Where Salons Struggle With Client Communication 

Salons are one-of-a-kind businesses. Stylists and technicians are frequently self-employed individuals who rent space from the owner and wear numerous hats. 


Salon conversation tends to go down in several ways as a result of these dynamics:

  • The receptionists at the salon are too preoccupied to answer the phone: When salons employ full-time receptionists, they often organize and confirm appointments, offer retail items, assist customers, place orders for supplies, and communicate with clients. They might also assist with hiring and training new personnel, depending on the size of the salon. It’s tough to answer every phone call when you’re managing so many duties, especially during peak periods.
  • Only a small percentage of salons can afford full-time receptionists: Hiring a dedicated receptionist is too expensive for most beauty businesses. This position is frequently filled by the stylist, manager, or owner, who answers the phone and greets and transacts with clients. Stylists must choose between missing calls and potential money or disregarding paying clients during periods of high traffic.
  • Technicians connect with clients on their personal cellphones: Because stylists operate as their own business units, they communicate with clients on their personal cellphones. When consumers phone the salon, owners lose sight of these discussions and are unable to direct them to their stylists, resulting in a fragmented customer experience.


Never Miss A Call Again with These 5 Virtual Salon Receptionist Solutions

Hair appointments are extremely private. To make an appointment, most customers phone or text their stylists directly. When the weekend rush arrives, though, calls are sent to the back of the line. Simple changes to your company communication system can help you increase the number of calls you get answered while maintaining a high quality of customer service. Virtual salon receptionists are one urgent option. These services frequently differ in terms of features and alternatives, which may appeal to certain salon operators. Consider these five virtual salon receptionist features to make your business more effective while considering your alternatives. 


Automated Text Messaging

With a growing population of texters, SMS is a logical match for salons. Customers are used to messaging and conversing with businesses; in fact, 78 percent of individuals wish they could text with a firm. Texts are read as well. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate, with 90 percent of them being read within three seconds. Automated SMS provides fast support to consumers, allowing you to focus on delighting in-store customers. Customers receive fast replies to queries or digital links to make appointments instead of waiting for you to call them back. 


24/7 Service

Not all answering services provide round-the-clock assistance. So, if you want to be available to consumers at all hours of the day, choose a service that has this option. You will never keep your customers waiting if you choose an Automated Virtual Receptionist service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Call and Text Message Routing

Routing calls isn’t possible for most salon professionals because they don’t have direct lines. Calls from the main business number can be sent straight to a technician’s mobile phone using answering services. Tools like Numa may route text messages to the relevant stylist without the need for human interaction in text-centric salons.


Appointment Scheduling

A whopping 35% of clients schedule appointments outside of office hours. Even if you have a 24-hour answering service, many merely record messages and can’t organize customer meetings for you, so those leads will fast fade. Customers that call after hours can be texted and sent to your appointment booking page by answering services like Numa, preventing you from playing phone tag the next day (or worse, missing appointments altogether).


Multilingual Operators

Are consumers walking away from your salon because of linguistic barriers? Around 15-20% of Americans are bilingual, and some choose to speak in their native tongue. Bilingual receptionists, on the other hand, are more expensive than less skilled personnel. Use virtual salon answering services instead of hiring a multilingual receptionist. Any language may be transcribed and responded to by Numa’s answering service. You view the transcribed discussion when someone texts you in Arabic, and Numa responds in that language. Multilingual options might make your salon stand out by allowing you to capture more appointments.


Is it Time to Hire a Virtual Auto Receptionist for Your Salon?

Are you unsure if you require the services of a virtual salon receptionist? Here are five indicators that it’s time to switch:

  • Customers find it difficult to contact you.
  • While serving clients, you miss phone calls. 
  • Your voicemails are rarely listened to.
  • You’re always on the phone with consumers, trying to book and reschedule appointments. 
  • Instead of focusing on consumers, your stylists are always answering phone calls throughout the day. 


Why choose a Virtual Auto Receptionist at 24H Virtual?
  • Upgrade Your Existing System: It works for your current company number as well as all related extensions.
  • First Impressions: Relax knowing that your customers will always be greeted with a polite greeting and sent to the appropriate department.
  • Organize Call Flows: Easily filter and manage your call flows to guarantee that all consumers dialling in are greeted and treated with respect.
  • Customer Experience: It’s not uncommon for a consumer to be diverted to many departments for a simple issue. With a Virtual Auto Receptionist, you can be confident that consumers will be guided to the appropriate department, professional, or extension for their inquiry.
  • Fully Customizable: Every business is unique, which means every call system should be as well. Personalize your Virtual Auto Receptionist to fit the concept, tone, and operation of your business.
  • Send Callers to Voicemail or Other Phone Numbers: Do you want to forward a call? It’s no issue! You may easily redirect a call to another number, multiple numbers, or just voicemail the caller.


For more information, please explore our website today and get started.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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