Your Virtual Receptionists Will Go Live After A Few Simple Steps

Are you ready to improve brand loyalty and create a fan base of customers that absolutely love what you have to offer? We don’t just deliver great customer service, we demand excellence. Start now and our agents can go live as soon as you finish.

So How Does It Work?

First Register Your Information

Signup by inputting your information and registering with 24 Hour Virtual. A dedicated account manager will get in touch to review your information and go over your specific needs.

We Answer Your Calls

After you are on-boarded, your dedicated Virtual Receptionists will start taking calls on your behalf. With customized scripts, they will handle your calls just as you would.

We Connect With Your Customers

The number #1 goal of our Virtual Receptionist service is to connect with a customer so they know how much we care. This will deliver the brand reputation you want.

We Take Action

After talking with your customer, we will uncover the best action to ensure a successful and happy transaction. That can include anything from live transfers to processing orders and beyond.

Detail Call Disposition

Every call will be marked and reported so you understand exactly what happened. With such powerful data, you can ensure that our Virtual Receptionists are worth the investment.


At the end of the billing cycle you will be sent a report on how well we served your customers. Along with it, we will provide you with a detailed usage summary, where you are only billed to the second. We do not round up and we do not charge for calls less than 20 seconds. Simple, right!

Your Business Your Way

We understand that not every business is alike. That is why we take the time to understand each and every one of our client's needs. Tell us if you prefer our Virtual Receptionist service to take a message or transfer the call directly to you. You are the boss!

Are you ready to enhance your business process to the next level?

Hurry! This can be the next big step in your business.