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How It Works

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Virtual Live ReceptionistYour Virtual Receptionists Will Go Live After A Few Simple Steps

Are you ready to improve brand loyalty and create a fan base of customers that absolutely love what you have to offer? We don’t just deliver great customer service, we demand excellence. Start now and our agents can go live as soon as you finish.


First Register Your Information

Signup by inputting your information and registering with 24 Hour Virtual. A dedicated account manager will get in touch to review your information and go over your specific needs.


We Answer Your Calls

After you are on-boarded, your dedicated Virtual Receptionists will start taking calls on your behalf. With customized scripts, they will handle your calls just as you would.

auto receptionist services

We Connect With Your Customers

The number #1 goal of our Virtual Receptionist service is to connect with a customer so they know how much we care. This will deliver the brand reputation you want.

auto receptionist services

We Take Action

After talking with your customer, we will uncover the best action to ensure a successful and happy transaction. That can include anything from live transfers to processing orders and beyond.

auto receptionist services

Detail Call Disposition

Every call will be marked and reported so you understand exactly what happened. With such powerful data, you can ensure that our Virtual Receptionists are worth the investment.

auto receptionist services


At the end of the billing cycle, you will be sent a report on how well we served your customers. Along with it, we will provide you with a detailed usage summary, where you are only billed to the second. We do not round up and we do not charge for solicitation and wrong number calls. Simple, right!

Virtual Chat ReceptionistEngagement Means Everything

Your website visitors want to feel engaged. Visitors want to feel that their support matters. Engaging customers in live chat is the perfect way to build instant trust and get customers to start communicating. Intuitive live chat support is more affordable than you think, open a new channel of communication and watch your revenue increase.

How Can You Get Started?

It’s easier than ever. Reach out to us by live chat, email, or phone call to get the process started. 

Virtual Consultation
The first thing we’ll want to do is meet each other. After the virtual consultation, we will know and understand each other. This is where you will decide if what we offer is a right fit for your needs.
Listen & Learn
After you decide we are a perfect fit for your business, we’ll listen and learn about your overall industry. By asking questions and researching your space, our team will get an idea of how we can best help you.
Assign Agent
By diving deep into your process, our team will get a first-hand look at how you operate. This will allow your dedicated project manager to assign the perfect virtual chat agent to your team. Our in-house staff of agents are waiting to help streamline your success.
Here’s where we’ll implement a rock solid schedule and plan of action. You will always maintain control and awareness of what’s going on at all times. If you come across any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated project manager.
Measuring results is where all the magic happens. By tracking all leads and customers that your virtual chat agents speak with, you will see the difference in real-time. Customers that use live chat agents experience greater revenue and customer engagement than those that don’t.

Dedicated To Real Results

A full-time customer service agent could cost your company around $25,000 per year, plus benefits and taxes. Or, you could use one of our in-house virtual chat agents for a fraction of that cost. Forget about keeping your live chat agents on the payroll. Leave that to us. Save money, sell more, grow faster. That’s what we call real results. 

Ready To Try It Out

Getting started is easier than ever! We won’t force you to buy before you try. Leverage the free trial to get an understanding of how everything works. Once you see what you’ve been missing out on, you’ll become a lifetime customer. Everyone can benefit from real human virtual chat agents. They just make everything better for customers. 

We’re Here To Help

Get started today:

  • 24×7 Virtual Chat Support from real live humans. 
  • Easy signup, no contracts, no commissions 
  • US-Based chat agents  
  • Work with experienced & vetted chat agents only 
  • Monitor your agents at all times 
  • Read chat transcripts 
  • Capture more leads than ever 
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Get up and running in under 2 days 
  • Ask about integrating your CRM 

Virtual Auto ReceptionistGet Onboard With Our Auto Receptionist Services

Need someone to answer your customer calls’ anytime? Auto Receptionist services by 24H Virtual can fill the purpose!
Update Your Current System
Make an Everlasting Impression
Fully Customizable
Organize Call Flows

Just-A-Few-Clicks and Get Started With Auto Receptionist Services

We’re ready! Are you? Start leveraging our auto-receptionist services in just a few minutes! Here’s a sneak peek of the process which you need to go through to get started with our Auto Receptionist services!
1. Consultation
Fill in the form below with your requirements and our customer service department will get you set up
2. Choose A Phone Number
Transfer an existing number to 24H Virtual or let us provide you with one. Did you know about our premium number leasing program? Ask us how.
3. Configure Your Settings
We'll customize your greetings, voicemail, hours of operation, Caller ID & more
4. Get Calls Managed
Get your customer calls handled efficiently with our Auto Receptionist Services

Benefits of Our Auto Receptionist Services

Save Money
Hiring multiple receptionists to accomplish your call handling needs can be expensive. Get monetary benefits with our Auto Receptionist services! With our auto-receptionist services, you can save the recruitment costs, training costs, wages, and a lot more!
Competent Call Handling
Handling Customer calls is essential for any business, however, at the same time, it can be enormously intimidating. With our Auto Receptionist services, you can rest assured that all your customer calls are answered effectively and efficiently.
Unmatched Quality Of Service
At 24 Virtual, we deliver quality-engrained Auto Receptionist services driven by excellence. We provide an unsurpassed level of service that not just meets but exceeds your expectations.
Professional Image
The efficiency of your company’s customer support department speaks a lot about your business. Our Auto Receptionist can help to build a positive impression in the eyes of your customers.

...Our Auto Receptionist Services Have Got Much More To Offer Your Business

Call Forwarding
We can transfer your business calls anytime and anywhere
Custom Greetings
All calls are answered with a greeting that’s specific to your business
User-friendly Portal
Manage your calls settings, greetings, call transfer options in real-time
Call Stacking
No more irritating busy signals due to multiple calls in a single-go.
Regular Reporting
We keep you abreast of the complete record of your customers’ calls.
Call Recording
Our Auto Receptionist services record calls so that you can listen to the conversation in your spare time.
Hours of Operation
Our Auto Receptionist services are active 24/7/365
Caller ID
Make your business name or number visible as a Caller ID to your customers.
Immediate Activation
Get started in a matter of few minutes. Hurry Up!

Tell Us Your Requirements

Let's make an impact on your mission and really break through the fog. From ongoing customer support to administrative tasks and more. We’ll work in your time zone to help you dominate your market.

    • Virtual Assistants

    Virtual AssitantStruggle Less. Focus More.

    It’s That Simple. Let's Break It Down...

    These are the basic steps involved. However, there is a secret spice we add into the formula. It is called specialization. 

    Book yours right now, or when you are ready.
    Based on your consultation, we will match you up with a specialized virtual assistant.
    Virtual Meet and Greet
    Remotely shake hands and ensure they are the right person for the job.
    Keep track of their progress using productivity tools or online meeting platforms
    One of our specialists will check in to ensure your needs are being met.

    It’s Starts With Finding The Right Fit

    You don’t just want to work with any virtual assistant. That is why all roads lead to a specialized approach. Here are three critical factors that go into sourcing the perfect virtual assistant for every customer.

    Every business has its own needs. Your employees and virtual assistants need to understand the industry. During our quick consultation, we will analyze your industry from top to bottom. Then, we will match one of our virtual assistants experienced in your field.
    Personality & Availability
    Culture plays a big part in productivity. Selecting a virtual assistant that matches your personality and availability is what we do. We will take on the challenge and send your next team member in less than 48 hours.
    A good virtual assistant needs the tools of the trade. That is why all the VA’s we work with maintain at least an i5 processor, 4GB of ram, strong internet access, and a headset. Any specialized equipment or tools can be provided by you to your virtual assistant.

    Goal-Oriented Approach

    After we have found the right fit, the next step is to define your goals. Are you looking for a virtual assistant to make 50 cold calls a day? How about a live chat support virtual assistant to answer questions for your customers? By defining your goals, we will make sure you stay on target to meet your projections. 

    Here’s Where The Magic Happens

    When your virtual assistant works remotely, you will start to develop an organizational flow for everything from communication to implementation. As things grow, you’ll eventually increase the number of virtual assistants working for you. Within 3 months, you will have an army of remote virtual assistants running your business while you enjoy what life has to offer. 

    Are you afraid to let go of control of certain tasks?

    This is one of the greatest fears that business owners and entrepreneurs have. Trusting a virtual assistant to work in your business is a big step. We suggest that you get started by passing off small tasks. As you build trust in your virtual assistant, gradually increase the level of responsibility. After a short time, you will realize that our advanced virtual assistants will treat your business as if it were their own. 

    Join Our Team

    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

    Join Our Team

    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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