How To Use A Virtual Auto Receptionist Service For Your Business

October 3, 2021by Mr Unsox0

When you step into a business world, the first contact you have is the virtual auto-receptionist system. The use of virtual auto receptionists is now a norm for every type of business. Notably, for smaller businesses, it saves their money, resources, and time. 

Anyone who wants to exhibit a professional image of its business and operationalize it efficiently can benefit from virtual auto-receptionist service cost-effectively. Whether you run your business solo or as a company, every type of business can utilize virtual auto receptionists’ services to handle the callers excellently.


What is a virtual auto-receptionist?

A virtual auto-receptionist service is an inexpensive telephone system that automatically transfers the callers to pre-set extensions without using a live virtual receptionist or operator. It is also referred to as a call menu, call tree, Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), or auto attendant. It answers all the calls with greetings and gives the menu options to choose from.

Generally, virtual auto receptionists service includes the transfer of calls to various departments and employees, voicemail boxes, live human representatives, options of repeating the menu, and hanging up the call. If the caller doesn’t press any key within the pre-set time, the system will end the call or may transfer it to the operator depending upon how the system is scripted.


How does a Virtual Auto Receptionist Work?

To utilize a virtual auto-receptionist service for answering your callers, you must know how it works.

When someone calls, the virtual auto-receptionist will greet the person and play the menu as follow:

Thanks for calling……(greetings)

Press 1 for new deals, Press 2 for postpaid packages, Press 3 to talk with our customer service representative, Press4 to go back to the main menu.

The caller will select his desired option and press the number button. The auto system will route this call to the designated extension. The department or employee to which the call has been routed will be notified to answer the call.

If that person cannot pick up the call for any reason, the call will be queued until he picks up the call, or the call will be returned to the main menu so that the caller can retrieve to some other option or operator.

In case your business has grown a lot, and you have more than few employees, you can also use multiple virtual auto receptionists to answer the calls.


When to use the service?

● During weekends when the office is close
● During the holiday, special occasions, or operational changes
● For seasonal greetings
● For updating your customers about a disaster recovery
● For effective marketing of your services and products
● For answering callers in several languages


Setting up the Virtual Auto Receptionist System

24H virtual auto-receptionist system can be set up from your phone or mobile without spending any money on heavy equipment or hiring an IT professional to start the process. Simply download the 24H virtual app to kick start.

Setting up this system is effortless and configurable. You have to make a customized plan on what options must be added and how the options will be arranged. Once done, you have to select the option of call forwarding (A standard set up to forward the calls to various extensions) from the main set-up page. You can also set up the repeat options (to repeat the option) or go back to the top menu (to go back to the main menu options).

After you add your desired options, apply the recorded greetings and instructions and set every option with a number. Repeat the process to set up all the options.
If you find the process complicated or stuck somewhere in setting up the system, don’t hesitate to get help from our customer service representatives or read a complete guide on virtual auto receptionists’ setup.


Organize the Auto Receptionist Carefully

● To use the virtual receptionist’s service effectively, you must organize it clearly and strategically. A planned menu based on the audience preferences will be helpful for your callers. Suppose you have a transportation and logistics firm, and most of the calls you receive are about order shipment. If you set the first options about pricing or marketing your new deals, your customers will be frustrated and tired until reaching the option of order shipment. So, organize your options based on your clients’ preferences.

● Put your focus on recording the perfect greetings. Your greetings will be the first impression on your client. Think of all those phone menus that left you frustrated. Never repeat those mistakes in your menu. Your greetings are the reflection of your company. Only a perfect greeting will hold your clients to listen to further menu options.


Customize the Virtual Auto Receptionists’ System as per your business requirements

Instead of relying completely on your manager, you can also make the changes quickly without inconvenience. You can make changes from your cell phone or tablet with the help of an online app provided by 24H virtual.

● You can quickly change the answering greetings and rules for a holiday or some special occasion. Greetings and incoming calls can be customized based on the time, date, and business hours when you will not be available. After the holiday or occasion is over, set the system back to its original settings.

● You can also add additional extension options whenever you want. You can forward the calls to any outside line within or outside the U.S or to voicemail.

● For special handling of customers or suppliers with a specific call ID, set advanced options for the calls

● Suppose you are handling a larger firm with various outlets. In that case, you can manage the calls from multiple outlets or direct your calls to other locations with the help of multi-level virtual auto receptionists’ service. With this system, you can set the wide call routing for multiple offices such as Press 1 for New York, Press 2 for Los Angeles, and press 3 for Chicago.

● With a multi-level system, you can also set options for various languages, such as Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish, etc.

Auto Receptionists Services are ideal for:

Virtual auto-receptionist services can work perfectly for every type of business. To make it clear; here are the possible users of this service:

● Marketing teams

● Medical professionals

● Sales teams

● Real estate agents and firms

● Call centers

● Virtual companies

● Freelancers

● Consultants


In Conclusion

Your business can be successful only when you respond to your customers immediately and solve their issues. Getting virtual auto receptionists services from 24H virtual would be the best option to keep your customers happy and exhibiting a positive impression of your company while staying within a budget. You will be able to manage your clients appropriately with consistency and professionalism. Good greetings and easy menu options will prompt your clients to get your services and increase your sales.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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