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October 3, 2021by Mr Unsox0

Customers are the base for the growth of any business and ensuring them with on-time and flexible services will bind them to come back to you every now and then. To successfully conduct a business with good customer service, the first person who plays an important role is the company receptionist. They are the face of the front desk and are responsible for addressing the needs of the customers, clarifying issues, taking reviews, and making sure that the services are being offered on time. They are the ones who answer the emails and phone calls coming from the customer end. However, with thousands of calls and emails coming each day, it becomes difficult for a receptionist to answer the calls manually. But you certainly don’t want to lose your potential customers. Especially when it comes to laundry companies, they need to take up calls from several customers to clean and wash orders. This is where you can take the help of virtual receptionists who will answer the calls and emails all together with precision and promptness.

The Role Of Virtual Receptionist In Laundry Business

If the phone at your business site is ringing regularly, that is definitely a good sign for your business. This indicates that customers are interested in your services and want to know more about them. But even then, not all the calls are from prospective customers, and answering these phone calls every second can detract you from the actual site work. In addition, spending all your time talking to and explaining to your customers about your service will leave you with very little time to look after the washing, drying, ironing, and folding work you are accountable for. 

This kind of situation can put you under mental stress. To get rid of it, go ahead hiring a virtual laundry receptionist. Today there are numerous companies offering this service, but the need of the hour is to find the best virtual receptionist offering 100% satisfaction. A team of professional virtual receptionists learns about the business they are working for and offers reliable answers to the questions coming from the caller end. Irrespective of the size of your laundry business, they take care of the customers keeping their priority in concern. So while you may be catering to the family and individual washing and folding services required or taking care of the huge laundry loads coming from commercial establishments, virtual receptionists offer the services required for you to meet the customer deadline. 

Features of a Best virtual receptionist service

The features of a virtual receptionist largely depend on the answering service provider that you are hiring, along with your service-specific needs. Here you will be exploring some of the features that the best virtual receptionist will offer you. 

  1. Auto-attendant is usually less expensive and simpler than a human receptionist. These auto attendants and IVR (INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE) possess the quality to direct the callers to the service counter they want to reach. Auto attendants reduce the load on your overall internal resources that are assigned to direct calls after calls and boost customer service by helping them resolve their queries easily and quickly. 
  2. Real-time answering- Virtual receptionists provide the customers with a real person answering calls like experience. Adding on, they ensure a protective professional and personal touch to the calls, which uplift the customer service to a higher level. Virtual receptionist service also allows you to personalize the greeting quotes to be used when answering the calls. You also get the option to determine how the agents should deal with each call that you wish to receive. 
  3. Taking Message- Taking messages is considered a prime virtual receptionist service. This consists of recording the caller information as well as the purpose of their calls. Once these are done, messages can be passed on to the authorized parties specified by the callers. It ensures the swift functioning of the business with customer satisfaction.
  4. Transferring calls- Virtual receptionists are built to transfer calls to the required phone number specified by the business owner in the agreement signed with the company providing answering services. Customer inquiries are more easily and quickly resolved when they are transferred immediately to the staff members the customer is asking for. 
  5. Scheduling appointments- Most virtual receptionists can incorporate your favored calendar application for scheduling appointments on behalf of your company. You can mention the locations and times at which you are available for the appointments. The best virtual receptionist will take care of everything else. It will also send you notifications mentioning your appointments have been added to the calendar. 
  6. Frequently Answered Questions- Some of the virtual receptionists maintain an answer log to the questions most frequently asked about your business by potential customers. If you offer such a list to your chosen answering service provider, it can highly reduce the number of call and message transfers. 
  7. Hours of business- Most answering services provide 24?/7/365 days availability. This is essential if you wish to provide your customers a route to get in touch with you beyond the usual business hours. Look for virtual receptionists’ service providing companies who come with this feature to help you reach the business goal you dream of.
  8. Response time- A good business will make sure to answer the queries of their customers at the earliest. When hiring a virtual receptionist, it is your responsibility to check the response time they offer to answer your customer calls. Reliable virtual receptionists answer calls before the second or third ring.

Wrapping Up

Businesses that take customer satisfaction as their prime motto, like a laundry service factory, make sure to look after everything that will help their customers. Be it answering calls or messages, replying to emails, addressing grievances, and others, a virtual receptionist can take care of these quite easily and at a pocket-friendly service charge. All you need to do is do ample research on virtual receptionist-providing companies, go through their service reviews, check the market price and agreement, and finalize the deal. This will certainly help you to get the best virtual receptionist for your company. 

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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