Virtual Live ReceptionistBenefits Of A
Live Receptionist

Inbound Calling
Giving your customers an unimaginable experience improves your overall business success, with cost reduction and increased productivity.
Outbound Calling
Our team understands that outbound calling can be time consuming. We will take a load off your plate and manage all your outbound calls with ease.
Call Transfer
Whether you are out of the office or halfway around the world, we will forward your calls anywhere you want them to go.
Call Screening
Let us get started on evaluating every call to determine whether the caller is a potential lead that meets your standards or not.
Qualifying Leads
Not every customer will be a right fit for you. We will qualify incoming calls with your set of questions and follow the appropriate action set by you.
Taking Messages
Never let those important calls slip through the cracks. We will make sure you get all the important information you need to best serve your clients.
Schedule Appointments
Let us keep your calendar full by setting appointments on your google calendar or other web-based scheduling systems. Just give us assess and you are all set.
Event Registrations
Your event attendees will have a wealth of questions. Our Virtual Receptionists will do everything from answering FAQs to registering guests and beyond.
Process Orders
Processing orders can be very time consuming. We will take the load off your back and input orders into any system or spreadsheet you need.
Order Tracking
Eager customers want their shipment as soon as possible. We can help them to track their packages using your software with minimal touch points.
Account Receivable
Businesses need revenue to survive. We will gladly reach out to your clients and follow up on any current and/or arrears payment due.
Customer Survey
Knowing whether a customer is satisfied with your service and/or product is good business. Getting that feedback for you is our business.
Afterhours Answering
Answering calls after your regular business hours will have tremendous impact on your customer's experience. Providing continuous support will only increase trust and loyalty.
Emergency Dispatch
Disasters and Emergencies do not happen on a schedule. Having someone in your corner for those fatal times is immensely effective in mitigating stress. We will be the calm.
Inventory Management
Keeping your inventory up to date is crucial in nurturing ongoing relationships with your customers. Allowing us to manage your inventory allows for better customer satisfaction.


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