Outsourcing Benefits That Silence Call Center Myths

July 19, 2022by Mr Unsox0

While call centers are a profitable business model for companies who prefer outsourcing their customer service, a few nagging myths have painted the industry in a bad light. At their worst, they outshine the many benefits of utilizing this model to streamline tasks and maximize their bottom line. We’ll reverse that trend by debunking said myths first to unravel the correlated benefits you could be missing out on from an after-hours answering service.

Here are a few misconceptions you have to stop believing, as well as the facts behind them:

Myth 1: They’re Prone to Data Exposure

Companies are often in a dilemma about whether their data is secure after outsourcing, and many times the decision comes down to a company’s security measure. A business owner will often prioritize data security and have no doubts about their partner’s data security system. When outsourcing, always pick a reliable partner who takes data security seriously.

Myth 2: In-House Is Better for Cost

Everyone has heard this misconception a thousand times, but it’s not true. Controlling costs has nothing to do with whether your call center is in-house or outsourced. In fact, when you outsource your call center work from a third-party provider, you aren’t stuck looking at substantial overhead costs to build infrastructure first. Outsourcing costs less than building out a team and infrastructure from scratch. As a result, you save money when you outsource! 

Although this model can be more expensive upfront, it can save companies money in the long term, as they don’t have to create training programs and additional space in their workforce for new employees.

Myth 3: The Model Is Difficult to Grasp

Many companies think outsourcing will leave them disappointed. However, as you’ll read, these are ideas not based on experience or data. Outsourcing onshore is easy, though. You can meet your partner with an excellent descriptive plan over expectations and deadlines, and you will never be disheartened. You may outsource onshore to appease any doubts you may have.

Myth 4: Outsourcing = Offshoring

The biggest problem with outsourcing is to choose between onshore and offshore options! While outsourcing overseas can be a huge downfall, dealing with language barriers and trouble communicating with customers, it is a myth that outsourcing is all about going overseas. Onshore outsourcers have access to better technology and can operate any time of the day. 

For this reason, calling outsourcing always synonymous with offshoring is a mistake. Whether or not your call center is off-shore, the benefit of outsourcing customer service is that your company can focus on core functions while supporting its efforts with an after-hours answering service ready to meet your customer’s needs.

Myth 5: Outsourcing Negatively Impacts Quality

Business owners often hear that the key to a successful business is handling all aspects of the business from within. However, we cannot deny that outsourcing is also effective, and it does not make sense to only outsource when companies are looking for better quality. 

What makes call center services successful? The root causes of success include how well the agents work, the speed with which they can solve customer issues, the security of call data, and their ability to deal with customers positively. 

These services can be handled in-house, but businesses need considerable capital investment and a workforce to look after customer support. Is your company ready for that? If your company is only a small business, outsourcing will give you significant benefits in terms of investment within your budget and provide you with trained professionals.

Enjoy the Benefits of Outsourcing Now

Finding the right outsourcing partner for the after-hours answering service should be undertaken with the same consideration as any business decision. Always look for providers who value data security and have a well-trained team to meet your needs. Not only will you streamline your functions, but you’ll also serve your customer base excellently at less cost and more profit. 

Connect with 24H Virtual for an after-hours answering service that busts these call center myths and provides you with only the benefits mentioned above. We are dedicated to creating a revolutionary virtual receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Get started with us today by leaving a message.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

Join Our Team

24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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