Setting Up A Business For Less Than $1000 With A 24h Answering Service

October 3, 2021by Mr Unsox0

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When you do not belong from an entrepreneurial background, there will be quite an amount of hesitation before investing in any small business. More than being expensive, you might find it hard to believe in your idea. However, setting up a small business in less than 1000 dollars is now a possibility with so many resources available in today’s time. It is vital to learn how to utilize them correctly. A small business requires the right skills and some creativity that you can easily achieve with a 24H answering service. Surprised? Let us show you how a virtual assistant can be the perfect resource for your SMB setup.

How about a virtual assistant business?

Attributes like punctuality and systematicness make you perfect for a virtual assistant business. It is vital to get hands-on a dependable internet connection along with a background in customer service. As a virtual assistant, your job role will include assisting clients with marketing, information technology tasks, administrative tasks through phone and computer. The after-hours answering service is something that most businesses seek in today’s time. Hence, grab your chance and hone the VA skills today by investing in one of the affordable options.

Can there be anything better than dog walking?

If you feel that your equation with dogs is good, why not make some money out of it? That’s right; now, you can shape your own dog walking business by receiving a certification from various reputed online resources. As you grow your business, a 24-hour Phone answering service can help you manage existing clients by fixing meetings, taking phone calls, and bringing in more leads.

What is Airbnb about?

This is the perfect small business Endeavour for you if you reside in an area carrying a robot tourism market. Of course, you need to have a space that you can spare to become an Airbnb rental service provider. You can host numerous get through this and make it a consistent income source. A virtual receptionist working remotely can help you in managing all the bookings with ease.

A two-wheeler tour guide

If you are a bicycle Rider and happen to stay in an area that is also an exploring spot for visitors, it can be a lucrative business idea. It would be best if you start by determining the tour itineraries via popular routes within the city. Begin to spread the word with the help of an after-hours virtual receptionist who can help you with the itinerary and promote your brand on social media channels.

Freelance designer or writer

Having acquired designing or writing skills can prove to be a boon for you. This can be your amazing small business option. It will even be more fruitful if you already carry experience in establishing your professional network. Introduce all the prospective clients to the services by developing a website and start working. Take the help of a virtual assistant to grab jobs that match your skillset. Virtual receptionists know how to benefit your business from the available online resources of today’s time.

Try imparting education

You don’t have to put your education or English degree in your closet anymore without any use. Instead, choose to become a tutor that can be a rewarding small business idea. Here you can extend your services for post-secondary, new immigrants who are starting to learn English, children, and many more. Brushing up the teaching skill before you start this business is necessary. If you want to keep on adding learners to your list, focus on business promotion with the help of a virtual receptionist.

Caring for the plants!

Indeed not a highly well-known service, but it is a highly valuable service that will cost you very little to begin. Looking and taking care of the plants in office complexes and large buildings can now become your source of income. All you need to do is carry a Green thumb to excel in this business venture. You can begin by connecting with office buildings, Apartment complexes, shopping malls, and hotels. If you already are engaged in a full-Time job and want a side income from this, you can hire a virtual assistant who will help you connect with all the leads.

Freelance Money Manager or bookkeeper

Put your finance or accounting experience to correct use by grabbing the position of a freelance bookkeeper. With the needed financial certification that you already have achieved, starting this small business is very easy. You can help families and individuals navigate daily money management challenges such as retirement savings, Paying bills, balancing out home budgets, and a lot more. As your business starts growing, you will need someone to manage the phone calls, emails, meetings, and a lot more. Put a virtual receptionist at work, and you can manage everything with ease.

Cake baking!

Did you know that you can fetch a good amount of money every month by baking cakes? You can begin by enrolling in cake baking classes where you will get familiar with all the tools required for a home-based cake baking business. Ensure to capture several high-quality images of your cakes for sharing the pictures on social media channels. For this, you can appoint a virtual receptionist as they can scale your business digitally with all their marketing skills. Along with weddings, you can extend cake baking services to graduations, holidays, birthday parties, office functions, and a lot more.

Wellness and health consulting.

Consider this small business idea if you are a certified personal trainer or carry other wellness and health-based credentials. Corporate wellness is a lucrative venture as most businesses these days seek creative ways to keep their workforce fit and healthy. It can be a remarkable small business idea when you are confident in presenting the consultations in front of huge groups of people or senior-level executives. Be a reputed name in today’s competitive corporate fitness market as you promote your services consistently and effectively with the help of a virtual receptionist.

Final Say

Gone are those days when you needed to invest thousands of dollars in starting a business. By looking at the business as mentioned above, anyone can now create a small business for less than 1000 dollars! All you need is a professional friend by your side, like a 24H answering service who can help you scale and grow continuously. 

Mr Unsox

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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