Smashing Typical Misapprehensions about Virtual Receptionists & For The Better!

July 5, 2021by Mr Unsox0

Even in today’s time, some businesses have never associated with virtual receptionists before. Like the whole world, those organizations might have drawn common misconceptions or conclusions about virtual assistants. However, there is more to the services by VAs than what meets your eye. Many conclusions are absolutely erroneous. But not hiring a virtual live receptionist in today’s time is even riskier. Businesses that have made a name for themselves can only aim to grow and to support that growth; they need assistance from VAs. Let us help you comprehend the misconceptions so that you can recruit them for your business.


Listing Down The Myths

It is time for some myth-busting organizations to understand the value that a virtual auto-receptionist brings to the business. Watch out for these myths that are often talked about in the business world.

  • Virtual assistant services are just for big organizations – It is one of the most common myths you will ever encounter. Organizations tend to view virtual assistants as an additional human resource, and they feel they can afford the services as they are carrying out large-scale business. In comparison to recruiting in-house personnel, VAs are massively affordable. This shows that small businesses can afford to hire these professionals as well. In fact, small businesses can get hands-on more financial resources for scaling and growing. Leveraging the services of a sound virtual assistant is a cost-saving reserve for small businesses to become bigger ones.


  • Security risk in sharing confidential information with VA – Any employee who works with an organization can pose security risks if the employee decides to indulge in malicious activities. Showing equal concern is necessary and reasonable when working with an off-shore or off-site virtual receptionist. However, there can be no reason for approaching the blind employing of a virtual receptionist. It is best to work with an agency to be sure of security. Agencies carry local clouts for screening employees and can enforce disciplinary action if needed. When you pick a reputed agency, the VA will be accountable to the same. This will ensure even better security standards than the local employees. Hence when you own a business in today’s time, virtual assistants are indispensable.


  • Every virtual assistant carries a similar skillset and training – A lot of generalization goes into play when we speak of the word ‘virtual assistant.’ It simply addresses a person who functions remotely to assist businesses. This means that a virtual assistant will do any task as asked by the organization she is working for. But it is important to select the VA with the correct skillset. There exist a broad array of specialists. While some focus on bookkeeping, others emphasize administrative tasks. Few VAs can also carry out social media management and digital marketing. Just like you would have hired any other candidate, you need to discover who is applicable for the job.


  • VAs is meant only for administrative tasks – Presently, there are various employees from various sectors who work with the help of a computer. These tasks go much beyond only administrative tasks. For any task that can be completed using a computer, a virtual assistant can do the same. Starting from business management, marketing, and web designing, they can do it all. There are many scenarios where specialized tasks will need some training. A sound VA will always be keen on expanding their abilities for supporting both their careers and businesses.


  • VAs is challenging to work with – Virtual assistants pose no difficulty when working with them. They are the same as any other employee. They are simpler to deal with. Virtual assistants are flexible when compared to traditional employees. It is truer when you are sourcing virtual assistants from overseas. The labor standard where the VA resides is different & the culture is more hierarchical when compared to the west. The cooperation level from the VA will also be higher.


  • Training a virtual assistant is not possible – Some businesses believe that a VA is an unbending resource that does not carry the ability to improve. They are, in fact, extremely flexible and can be easily trained for new tasks as well. A VA is a professional who constantly boosts their skills, and it helps in developing their own career. It instantly makes these professionals more marketable.


  • VAs is a temporary solution – Few people say that virtual assistants are how you bewilder through until they can afford real employees. But this is far from the real truth. Businesses must know that a virtual assistant than a real employee. Whatever an in-house employee can do, a VA can also easily do. VA can obtain a lot more but cost-effectively. With scaling the business, it will be important to recruit on-site and permanent employees.


  • Virtual assistants can only work on short-term projects – The concept of employees working remotely or working from home is relatively new. But when you are working with a virtual receptionist, it is not similar to the Gig Economy. A virtual assistant is that effective resource that is always keen on learning about your business. Occasionally there might be a requirement of taking on technical specialists beneath “gig” arrangements. It can incorporate graphic artists or web designers, for instance. But those individuals are not VAs. A virtual assistant is a permanent employee and one who happens to function remotely.


Final Say

Once you comprehend how valuable and flexible virtual receptionists are, you will instantly know how wrong you were about the misconceptions. Specialized virtual receptionists can serve in an unrestricted array of capacities. They emphasize real estate, research, bookkeeping, social media, construction, eCommerce, marketing, etc. Once you get hold of a sound virtual assistant, you can always encourage them to develop the skills that your particular business requires. There might be a myriad of inaccurate information that you will discover about virtual assistants. But clearing the myths and understanding what they do will only be beneficial for your business. Hire the best virtual receptionist agency today and allow your business to expand like never before. Contact the best agency today.

Mr Unsox

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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