Technology-Enhanced Customer Care and Support By Best Virtual Receptionists

October 3, 2021by Mr Unsox0

Customer Care and Support By Best Virtual Receptionists

When it comes to new technology in consumer support, success, and service, there is a lot of hype about it. The progress of chatbots, cryptocurrencies, real-time messaging, and artificial intelligence has brought immense transformation in the day-to-day operations of numerous businesses. But when we are speaking of new technology, there will be challenges as well. The learning curve in using and adapting to the technologies is steep, and businesses can find it pricey for implementing as well. On the other hand, companies are also losing sales and profit because of preventable reasons. Almost 70% of customers do not connect with all interested leads and potential customers. Prospective leads on encountering a disconnected mobile phone number will struggle to interact with an automated call menu.

In the present day, when search engines are at their fingertips, missed interactions will always lead to missed business. Unanswered phone calls result in lost earnings as well. You can offer your leads a break from the impersonal IVR and call menu technology with the best virtual receptionist. An average caller will only wait for 4 rings before they hang up. Virtual receptionists are real people who answer every phone call with a welcoming attitude and solve customer queries.

Influencing Customer Service With Service Technology

If you are wondering about what service technology is, you should know that it is software that helps the teams offering customer service, to attain customer success. Not just providing effective solutions to the customers but also those software solutions enhance workflow efficiency. A virtual receptionist can help businesses in this sphere as well. What an in-house employee can achieve, a VA can achieve that more rapidly and efficaciously. Hence, these professionals are familiar and carry expertise in exploiting service technology software solutions incorrectly. Along with fast and impressive communication skills, virtual assistants can go beyond standard customer service to meet their expectations.

Transforming Customer Service Meritoriously 

  • Omni-channel customer service experience – Customers no longer only visit the brick & mortar services for their needs. With 3rd party review websites, social media, and eCommerce, they can engage with a brand through a myriad of digital mediums. So there is augmentation inaccessibility that will increase the requirement for omnichannel experiences. But what happens when a customer calls you and encounter an IVR speaking or encounter missed calls? This is also a critical part of that omnichannel experience that you wanted to get your hands on for your users. Here a virtual live receptionist can proffer the best omnichannel support as they sync all the communication channels and guarantee that businesses never miss a call again. As companies appoint these professionals who are virtual help desks, they create a central inbox where all the customer inquiries will be coming in.
  • The normalcy of remote working – The customer service future will not just push the customers to the online world, but it will be doing the same for service representatives. The concept of service representatives operating from call centers is slowly fading away. Now there are virtual receptionists’ services that businesses can avail themselves of. Professional virtual operators work remotely. They can take hundred customer inquiries in a day, manage social media marketing for their company, process orders, fix meetings, and a lot more. Not just overcall, but they are available in live chat and email as well. Most of the current business phone services provide cloud-based solutions with which virtual receptionists can easily operate from anywhere in the world and not just their homes.
  • Personalization of customer service training – Proffering customer service effectively and at the correct time will require proper training. But consumer service training is a thing that has been a one-size-fits-all traditionally. But in today’s time, technology has given shape to sentiment analysis tools with which recognizing the weaknesses and the strengths of the sales representatives are easier. As training becomes more modified, customer satisfaction will also reach the next level. Contemporary business phone service companies are now using these tools to help reps learn about the various products and make them more tech-savvy. Virtual assistants with such assistance can develop soft communication skills as well. 
  • Social media – The present era is all about client reviews, testimonials, and feedback that customers can easily put forward because of social media. This feature is a boon and as well as a curse for brands. One wrong step and a customer will write all the negative reviews and experiences that can break the game for any business. Especially when customer support reps fail to take customer calls or reply to emails or offer them the proper support, it can infuriate the customers. Upon receiving less response, customers will not feel valued, and they will check out the next possible brand. Prevent that from taking place with the help of a virtual assistant. Firstly these professionals work by answering every call, live chat, and email to offer the necessary assistance to customers. Proper assistance always satiates customers and makes them feel worthy. 

Even when a customer writes something negative about a brand on a public forum, virtual assistants quickly handle such situations calmly. They devise effective game plans with which they can manage interactions on social media spontaneously. In the earlier times, these digital mediums were not even taken seriously to offer customer service. But now the time has changed with everything easily accessible to the customers. Businesses must adopt the changes seamlessly always to deliver the best.


One thing is for sure that technology will continue to evolve and expand. Businesses all over the globe need to adjust accordingly. Those businesses that are unable to, will have to step outside. But that might not be the case with your business. You can augment scopes for your business to flourish and reach its peak with the help of the best virtual receptionists. Highly accustomed to the latest technologies, these experts, along with their skills, can achieve wonders for your business. Always make your feel customers valued with the unmatchable services from virtual receptionists. Recruit the best virtual receptionist for advancing your business along with the latest technologies.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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