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It is not only harmful for a company’s reputation but exasperating for the customers to be left on hold forever when calling a company. It is also insulting to have customers routed to empty desks and left with no solutions to their problems.

However, you can avoid all this by subscribing to the 24H Virtual Auto Attendant communication system. Our systems will ensure that all your calls are directed to your company’s right personnel without wasting either your or your customer’s valuable time.

By using our automated system, you will not only get rid of busy signals, but you will see fast and consistent progress in your business. This system will help your staff immensely, and they will be able to handle your clients efficiently and professionally.

Cost effective Virtual Auto Attendant Services

A ringing phone is a melodious tune for small business owners, but things can go in the opposite lane if the calls are not answered in time. In most cases, the first contact between the customer and the business owner is through telephone. Efficient phone service has become crucial for a positive and prosperous impression on the customer.

The need for reliable phone services can be checked by the calculation that says almost 86% of the people who call for their queries and do not get answers will never call you back. Instead, they move on to other options. This can be an alarming situation in the world of never-ending competition, especially for business on a small scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many business owners offer a voice mail system for easy communication, but most customers do not even bother leaving a voicemail. Similarly, live chats and emails are also provided by companies, but the problem is still there. These contact methods are not satisfactory for customers, and hence they move on to your rivals wherever their calls are answered.

Virtual and automated call services can be a life-saving and profitable source of communication for companies with a huge number of calls since they cannot answer every single call that comes in.

Auto answering services are a good option for small business companies, but one should not be unaware of their disadvantages before hiring them. The task is to satisfy their customers, so they should be aware of every minor and major detail about the services. There are many options out there that offer some affordable automated online answering services.

What Does an Auto-Attendant Communication System Do?

An auto-attendant communication system is based on a telephonic system. It works by redirecting the callers to an extension.

When this system receives a call, it will answer with a professional greeting. Then it will provide the caller with a menu of various options to choose from. When the caller selects an opportunity, he/she is quickly transferred to the selected extension without time being wasted.

This system gives customers options to call from; they can either call by name or extension. Otherwise, they can choose from the menu to be directed to their intended department or person.

This system eliminated the need for a live receptionist or telephone operator.

Why should you choose 24hVirtual?

24hvirtual auto-attendant communication system is built with small and medium companies as the target audience.

We understand that as small or medium business owners/managers, service contracts and long-term commitments are not your first choice. So, we offer you our systems without any conditional contracts or long-term commitments.

This system allows a smooth and straightforward way to convert from live receptionist to virtual auto attendant system. The auto-attendant system is written around a user-friendly Web Interface. This allows every user to access it without any difficulty.

By subscribing to a 24hvirtual auto attendant system, you gain immediate access to reliable and safe customer support systems that are U.S based.

Our telephonic systems are upgradeable. For this reason, these systems will be able to meet not only your present needs but future requirements as well.

And most exciting of all, all these virtual auto attendant systems are economically well suited for small and mid-sized businesses.

Finally, we have over 20 years of experience in providing companies with efficient virtual auto attendant systems.

These systems are built with powerful features that will surely give your business a powerful image. These systems will not only satisfy your existing customers but also bewitch prospective customers for your company as well.

When your customers hear the professionally recorded greetings, your company will gain an image of a Fortune 500 company, whether you have five employees or five hundred.

We make it easy for you!

The main focus of 24hvirtual is to provide our customers with a custom communication system to fit their specific needs.

We follow a selected series of steps to make it possible to form a customized system for you.

  • We arrange a meeting with you to understand what exactly you need from your system.
  • Next, we mold our packages and services into your desired system.
  • After that, we come together with you once again to write a script for your automated phone attendant system. This will encourage your customers and reduce the risk of lost leads and prospects and customers.
  • We will also provide some additional services to make your systems perfectly efficient. These services range from call forwarding voicemail, mailboxes as well as the extension network.
  • We will also strive to steer you in the right direction if you become unsure at any point.
  • When you receive the completed and customized system, we will also give you web access to your account and a mobile app. This will ensure that you can make changes to your account quickly. With these services, you will also be in control of future updating and reconfiguration.

All these steps will ensure that you can quickly adapt to changing needs of your business.

What is an Auto-Attendant Service in Reality?

Auto-attendant phone service can be defined as the voice menu that is written to provide callers with information. It also handles prompts that direct the callers to the person or to the department they request.

Voice menus are usually constructed with the pre-recorded necessary information, so the need for a live receptionist is eliminated for the primitive information.

The notable examples of virtual auto-attendant services are the voice menus you are provided when you call the banks. Internet service providers, or your sim card companies.

More and more businesses are converting to virtual auto attendant phone systems to meet the increasing needs of their customers. These services play a lead role in improving customers’ satisfaction while reducing your workload. You can quickly increase your business efficiency by driving greater customer engagement; all you need is our virtual auto attendant system.

How Do Auto-Attendant Service Systems Work?

There is no rocket science involved in the operating mechanisms of these systems. They simply work by coordinating with your pre-existing phone systems.

First of all, we create a digital platform. Then in this platform, we built a digital menu and a directory. Then we record a professional greeting and incorporate them into this platform. Lastly, we link all your phone extensions to this digital platform. Though this platform is connected to your phones, it is managed online.

When the customers call you, this system will respond with a professional, studio-recorded greeting. This greeting will be tailored to suit your business perfectly. This swift response may also include transfer music, custom hold, or some welcoming messages that will make your customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

After the greeting is done, your customer will hear multiple options such as “Press 1 for the sales department.” Or “Press 2 for support employees.” Etc. When your customer selects an option, our system will detect the option chosen, and the customer will be directed towards his/her desired information or person.

You can also add a “dial-by-name” directory to your virtual auto attendant system. This directory works essentially the same. The customers will press some buttons to choose from multiple options, and then they will be directed towards the selected person. Do you have two Mr. Williams in your company? Fret no more. We’ll add appropriate options so that your customer is directed towards the intended person. And the misplaced calls can be avoided.

Some premium features you can gain through 24hvirtual are:

  • Standard options for the live operator are supported. You can add ‘0’ for the live receptionist option in your system.
  • A Loop system for messages can also be installed so that your customers can understand their options clearly.
  • The option of Voicemail is also available in case a transferred call goes unanswered.
  • You can also add sub-menus or sub-directories to your digital platform. This will make your customers’ experience better.
What Are the Main Features of the 24hvirtual’s Auto Attendant Phone System?

The main features of the 24hvirtual auto attendant phone system include:

  • Dial by the Name
  • Dial by the Extension
  • Dial by the Department
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Find me call forwarding (also ‘follow me call forwarding’)
  • Simultaneous Handling of calls
  • Digit Extensions (1 to 5)
  • Music during Transfer
  • Do Not Disturb option.
  • Call Routing option

Work-From-Anywhere option (to help your remote staff)

What is the Best Feature of An Auto Attendant Phone System?

There are many answers to this question. The best feature of an auto-attendant system varies with the business.

For example, if you are a bakery owner or a hotel manager, you will probably find this feature best that quickly gives the “store’s hours” information to your customers and clients.

On the other hand, if you look into spacious medical offices, they appreciate the feature that directs them to their proper department.

Other very well-established and extended businesses prefer the feature that answers every call and directs the clients towards the right person using the automated digital directory.

If you need to figure out the best feature for you, contact us. We will help you choose the features that will not only be well-suited to your business but economically suited to you as well. You will only need to fill this questionnaire to get your hands on our virtual auto attendant phone system.

What are the Main Benefits of an Auto-Attendant System?

An auto-attendant system is very beneficial, especially for small businesses. These phone operated systems make quite an impact on the progress of your business. As mentioned earlier, these systems give your business a 500 Fortune image without spending as much budget as paid by 500 Fortune companies.

The main benefits of 24hvirtual auto attendant system are listed below:

  • Every call is answered.
  • No customer is lost due to unanswered phone calls.
  • On-hold time for callers is sufficiently reduces
  • No physical apparatus to buy, install or manage.
  • It saves your time.
  • Saves your money.
  • Busy signals are entirely eliminated.
  • The requirement for a live receptionist is eliminated as well.
  • Staff productivity is improved.
  • Customer services are managed more efficiently.
  • These systems can easily be connected to remote extensions.
  • All incoming calls are answered quickly.
  • Ability to transfer calls without a live receptionist.
How can Automation of the Attendant System Impact Your Business?

Traditionally, all phone calls used to be answered by human receptionists. All businesses, small or big, have to employ these receptionists, as without them they were unable to communicate with their clients efficiently.

With advancements in technology and digital media, several services have been developed, such as digital receptionists, virtual telephone systems, pre-recorded Voicemail, etc.

Moreover, not all businesses can afford all-time live receptionists as it requires a hefty budget to hire a day and night receptionist. Small businesses especially are not financially stable enough to hire these all-time receptionists. According to a survey conducted in 2016, the median pay for live receptionists was calculated to be $27,920/year or $13.42/hour.

Thus, for small businesses, it is not economically possible to pay someone to answer calls. Furthermore, it is often difficult to find someone who is properly trained to represent your company according to your expectations.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost for small business owners; you can benefit significantly from these technology-based digital platforms such as virtual auto attendant by 24hvirtual.

For example, we worked with small to large-scale bakeries and cafes by developing systems that will ensure that none of the incoming calls are missed while the owners and bakers were busying with customers or finishing some specifically-ordered treat.

The significant benefits of 24h virtual auto attendant that directly impact your business are:

  • Our systems easily route calls to remote extensions and thus to remote employees as well as constructors.
  • Every call is greeted with a professional and consistent greeting. This greeting works 24/7.
  • Feature of Direct Call Routing is available. This reduces the waiting time considerably.
  • Automated voicemail transcription feature.
  • Email to voice mail option.
  • Pre-recorded answers are available for the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

All these features make it possible that all your calls will be answered promptly as well as professionally. This will increase the customers’ satisfaction to a great deal which will improve your business progress. It will also be beneficial to your employees’ productivity, and a vast deal of your time will also be saved. Thus, do not take any chances with your customers’ satisfaction and subscribe to our virtual auto attendant system today. We will ensure that all your desired features and services are incorporated into your customized auto-attendant system.

How Do I Know For Sure If My Business Needs an Auto-Attendant Service?

You must be asking yourself, “How do I know for sure that my business needs an auto-attendant service?” Fret No More! We will together consider if your business needs an virtual auto attendant or not.

Let us first ask a few questions from you. Have you noticed how much of your staff’s time is wasted while taking calls for necessary information or routing calls to their colleagues in other departments?

Have you also noticed that you are losing some potential clients due to their calls going unanswered?

If your answer to one or both of these questions is in the affirmative, you need an auto-attendant service. This waste of your staffs’ time and loss of potential clients not only hurts your business progress but affects the image of your business as well.

For startups and small businesses, reputation is everything. The whole future of your company is built on your reputation. Reputation is how you maintain your existing clients and potential score customers. And retaining customers and clients plays a huge role in your business progress.

Thus, wait no more and subscribe to the 24hvirtual auto attendant system. We believe in expanding your business through our services. Our systems can help you immensely, and when you grow, we grow with you.

We also introduce you to another exciting offer. If you run your business depending upon home-based assistants, marketers, sales reps, and the media teams. We offer our Direct Receptionist feature and the Direct Enterprise packages that allow you to include your workers on their home line as well as on their cellphones. This feature work wonders in connecting all your workers with your clients, and your customers would not even feel a difference. This will be a win-win situation for you.

Our Systems Will Project Your Image as a Fortune 500 Company:

24hvirtual auto attendant systems carry several powerful features. These systems with these features will project an entirely professional image of your business, which will immensely help your business grow.

Even if you have a small team, this system will connect all your team so efficiently with your clients that your business will look like a well-established and expanded business.

Where Do I Start?

You should start by getting to know our systems thoroughly. We work diligently to make our systems immune to the common problems of such software. We undergo thorough research to get rid of some common problems as given below:

  • 40% of customers prefer phone calls as their first interaction with a business. We ensure that all these calls are answered efficiently and professionally.
  • The typical turn-off is that the automated scripts are too long. We remedy this by keeping our introductions under 8 seconds and our menus with five options maximum.
  • Competitors attract almost 45% in case of a bad experience. We solve this problem by researching thoroughly and making systems that will give your customers the best experience. Most of our systems have been appreciated by our clients.
  • Virtual Auto Attendant system confuses when customers want to ask questions. We write our scripts with as much description as possible while staying compact. These scripts contain enough details to allow your customer to make a decision.
What are the Products Included in an Auto-Attendant System?

The majority of the time, four products are incumbent for an auto-attendant system to work efficiently. These include:

  • Direct Messaging: we create a single mailbox for both voices as well as fax. You receive all your messages and fax via your email. This enables you to communicate with your clients no matter where you are.
  • Direct Executive: A single mailbox feature allows your calls to be transferred to any phone of yours. With the help of this feature, you can receive all your needs anywhere from home to office and shopping mall to the beach.
  • Direct Receptionist: This system gives your caller a list of extensions to choose from. It connects all of your team to a single number. And your client can easily reach any of your employees whether they are on the same floor or in a different country.
  • Direct Enterprise: this system utilizes the same features like the direct receptionist, but it is created for large-scale business. 24hvirtual built a custom system that suits all your needs and requirements.
Is It a Good Option to Hire Some Extra Staff to Answer the Calls?

An easy way to answer all the incoming calls is to hire some additional staff that is dutiful. Their duty would be to answer the phone calls by the customers. This is somehow a good option to consider, but this might disturb the budget sternly. If you are running a medium scale business, this might affect your profit as well.

Hiring extra staff does not guarantee extra revenue, and if they cannot handle the calls, it might upset your budget. Many customers call after business hours or might also on weekends. Such calls will still not be answered, so this option is not much better.

Should One Hire an Answering Service to Handle the Phone Calls?

Automatic answering services are a better solution for small to medium businesses. They provide you reliable services and answer your customers. These services satisfy every single query of your customers and maximize the benefits and profits for your company.

Before hiring any kind of answering company, look at the advantages, disadvantages, services, and contact details of the company. It can get the tension of loss off your shoulders.

Advantages of Automated Answering Services

Following advantages are gained by hiring an automated answering service:

●      Affordable Option

When you hire some extra staff for answering the calls specifically, you have to pay them for their services. The additional staff still does not guarantee any increased revenue, and there is a chance that some of your calls remain unanswered.

Hiring an automatic answering service is less costly and a more reliable option than hiring new employees.

●      Increased Staff Productivity

When you want not to miss any single call from your customers, much of the working staff’s time is wasted in attending the phone calls. When you hire an automated answering service, the team will be more focused on productive activities, and hence the business will prosper.

The automatic call answering lets your productivity and profit increase by 50% comparatively based on an estimated calculation. All the time saved from attending and answering the queries is spent in making their required products.

●      No More Missed Calls

The auto-receptionist will be there to attend your important calls all day long, including the weekends. You will never miss any customer call, which is a profitable option for small businesses. The revenues will be multiplied, and your customer service will be improved.

●      A Great Professional Image

When you hire an attendant to answer your calls, it gives your company a tremendous professional image, and the callers get a good satisfactory impression. It can also make a small one to two-person operation seems much larger than it is.

The customers give positive reviews, and hence your business flourishes. More customers are attracted to the company, and all the possible ways to answer their queries are implemented to earn a good image in the market.

●      Prevents Minor Issues

Customers want a quick response when they call for any problem. If they do not get an immediate response, it leaves a terrible impact, and this might affect your business. When you hire any professional automated answering service, they are available at your customer’s service 24/7, and the customer gets immediate attention. When the customers get a good response, your ability to retain the customers is enhanced.

●      Prompt Answering to the Calls

When you are busy and unable to attend the phone calls on the first or second ring, your customers might get frustrated. In some cases, you end up losing your customer. All the customers do not do this, but sometimes, this occurs to be a big reason for losing a large order.

A small business hiring automated answering services can gain much more than it expects to achieve. These services offer a quick and efficient response to the customers, making them love your services.

Disadvantages of Automated Answering Services

Based on specific experiments and logical assumptions, it is stated that hiring an answering service is a much benefitting way to excel in the business. The customers get to talk to human beings instead of machines. This increases the outside approach, and higher levels of services are offered.

All the advantages will be good for you when you hire a well-reputed company to efficiently answer your customers. Have a look at the havoc it might cause if you do not get the right people to work with you.

●      Operator Indifference

When you hire an auto answering service, the people answering calls for your company are not your direct employees, and there is a chance that they will be working for many companies at the same time. They might be unable to give a high protocol and attention to your customer.

Sometimes, the operator might not be in a good mood due to any emergency or other chores that can affect your company’s services. Your customers might feel ignored or mistreated. Even the most generous and friendly operators might not be able to give value to your customers.

●      Operator Hiring Practices not Getting Up to the Mark

When you decide to hire an automated answering service for your company, make sure that you have played your service role. Make sure to check for the reputed companies only. Many companies claim to give professional operators only, but you cannot just trust their words blindly.

Some of the answering services have hired call operators from overseas. This, on the one hand, proves beneficial for them, but at the same time, it might be a little negative for your company. The operators do not use English as their mother language, so their accents might be problematic for your customers.

●      Lack of Knowledge and Focus About the Industry

When you are hiring any automated answering company, the operators are working for different companies simultaneously. An individual operator might not be as focused on your company as you need to answer phone calls for various companies.

When the answering operators are trained for their services, they are given the necessary knowledge and know-how of the product. They might not be aware of the specific services, changes, or deals that your company offers, and they might not satisfy your customer completely.

●      Network and Phone Coverage Issues

You have to check for the areas from where the assigned operator will talk to your customers. The network coverage and phone issues should not hinder the services to satisfy the customer.

Moreover, sometimes due to low pay and other reasons, the operators quit their job, and there are chances that in case of any emergency, the network coverage becomes problematic. During such situations, your customers might try to contact you, so the services should provide some alternate network coverage.

●      Cost

When you are hiring a third party for answering your calls, it might not be as cost effective as it would have been if you had hired private staff specifically for your company. The money is mostly charged on a different basis, either by the total talk time or by the operator’s total number of calls.

You can estimate the cost that might be charged for your company by checking the previous billing record and the number of calls received on average. Check for your phone logs from the phone system provider.

Now there are many chances that you select the company that charges less amount per minute, but it is not always the right decision. Sometimes, the call centers that charge less offer fewer services. They might keep your customer wait for more extended periods to get their queries resolved.

You should check for the services they offer and not the cost they are charging in the first place. If two companies are offering the same services and there is a difference in their price, then you should go for the one with less cost and more services.

Why Should Small Businesses Select 24H Virtual for Phone Answering Services?

Out of the so many options in the market, if we suggest our services, there are many reasons for doing so.

●      Cost-Effective and Superior Services

The services offered by the 24H Virtual are cost-effective and more reliable than other companies. It provides superior behavior towards every customer. We treat your customers as our own, and the operators do not hesitate to tell the same thing twice or thrice.

●      Consulting Services – You Pay for What You Are Getting

We can offer you an upfront consulting service. You can easily select and customize the right features according to your business. You will not be imposed to buy services that are of no use for your business. You can simply select the ones that are required.

●      All Services Included in One Payment

The services include all the details in one payment. You are not supposed to buy any extra fancy stuff for complete assistance. No additional equipment is required, and hence the set-up is not much costly.

●      Supportive Services

Our customer services are supportive, and they can be personalized and made specific. The customers will not be asked to wait for long periods. Their queries and interests will be welcomed and given proper attention. You will be offered prompt and dependable phone support.

●      No History Briefing

One of the most significant remarkable services offered by 24H Virtual is that the customers and the business owners will always talk to the same individual whenever they call for a particular issue. You will not be asked to explain the case history again and again. You just call them and start talking about the problem as the operator already knows what you are talking about.

Open Invitation for Comparison of Different Phone Answering Services

We offer you an open comparison to check the automated answering services, the prices, and everything you want to check. If you own a small business, you will be surprisingly amazed to see the expenses.

You are free to contact us anytime if you are interested to learn about the variety of answering services we provide for your small business at a meager cost.

Auto Receptionist Features

You can utilize our virtual phone services to improve your efficiency and accelerate your business growth. To learn more about our auto receptionist features

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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