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Most of us live in a time where we think that the internet age has shifted the world above and beyond the simple element of faxing. However, the reality is that faxing was, is, and still continues to be one of the most vital and secure communication sources for most businesses.

Rapid and modern technological advancements have enabled us to conduct our businesses and work from virtually anywhere and anytime. Still, it is typically inconvenient to be near your fax machine at all times when you need to receive or send a crucial document, especially when it is urgent.

Luckily, 24H Virtual has come to the rescue by introducing free fax to email service that goes with all of our plans.

Send or Receive Your Fax Messages in an Instant

We realize that faxing has been exceptionally important for businesses. Even in the present, it continues to be the center of most business sectors, primarily legal, financial, and medical industries. This is why 24H Virtual focuses on providing an innovative and up-to-the-minute virtual fax feature for all of our customers so that your business never stays behind.

You can use our excellent fax and email services to send and receive fax messages regardless of whether you are in the office, working from home, or somewhere else, and even while you are boarding your plane.

Our mobile application and virtual dashboard aim to add convenience to your lives. Now, you can have a fax machine available on the go at all times and control the sending and receiving of messages without the need of staying on your office premises.

Our fax to email service is free and specifically designed to operate as a lone-standing fax system or as a part of your virtual receptionist with 24H Virtual. As you know, a virtual receptionist service provider like 24H Virtual eliminates the need to hire a full-time in-house receptionist or phone operator.

Your callers will automatically be redirected to an extension, where our virtual receptionist will greet them warmly and professionally and provide an array of options to choose from. When our fax to email service is used as an element of any of our virtual call answering systems, we will be listening to how the callers commence the call and see if they have given a fax signal.

If there is a fax signal, our virtual receptionists will take that call as a fax machine and simply email the necessary documentation in PDF form. In case of no fax tone, our virtual receptionists will normally greet your callers, professionally and courteously, and attend to their needs.

No More Missed Fax Messages

The best part is that we can receive numerous faxes concurrently. This means your callers will not have to experience the trouble of waiting as there won’t ever be a busy signal. The calls you receive on your toll-free fax or local number will be promptly attended to.

You can rest assured to never experience a missed fax or missed call ever again, even while you are receiving a vast document from another caller. Moreover, you can decide which number you want to work with. With 24H Virtual, you can learn how to get a toll-free fax number to communicate with local businesses or even maintain your existing fax number.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits of 24h Virtual Fax to Email Service
  • You can receive numerous fax messages at the same time.
  • Our fax messages are crystal clear and very easy to read and understand.
  • You can store your faxes automatically in any format you want and also easily retrieve them.
  • After checking your faxes, you can either save and store them, delete them, forward them, or print them and maintain a hard copy of your faxes
  • You can even merge your fax line with other call transferring and voicemail features.
  • You gain access to all your fax messages and documents in an instant, even when you are not in your office.
  • You can save some money from items like ink, stationery, paper, and toner cartridges.
  • You will instantly be alerted with a text notification or an email whenever there are new fax messages.
  • You can receive fax messages on your email around the clock, regardless of not having a fax machine.
Reasons Why You Should Shift To a Virtual Fax to Email Service

Our virtual fax to email service is bound to enhance accessibility and add convenience to your lives. One of the biggest contributing factors that can make you change your decision and switch from standard fax to the virtual fax-to-email service is that it results in potential savings for your company. You can physically observe the expenses of paper, ink, and toner affecting your company’s bottom line. However, most companies forget to see and consider the hidden costs implied with a standard fax machine. These hidden costs can include the burden caused to your staff members, the machine’s storage footprint, consumption of power, excessive effort and time wasted on purchasing supplies, and the constant headache of fixing a faulty device. With 24H Virtual’s fax to email service, these hidden costs can go off the records in no time. Our experts will take charge of your online system and attend to any sort of matter that arises. Besides these, fax to email services contains a significant amount of environmental benefits that should also be considered. Our toll-free or local number virtual fax to email service will provide an affordable, convenient, and revolutionary online fax solution to your company. Besides, 24H Virtual is also well-known for its outstanding customer service. By shifting your company from tangible to entirely electronic fax messages, you can contribute to a more eco-friendly environment and sustainable future. The only thing you will need to make it possible is a strong internet connection and your smartphone, computer, or laptop to send/receive messages and documentation. Fax to email service is the ultimate solution to rid your office of all the clutter and commence the remarkable transformation journey from a paper-based to a paperless office.

A State-Of-The-Art Virtual Fax to Email System Backed By Outstanding Customer Support

Our state-of-the-art virtual fax to email system is bound to give you an outstanding faxing experience and make your life easy on a whole more level. With 24H Virtual’s fax to email service, your company can escalate remarkably in terms of performance and save a horde of money. Once you partner up with 24H Virtual, we will assist you in more ways than one.

  • Get a personalized setup of your individual virtual fax to email service without any extra charges.
  • There are no long-run commitments; instead, we provide services on a monthly contractual basis.
  • We will resolve your problems in an instant and take care of them while you are on the call, without making you wait for extended periods.
  • We give you the ability to talk to the same live operator every time you resort to our customer service department for assistance.
Auto Receptionist Features

You can utilize our virtual phone services to improve your efficiency and accelerate your business growth. To learn more about our auto receptionist features

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

    Join Our Team

    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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