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212 Phone Number

Manhattan virtual phone numbers make it easy for you to manage calls within the USA or worldwide. A 23-square-mile area containing more than 1.6M residents, Manhattan Island is one of the most populated regions of the five New York City boroughs.

With 24H Virtual, you can buy Manhattan virtual phone numbers and start taking your calls. Most phone services in Manhattan begin with the 212 area code. If you want to make a powerful business presence in Manhattan, buying a 212 number should be your first and foremost priority.

However, getting a 212 number is not easy, but 24H Virtual is there for you. We are among the few telecommunication companies that still provide 212 area code numbers for sale. Contact 24H Virtual and get your 212 phone number quickly.

24H Virtual provides you the opportunity to establish a new York/Manhattan virtual business location while sitting thousands of miles away. Manhattan virtual phone numbers will help your caller reach your business 24/7, and your virtual presence will potentially increase your sales. All the upcoming calls will be routed to your present location anywhere in the USA through dedicated connections. At the same time, your customers will never know that they call through a virtual phone number. Your customers can quickly and economically place international calls, just like they reach any other 212 area number.

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Business Features Along With Your Manhattan Virtual Number

  • Forward calls to multiple devices in any location
  • Create customize greetingswith no additional charges
  • You can use Manhattan phone numbers as your custom caller ID
  • We don’t chargeinitial setup fees
  • customized set upaccording to your requirement
  • No long-term contractsand agreements
  • We providelive phone support with our dedicated US-based staff 

Get Virtual 212 Phone Numbers With Advanced PBX Phone System

With a 212 virtual phone number from 24H Virtual, we also provide premium PBX phone services entirely hosted in the cloud. You don’t require any additional hardware or software- a significant benefit for smaller businesses with low budgets.

A Virtual 212 Number Help You Create A Professional Image Of Your Small Business

Manhattan virtual phone numbers can create a professional image and make you sound like a large corporation. 212 phone numbers from 24H Virtual include many “big company” features such as voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, find me follow, and fax-to-email that will project a professional image of your company.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

Even if you don’t own a large company and have a small business budget, a virtual Canadian phone number lets your business sound more professional and gives a look of a large company.

Our virtual phone numbers are cloud hosted, with amazing features such as professional greetings, call routing, without any hardware or software, and multiple extensions.

With a Canadian virtual phone number, your Canadian customers can access your business easily no matter where your customers are. You can set up Canadian virtual phone numbers for your customers in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver among other locations. Your incoming calls will be routed to your present location.

Your customers can choose how to interact with you through a professional menu, to route their calls to a right person or department.

How Does A Virtual Phone Number Work?

All you need to do is-buy a Canadian phone number from 24H Virtual, and we will handle the rest. We offers you a wide range of options such as auto-attendant feature, call forwarding services. We can assist you to put a customized package according to your unique business needs.

Our services are affordable for your small business. We deliver long-term results through a cost-effective local presence, enabling your customers to reach your business easily through a local Canadian phone number.


A combination of 800 phone number with voicemail service can get you the following benefits:

Increases work productivity of your staff

Represent your company as more professional and established one

Boost your company’s sales

No equipment or hardware installation

Time and money-saving

Better customer service


An 800 phone number and voice mail service is a valuable investment for any company. Looking at its benefits, smaller businesses should never take it for granted. With 24H virtual, you can get a toll-free phone number and voice mail service at reasonable rates. You can choose your desired telephone package starting from as low as $27.95 per month.

The price is minimal for the ease and comfort you enjoy in knowing and serving your potential customers. You can choose a better package and improve your telephone services once your business starts making profits.


24H virtual is dedicated to providing small businesses with the best 800 voicemail number services. We work as an independent entity that targets small businesses to help them in their growth. We offer personalized telephone services that many big phone service providers can’t.

24H virtual will assist you in understanding your business aim and know your affordability for creating a perfect solution. A solution that will act as a central point to run everything professionally. We also started as a small business so that no one can understand your independent business better than us.24H virtual can devise the best plan to overcome your technological hurdles.

800 voicemail number features are among the many services we offer to improve your productivity and offer the best customer service.


Whether you work from your home or office, 800 voicemail service will work wonders for you.800 toll-free number and voicemail service are also included in the 24H virtual telephone PBX system. You will get the high profile telephone services with low monthly payment.

With 24H virtual, there is no need to spend extra money on setting up physical PBS equipment. Moreover, the physical system is difficult to set and need high maintenance. So, contact us today and get the cutting edge over your competitors.


24H virtual offers its call forwarding services for business hours as well as for after business hours. Our premium system will route all the voicemails to your email account. Therefore, you will stay in touch with your customers, no matter where you are and what you are doing. You will continually be updated about your customers. New voicemails can be delivered to you via email or plain text message, and you will never miss an important call.


As mentioned above, 800 voice mail numbers can be added to our virtual PBS phone system. In fact, it’s an essential feature of the PBX system.

We don’t restrict you to accept our pre-designed packages that don’t fit your needs. We configure your telephone system and devise a package as per your business needs.  As our services are available virtually, you don’t have to worry about installing any pricy hardware. Get the 800 voice mail number service from 24H virtual and produce the professional image of your company.

Our team members will set up a voicemail number service for your business flawlessly. You can contact us on our website or call us at 1.800.825.2587 to get this service for your company or to know more about our 800 voice mail service.

How Virtual Canadian Phone Numbers Can Benefit Your Local Presence ?

24H Virtual Canadian phone numbers and voicemail services keep you connected with your customers based in any city of Canada. Your users can place international calls easily and economically. You can grow your business to other Canadian cities with your local Canadian phone number. With Canadian phone numbers, your customers can reach you 24/7, it gives you the opportunity to attract new clients and create long-term relationships with your existing clients.

Your Canadian phone number works for you as professional as you are. With a virtual phone number, it doesn’t matter where you are actually present. Your Canadian customers can reach you through their local number of their area. Your incoming calls will be routed to your staff present all around the world.

Instead of keeping customers on wait, they will be given an option to leave their message so you can contact them later. With an auto-attendant feature, all calls are answered in a professional way, making your business sound like a large enterprise.


Other Features Associated With Our Virtual Canadian Phone Numbers

24H Virtual Canadian phone number offers you the following features:

  • Professional recording: our team at 24H Virtual helps you to record a professional greeting without additional charges
  • Auto-attendant feature: when your customers contact you, the first voice they hear is of an auto-attendant. Auto-attendant ensures no call goes unanswered. It lessen your burden to hire a separate person to answer your calls
  • Call forward: if you are out in the field and can’t answer calls in your office, call forwarding feature saves you from missing important calls.
  • Voicemail to email service: This feature sends all voicemail messages to your email, so you can listen to them at any time from your mobile device.
  • Multiple extensions: a Canadian phone number from 24 H Virtual enables you to set multiple extensions for different departments and workers at your company.
  • Fax to email: you don’t need to worry to miss a fax, if you are not at your office and don’t have a fax, fax to email feature will work for you
Advantageous International Expansion To Canada And Beyond

Virtual phone numbers are easy to use. You can set up your virtual office in Canada conveniently if you are considering growing your business internationally. A local phone number can be routed to your present location. This will enable easy access to your potential clients without causing hefty telephone bills eating into your budget. It will allow you to test new markets worldwide.

You can make your presence internationally without actually having to open a new office in a new country. Call us at-1-800-825-2587 and contact our team to quickly get your Canadian phone number today to grow your business in Canada.

Hawaii Phone Numbers From 24H Virtual

Are you ready to expand into the Hawaii area code? 24H Virtual can help you in this regard. Local Hawaii phone numbers can make your small business sound professional and give your big business a local feel. 24H Virtual has local numbers for many states and cities, including Hawaii. In today’s world, when everyone is extending their businesses beyond their operational region, a virtual local Hawaii phone number from 24H Virtual can make it easy for your customers to reach you.

Strong Local Presence With Hawaii Phone Number

You can deal with your customers in a way most local companies do, with the help of our 808 Hawaii phone number. You can now tap into the Hawaii economy with an 808 area code from 24H Virtual. We provide Hawaii local phone numbers with our premium PBX phone system-completely cloud-hosted. We can route your calls to your live location through our dedicated connections. You can easily receive calls through smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, no matter wherever you are present.

We ensure your customers feel like they are calling a local number. They will place calls with the same rate when calling any other 808 phone numbers. It will give your business a local feel to your callers because they call with their local Hawaiian number area code.

Benefits Of 24H Virtual Digital Phone Systems

  • Affordable for small businesses with no hidden charges
  • Immediate activation
  • No hardware or software is required.
  • It can easily be upgraded for future expansions and adjustments.
  • No long term contracts and agreements
  • Full support of our US-based staff

Virtual Hawaii 808 Number Can Make Your Business Sound Like A Big Corporation

808 Hawaii phone numbers from 24H Virtual provide all the business features such as auto-attendant, call screening, caller ID, call transfer, fax to email, find me follow me, and many more. An auto attendant feature will professionally greet your callers. Your callers will be provided with a menu option that will lead them to the right extension.

If you already have a local Hawaii phone number, we can link them to our cloud-hosted PBX system.

Get A Hawaii 808 Number For Your Business

  • Make a local presence for your customers in Hawaii
  • Transfer your existed Hawaii number to 808 virtual phone number
  • Forward local Hawaii number to any phone
  • You can use one number for many locations
  • Route your calls to the right person or department

24H Virtual is a US-based leading telecommunication company providing advanced hosted PBX services to every business, no matter big or small. We give value to our clients and provide excellent services to grow their business.

If you are looking forward to buying an 808 Hawaii phone number to freely and easily communicate with your customers, contact us; our team will help you find a local virtual phone number for you in a cost-effective way. We’ll help you to customize a package according to your needs.

Get Your Hawaii Phone Number Today

24H Virtual provides 808 Hawaii numbers and other voicemail services with no setup fees. We don’t tie our customers with long-term contracts and agreements. We are economical for any business and provide our full support. We work behind the scene to take your calls if you are unable to do so. If you ever have questions or concerns, our US-based staff will solve your problems while you are still on the line.

Contact our friendly representatives at 1-800-825-2587 to get your Hawaii phone number today.

Honolulu Phone Numbers

A Honolulu area code is an asset for you, if your business is booming in the Aloha state. When your local presence is not enough, 24H Virtual helps you take you where your customers are. It gives your customers the convenience of local access by a local Honolulu phone number.

With our services, we save your customers from long-distance charges while you benefit from sounding like a big and professional company with a local presence.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Honolulu Phone Number?

Suppose you are ready to expand into the Honolulu area code. In that case, a Honolulu phone number can help you access the local economy in Aloha state’s biggest city. With an estimated population of 359,000 people that covers approximately 68 square miles on the island of Oahu. Area code 808 covers Honolulu and the entire Hawaii Island. It will give your business access to over 1.3 million people in the state.

When the internet has changed the world into a global village, and everything is now at your fingertips, while making a big purchase, speaking one-on-one with a professional sales representative can be the best experience.

24H Virtual offers the convenience and functionality of a virtual office along with a cloud-hosted phone service for their customers. It enables your team to make more sales, solve problems faster, and provide customized services to your customers.

Seamlessly Combine Voicemail And Virtual Services

24H Virtual provides some of the most advanced features and services on the market. No matter what your requirements are, our professional team will help you to create a customized package according to your business. The features we offer are:

  • Voicemail message to email: voicemail to email service will send you all messages in one place-to your email, and you can access your latest messages from any smart phone or computer.
  • Auto-attendant feature: It professionally greets your customers and routes incoming calls to the correct department.

Our virtual phone services and Honolulu phone numbers are entirely cloud-based; you can easily add new features to your existing package. You don’t need any hardware or software- all you need to do is contact the 24H Virtual team, and we will update your service.

Benefits of Honolulu phone number for your business

  • Make a local presence for your customers in Honolulu
  • More sales and better response
  • Transfer your existed Honolulu phone number to a virtual phone number
  • You can use one number for multiple locations

We are a leading telecommunication firm based in the US, providing advanced hosted PBX services to all businesses. We offer outstanding services to help our clients to grow their businesses. We don’t charge setup fees and no long-term contracts and agreements.

Our services are affordable for smaller businesses. If you consider buying a Honolulu phone number, call us at-1-800-825-2587 and get your Honolulu phone number todayOur team will help you to develop a customized package according to your business needs.

Auto Receptionist Features

You can utilize our virtual phone services to improve your efficiency and accelerate your business growth. To learn more about our auto receptionist features

Contact us now at 1.800.825.2587 or email us at: hello@24hvirtual.com

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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