Professional Voicemail Recorded

Professional Voicemail Recorded Greetings

Most probably, being a small business owner, you are too much into all the operations of the business and lack time to answer all the phone rings. In regard to this, you can depend on an answering machine to record and hold all of your incoming calls and to handle all the must after hours for customer inquiries.

But not having a professional and friendly voice message greeting is a surety for creating a negative impression to the prospects and customers. Nothing can cope up with a negative first impression like your callers getting a fuzzy answering machine or voicemail message. We are here to give you free recorded voicemail greetings that are the best way to greet your callers and end up with an amazing first impression. This is possible with a professional and pre-recorded voice message.

24hvirtual.com enables you to have pre-recorded and professional greetings. It presents your impression as you are a serious business whenever they call. We are here for you to create a customized script to greet your callers alongside mentioning all the instructions for them to make them use your customized new phone menu. After that, we make use of our voice talent for recording scripts and then uploading them to your internet business phone system.

Select From Variety of Professional Voice Greeting Options:

We offer you to choose from a male or female voice for recording your professional recorded voicemail greeting. We also allow you to add or remove employee names as your business gets bigger with ease. You are also allowed to include an option for dial by name or dial by number extension menus. In fact, a one-person business can also have five different departments. Your professional voicemail greeting will always be ready to cater as little as 24 hours or more.

We have a special phone system that enables your callers to hear an initial outgoing greeting, selecting an extension, or transferring directly to the staff member.

A way for Getting Professionally Recorded Greetings:

We are proud to make all the steps of setup and maintaining your phone system quite easy for you. There is no exception for your system greetings. We are the virtual phone system provider offering our customers free of cost professionally recorded greetings. Alongside, we also let them update the greeting whenever needed until you are an active customer to us. Here is the way to get your new phone system setup.

  • Replace or revise any of our given sample greeting scripts with whatever you like to say as greeting your customers.
  • Choose any of the 24hvirtual recording artists to record your new greeting.

This is all! Your new greeting will get recorded, and available live on your virtual phone system within two business days. Yes, it’s an easy process.