Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are not hard to get; you can quickly get a small business 800 number as you get any other number. You can promptly get calls on your toll-free number through your cell phones, laptops, or computers. You can get your toll-free number from any virtual phone service provider at an affordable price. They can also help you find a customized number, commonly known as a vanity number, within your business and product name.

You can quickly get a toll-free number for your small business. 24H Virtual has a large variety of toll-free prefixes and can help to get your perfect number. It looks professional and gives credibility to your business. Read more about how a toll-free number can help your business, or contact us to get a toll-free number for your business.

Toll-Free Service Gives Your Small Enterprises A Professional Image

In the past, only large businesses used toll-free numbers. But that time is gone when a small business was considered just a local business, selling goods and services within a small area. But in the modern world, most companies, no matter big or small, sell their services and products online from a small regional site to the entire country. Now it is so economical to get an 800 toll-free number for even small businesses. It improves customer and business relations.

A toll-free number is also a useful tool for mortar and brick operations, whether operating in one location or multiple cities, states, or even across the US/Canada border. It is an easy way to show authenticity and professionalism for brand new businesses. You can efficiently manage your business calls.

One important thing is the reach of your toll-free number to your potential customers. Promote it everywhere- from your website to your email signature, or your business cards, to make it synonymous with your brand, so it becomes a natural extension of your business. Getting a toll-free vanity number that depicts your business name, industry, or product can help in this regard.

The success of toll-free numbers only depends on how your business manages calls. 24H Virtual helps you by providing its virtual phone services for answering every need professionally, ensuring none of your calls goes unanswered.

Benefits Of A Toll-Free Number For Small Businesses

Benefits of having a toll-free number for your business are limitless regardless of your company size. It is more than just your brand recognition and authenticity.

  • It improves customer service and satisfaction.
  • a toll-free number is easy to remember than any other number, especially with a vanity number
  • A toll-free number gives your business credibility and shows a professional image.
  • Customers can reach out to your business even with a changed area code.
What You Should Consider While Choosing A Toll-Free Service Provider ?
  • Your toll-free number credibility depends on the company that is hosting it for you. Always go for a provider whose track record is excellent and reliable. It provides the best connectivity, ensuring that your callers never got a busy signal or any error message while calling your business. Always look at what options are provided in a toll-free number package, and affordability is also important so that it doesn’t put an extra burden on your business. Also, focus on a company that provides the best customer service. It is suitable for your peace of mind and your company’s financial growth, knowing that your business is in good hands.We Provide Full Support With Our Toll-Free Number24H Virtual understands and provides value to its customers. Our primary focus is reliability, affordability, and a commitment to provide outstanding customer service. Whether you want your toll-free number to connect to your voicemail box or you are looking for a full auto-attendant feature, we are ready to provide you the best services. While choosing 24H Virtual as your toll-free number provider, here are few things you can expect from us:Customized services with no additional charges: our virtual phone service is easy to use with no extra charges. We know your main focus is running your business successfully; we will work with you to develop a customized plan according to your unique requirement.No long-term contracts or agreements: if you are not happy with the benefits you hoped for, or you want a change, we ensure you are not tied to a long-term contract or agreement. We also allow you to update your plan whenever you need it.US-based staff for support: we know that auto service is easy and useful in many ways, but we don’t think it is a substitute for a real person. Our hard working and competitive US-based staff is one call away from you whenever you need help with your toll-free number.Buy A Toll-Free Number For Your Business From 24H Virtual24H Virtual has various prefixes available, from an original 800 toll-free number to different prefixes available. We can help you to decide on a customized toll-free number or a vanity number that can correctly promote your business. We have provided our virtual phone services for our many clients, and we are looking forward to working with you and making our next success story. A toll-free number keeps you connected with your customers no matter wherever they are. The best thing is that we provide a one-week free trial.Call us at our toll free number- 1-800-825-2587 or contact us to know more about our services. We are waiting to know about your business and offer you our customer services and become your communications partner.
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  • Convey all the information to your callers even when you are not there
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  • Customized menus for choosing information only mailboxes
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Toll Free Numbers Guide

To run a successful business, several components need to be coherent and right on the spot. Only then can one expect his brand to have a positive reputation, increased productivity, and accelerating profit. A toll-free number can play an important part in winning and retaining customers.

As per the report published by LivePerson Connecting with Consumers report, 61% of total shoppers choose to get assistance on the phone. Your local number may help you get a small number of customers, but at the same time, you only grab minimal chances of retaining the clients and miss great opportunities. Stay tuned to know more about toll-free numbers.

Toll-Free Numbers

AT&T introduced the first-ever toll-free number in 1967. The toll-free prefix numbers were primarily generated to simplify the process of collect calls. Before the launch of toll-free numbers, it was necessary to call the operator to get approval from the recipient and finally call the recipient.

In the start, the facility of toll-free 800 numbers was open only on a state-by-state basis. The system was nationalized in the early 80s. Simultaneously, vanity numbers become available. Soon, businesses realized that having a customized toll-free number can produce powerful marketing results.

Due to huge demand, another prefix, 888, was introduced in 1996. After that, many other toll-free prefixes were introduced.

Several toll-free numbers are available, but the 800 prefix is the earliest, attractive, and preferred toll-free prefix. Other prefixes considered stronger selections include 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.


Choosing a toll-free number that is easy to remember can help your brand to be recognized easily.

Toll-free service providers can provide two types of toll-free numbers. Vanity number and Prime number.

A vanity number is a number that depicts an unforgettable phrase or company’s name. On the other hand, prime numbers have appealing digits combinations that are easy to remember, such as 1-800-333-1414.

Many new prefixes are available in vanity numbers, but the prime numbers provide the most established and renowned prefix. Another important thing to ponder while selecting a toll-free number is that not all phones have alphanumeric keypads. With a prime number, it would be easy for the customers to call from any phone, while it can be problematic to dial a vanity number.

A possible solution to vanity number alphabets is to add numeric equivalents wherever you advertise the number.


Your toll-free number can help your business flourish in many ways. Some of the most familiar ways are:

  • Save your customer’s money: The most lucrative advantage of the toll-free number is that callers never have to pay for the call expenses. As the name suggests, toll-free numbers can be dialed anywhere from the U.S. and Canada free of charge. All the expense comes at the hands of a company that owns the number and pays a monthly fee.

Along with toll-free numbers, you can also include services such as voicemail, text notifications, and music on transfer in the monthly subscription package.

  • Work like a big organization: Whether you work from an office or your garage, having a toll-free number represents you as a bigger organization. With time, you may move on to a better setup, but your toll-free number will always be the same. Your customers will always recognize you with your toll-free number.
  • Rememberable number: If you are still confused about the benefits of a toll-free number, think of it this way. What would you remember easily, a random combination of numbers or coherent numbers or a catchy phrase? Obviously, remembering a readable number or a catchy phrase will be easier for your customers. Prime numbers like 888-744-5577 or 800-555-0000 will always stay in the customer’s memory.

Your customers will call you without searching for your number here and there. This fact will definitely put your company at the leverage that others might miss.

The new toll-free prefixes 844,855 have higher availability of vanity and prime numbers, so don’t wait and get yours.

  • Build a strong reputation: To emerge as a powerful brand, it’s a necessity to be consistent on every social platform. The addition of vanity or prime number will help your company build a strong reputation and establish itself as a stable business. When it comes to right marketing, you have to invest heavily to get the best return. So don’t miss this golden chance and craft a better image of your company.



Any business can cherish the benefits of a toll-free number, but certain companies might select other telephone services instead of 800 toll-free numbers. With that being said, some organizations can gain the maximum benefit out of toll-free 800 numbers, which include:

  • Businesses that choose to expand their horizons and sell their services over the internet are the perfect candidates for getting a toll-free number. For such businesses, having a single, free, and easy to remember number through which anyone can contact them is very important. A brick and mortar store that earns the profit through walk-in customers might not benefit, but if it decides to go beyond this level, the toll-free number is a must-have.
  • A company where customers contact them in an emergency or some dire need can also benefit from a toll-free number. Such as personal injury law firms may get their customer’s calls at off-hours to get advice on the sudden accident, or a restaurant may get a call for a takeout order. A successful business will be the one whose number comes immediately to the customer’s mind in both situations. And an easy toll-free number can be the only number that a person can remember in such a case.
  • Better customer service is essential to growing Having a toll-free number for the customer service department can work wonders for your business. Your clients will be able to contact you and solve their issues regarding product purchases. Thus, you can succeed in retaining more clients.
  • Business franchises can get the maximum benefit with a toll-free number. From a single location, all the calls can be routed to respective partners. This ensures that every customer connects with the right store. The company handles delivery schedules and warranty claims perfectly, and customers always stay updated about all sales and promotions.
  • Finally, to whatever domain your business belongs, getting the most number of calls is the bonus opportunity to let your clients know more about you and create a strong bond with them. Even if your organization does not need to rely on a telephone call system, a toll-free number can bring you the amazing unexpected opportunities that others might fail.

Once you have decided to get a toll-free number for your business, you must be thinking of how you can get that number? The process is straightforward, but it’s better to know how things work to avoid any inconvenience of not staying informed about something.


U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates toll-free numbers. FCC supervises the designation of all old and new toll-free number prefixes and issues a proper protocol to prevent numbers hoarding.

Another important rule by FCC requires that all the toll-free numbers be portable from one location or service provider to another. Apart from that, FCC does not participate in routine administration or buying and selling of toll-free numbers. FCC places no restrictions  on the content of vanity numbers

A wide array of private companies, known as Responsible Organizations,” or “RespOrgs,” also sell toll-free numbers.          These companies work solely as telephone companies or may work closely with telephone companies. They have access to the master list of toll-free numbers and offer toll-free numbers along with other services and technical support in the form of packages.

The type of package and company that you select will have a significant impact on your business. The company that won’t accommodate your needs or charges extra for services you don’t need will affect your budget and productivity. You might have to sign expensive and lengthy contracts. So, it’s always advisable to know every detail of toll-free numbers before choosing and paying for a number.


Most people are only aware of the 888 toll-free prefixes. Earlier, only 800 toll-free numbers were in use in the U.S. and Canada. When businesses understood the importance of toll-free numbers, there was a sudden rise in demand.

Toll-free number length is limited. It can’t exceed the specific length. To meet the demands, a lot of new prefixes were introduced. To that day, we know that apart from 800, 866 and 888 are also toll-free numbers. The toll-free numbers that are lately introduced are 877, 888, 866, 855, and 844. All of these prefixes work precisely the same way and have several combinations available.


When you decide to get a toll-free number, the best option is to go for the easy and memorable number, i-e 800. Though other toll-free numbers such as 888 and 866 are also pretty common among the consumers, we press on getting 800 prefixes because everyone knows about it. People might be unaware that 844 or 877 is even a toll-free number.

Presently, the only vanity number that has the highest demand is 800. When you invest in it, you will get the best return.

Getting 800 prefix is another story. Just the way high profile internet domains are auctioned for the highest bidding, 800 numbers also draw high prices.


With the help of shared-use agreements, small businesses can get the 800 prefixes on a regional basis. As the 800 number is active nationwide, it can be routed to a specific organization based on the caller’s area code. The person, who owns 800 vanity numbers, can rent out the number to business organizations.

Businesses can use the shared 800 numbers and get their benefits, but it has its limitations too. The business that plans to expand nationwide should get a separate 888,866 prefix rather than sharing 800prefix.

Ultimately, the final decision will be yours based upon your business needs.


The only thing that should be present in your vanity number is that it’s memorable. Here are some tips to get the memorable vanity number that will stick in your customers’ minds.

  • If you are new to the business field, don’t choose your business name as your number. It works best only for well-known businesses. Instead, go for the numbers that can be easily memorized.
  • Don’t use unique combinations or cute spellings
  • Don’t use number and letter hybrids
  • Avoid using technical terms that are difficult to comprehend
  • If you are unable to get the desired vanity number, try to select a prime number such as 844-824-6000

When you choose a vanity number, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think their way. If you search for a used car company, which number will be easiest to remember—-1-800-USED-CAR or 1-800-TJS-CARS? Think about your choice and also ask others to know a broader perspective. You will get the vanity numbers with newer prefixes such as 855 and 844 easily.


Choose the company which you can trust. As per FCC reports, more than 350 RespOrgs are working nationwide. These companies include small toll-free number service providers and multinational telecom firms as well. Every company works with different rules and regulations. Look into the following things while choosing a service provider:

  • Features: Every service provider offers a unique set of deals. Choose the deal that best matches your business requirements
  • Budget: Estimate your affordability and look for what you can buy within your budget.
  • Contract length: Look for the contract length. For how long will you be comfortable in the contract? What are the conditions if you plan to change the services?
  • Service support: Look for the company that offers the best service support when you confront any problem with the service.
  • Reputation: Always explore the company’s reputation and check the previous customers’ reviews before sealing a deal.


24H virtual is not like the typical toll-free service providers. To get the cloud-based virtual phone system from 24H virtual, you don’t have to invest majorly or trap yourself in long term contracts. Whether you want an 800,888 or 866 prefix, we are here to guide you and help you get that number. We strive to provide the best toll-free services to keep our reputation always high.

Every business starts from a smaller setup. We also had the same start. That is why we know what your priorities are or how you can deal with your customers. Our high-end services are the ultimate solutions to your business needs. Our cutting edge features such as auto attendant/virtual PBX, voicemail-to-text, voicemail-to-email, and work compatibility are the right solutions that you need.

If you ought to know more about the benefits of toll-free number services offered by 24H virtual, contact us right now. Our team members will help you understand everything. Contact us at Tel no: _0_____ or email us today.

800 Phone Numbers

There is a reason why 800 toll-free numbers are in huge demand. Having a toll-free number can represent any business as a stable, professional, and legitimate organization. If a customer is given several telephoning options, he will prefer dialing a toll-free number rather than any other local number call option.

If you are also running a business and want to project your business as a  giant professional firm, you must get an 800 toll-free number.

Getting an 800 toll-free number would never be that much easy as it is now with 24H virtual. We have a bigger list of 800 toll-free numbers from which you can choose your favorite one to let your customers reach you directly. You have the freedom to get a separate 1-800 toll-free phone number or include it in the PBX phone system offered by 24H virtual to improve your phone service manifolds. We assure you that we will provide regular support to get you a personalized 800 phone number.

We know getting 800 numbers is a tough job in this competitive era. Every business requires a customized toll-free 800 number to meet its customers’ demands. It helps small businesses to build a strong reputation, promote their sales, and keep them in touch with their customers in the most convenient way.24H virtual is here to help you in this tough job of getting 800 number.


Not every phone service provider works the same way.24H virtual is among the leading service providers that offer revolutionary services at reasonable rates.

  • We only charge a one-time $20 fee for an actual 800 number with an 800 prefix. There are no charges for the setup or long term contracts. Apart from 800 numbers, we also offer a wide array of vanity and prime numbers available in 855, 844, 888, 877866,  and 833 prefixes.
  • As always, 24H virtual offers the best customer service. When you contact us, our friendly and professional team member located in the U.S will reach out to you immediately.
  • You can also keep your existing number so that you customers, partners, and vendor always stay in touch with you.
  • Adding a professional greeting for your callers is part of our service provision. We also give you the freedom to change your messages anytime.
  • Along with 800 toll-free numbers, you can opt for various other phone services for your callers. We already have services such as fax to email, voicemail to email,  find me/follow me, auto-attendant, professionally written and recorded greetings, and adding new services to keep our customers a step ahead of others.

You can utilize our toll-free number services whenever you need them. We put all our efforts to help your business grow. Contact us today and find the easiest way of success.


1-800 phone numbers expands your client base: The number of customers who want to pay from their pocket for calling a company will be minimal. No one wants to pay a huge fee for contacting a business that is located at a long-distance. Customers think that the company does not give them the respect they deserve. When a firm invests in a 1-800 toll-free number, you definitely increase the chances of a bigger client base. Not only the bigger client base, but you also retain more clients because they never have to pay for any call they make to place an order with you.

800 phone number projects a professional image: A company that works with a local number never gives a professional appearance. It appears like a small business with a narrow client base. To project your business as a bigger and more professional one, getting a toll-free number can be a great way. Customers will call you outside your local area and never know whether you are operating from a garage or have a big office and number of employees. Adding hosted PBX phone service along with 800 toll-free numbers will improve your image more. By greeting a client and then routing him to the appropriate extension, you will give an appearance of a large corporate entity.

Toll-free numbers help you stay in your client’s memory: Not every phone number remains in the memory. Only the numbers that look easy to memorize stay in the memory. That is why companies use 1-800 toll-free numbers to market their services and promote the brand.24H virtual will help you buy your customized toll-free number that will forever stick to your client’s memory. You will be recognized immediately, even in the rush of many competitors.

Expand your horizons and take your toll-free number wherever you go: It is confirmed that you have to relocate your business once you start making a profit. Or you might want to expand your business and create more extensions in different regions of the country. If you invest in a 1-800 toll-free number, you will be able to relocate your number with you. Your broad client base already knows your number, and they never have to look up your number. No matter wherever you go, they will always remember the number and call you right away when they need you. You never have to face the restriction of getting a new number for a new location.


Presently, 800 numbers don’t mean only 800 prefix. The 800 prefix is used to name all the toll-free numbers. There was only a single prefix at the start, but now many prefixes have been added to the list. Firstly, 888,877,866 were added to the list, and now more numbers, 855, 844, and 833, are also added.

Why were more numbers added to the list? The answer is obvious. Because of the growing demand for toll-free numbers for businesses, more numbers were introduced. Some numbers are available with the old 800 prefix, but they are in short supply, and getting them is not an easy job.

But there is an advantage associated with getting newer prefixes. You would get a lot of options to choose your preferred vanity number or a prime number.


A vanity number can be translated into a relatable word or catchy phrase representing your business or service that you offer. A famous example is 1-800 FLOWERS. Though you have a lot of options to choose from, the key is to develop a phrase that depicts your brand and is easy to memorize.

On the other hand, a prime number is the perfect combination of digits that is easy to remember. For example 1-800-123-4567

The most important thing to check while choosing a vanity or prime number is that it represents your brand. Your targeted audience can grab it at once. In the case of 1-800-FLOWERS, the number is also the company’s name, but it is not the right strategy for small businesses. As you have just stepped into the business world, not many would have known about you. Instead, it’s better to choose a phrase or word that depicts your brand purpose or service.

Last but not least, there comes the problem of picking up the right number. When you have got so many options, picking up the correct number that can be memorized and comprehended by your audience will not be easy. You can be overwhelmed by the situation.24H virtual can help you decide the right combination of numbers. Based on our years of experience and information on toll-free numbers, we will guide you to choose the best number for you. Leave the hustle of creating an innovative yet catchy and easy number phrase on 24H virtual.


1-800 numbers help run the businesses and bring more revenues. These are no just words; here is proof of this claim.

Consulting firm BIA/Kelsey found in research that there is an essential role of phone calls in $1 trillion of consumer spending. Another research from Creative Broadcast Concepts and Mountain Marketing Group emphasized primarily on toll-free vanity numbers. It represented some remarkable profits that businesses obtained by using the popular communication methods. They found that companies that used vanity numbers while advertising themselves on the radio received 58% more calls than those who didn’t advertise vanity numbers.

They also found that having a toll-free number increases the chance of recall from a consumer up to 84%. The research also found that vanity numbers performed nine times better than numeric, non-prime numbers.

Based on the above research, it would not be wrong to say that investing in a toll-free number is the right decision for your business. Moreover, it’s not a big investment that you hesitate to make and restrict yourself from the growth path ahead.

Don’t spend extra money on setting up new equipment or arranging hardware. Modern cloud-based systems don’t need them at all. Stop worrying about the cost issues or administrative burdens because you will get 800 phone number services within your budget. The service is portable. You can relocate the service along with your business at any time. If you are on vacation or outside the station, take your toll-free number along with you.24H virtual cloud-based services are apparent. You don’t pay an extra amount for the equipment or the long term contracts. Therefore, if you plan to get a toll-free number, 24H virtual is the best option to get all such services.


The 800 numbers are minimal. If you are interested in buying 800 phone numbers, don’t delay anymore and contact us. Call us at our toll-free number.


Businesses earn their revenues not only from local clients. They have a bigger client base outside their local area, which is the real driving force behind them. For that reason, every business owns a website; thus, people from around the world can contact them for their services.

Having a toll-free 877 number means you can get a call anywhere from the U.S for placing orders, inquiring about new deals, or requesting you to provide the service at reasonable rates. 877 phone numbers will give you more chances of expanding your revenues and improving your customer service.

24H virtual can provide 877 toll-free numbers within the affordability range of small businesses to ensure the best calling service just as a large corporation. You can also add 877 phone numbers to the hosted PBX telephone system provided by 24H virtual. And if you are already working with a toll-free number, we can shift this number to a 24H virtual dynamic hosted PBX telephone system.


You must be aware of vanity toll-free numbers such as 1-800-FLOWERS. Anyone can memorize these numbers easily. By looking at this number, we can say that if someone needs to buy flowers, 800-FLOWERS will be the first number to come to mind. Similarly, 24H virtual can also help you choose a personalized 877 toll-free number that would work the same way for the smaller businesses.


A call handled poorly or dealt with ordinarily can make your callers realize that your business is not professional and stable to serve you. Having an 877 toll-free number will help you project your image professionally. Your callers would assume you as a bigger and legitimate organization committed to offering the best services. Therefore, getting an 877 phone number is a must to build the customer’s trust and boost up the revenues.


Although you started as a small business, one day you will be a big name in the industry when you have to relocate your office or extend your business. For this purpose, 877 can be the best choice. Whether you move halfway across the country or add several extensions throughout the country, your customer will never be confused as he has to dial the same number every time to get your services from any location.


It is challenging for businesses to get more clients and develop a trustable relationship with them. Only those customers that trust your services.877 phone number will solve half of your problem of getting new clients and retaining them. Appearing as a legitimate and professional firm will develop the client’s trust and get a larger client base.877 phone number will be your client hunting tool for the coming years.


A toll-free number helps people connect without paying long-distance fees. It is also utilized as a powerful marketing tool. Many businesses consider toll-free numbers as an essential part of their marketing strategy.


It’s a common misconception that only numbers with prefixes 800 and 888 are toll-free, but that is not true. Till the day toll-free numbers were introduced, many prefixes have been added.877 toll-free numbers work all around North America. Businesses can restrict their service area as per their requirement.


877 numbers have many advantages. It helps the organizations appear bigger and established. Adding the auto-attendant service with 877 numbers will cast a professional image on the caller.

It is also a perfect option for businesses that want a vanity number with an 800 or 888 prefix but cannot get it. 877 prefixes are less in demand. Consequently, they are more affordable and have broader options of customization.


877 is the third prefix to be available as toll-free. More people recognize it as compared to newer prefixes such as 866 and 855. If you want to be recognized by your customers easily, then choose 877.

A toll-free number is always beneficial for expanding business outside the local areas. People usually don’t recognize from which location a business works. Construction organizations and contractors use this fact for bidding on projects that are outside the local area.


24H virtual can help you get vanity number 877 along with a customized service package easily within no time.


By selecting 24H virtual, you will get the following benefits:

  • Unmatched customer service
  • No additional installation or set-up fee
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Quick solutions to your service problems
  • Live telephone support


To get more information about 877 toll-free numbers provided by 24H virtual for your small businesses, call us at ____.


For being the oldest numbers, 800 toll-free numbers are always in short supply. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a toll-free number for providing better service to your customers. 24H virtual can help you get 866 toll-free numbers that will help your business grow and earn more revenues. Your customers will be capable of calling you without any charges, just as they do with 800 toll-free numbers.

24H virtual can support your small businesses with a reasonable 866 number along with a dynamic hosted PBX virtual business telephone system. And if you already had an 866 number, we can transform it into a 24H virtual telephone system.


866 vanity numbers of your own choice that is easy to remember will act as your company’s salesperson. Just like other vanity numbers such as 1-800-COLLECT or 1-800-MATTRESS have made these companies recognizable for every customer, 24H virtual will help you choose 866 vanity numbers that will act as a marketing tool to build your business name.


Customers think twice before calling a company’s local number. They think that the company is not professional and established to offer the best services. If you still work on a local number, then change it to an 866 toll-free number.866 numbers will add credibility to your company’s name. People would not hesitate to call you as they will think that your service is premium and you have extra resources.


In the age of the internet, your competition is on a global level. Even if your target audience is local, you have to compete with larger businesses to retain your clients. A prospective client who is calling you from halfway across the country will only contact you if you pay for his call charges. Even your local clients would not stick with you longer if they are charged a call fee every time they call.866 toll-free number offered by 24H virtual helps you connect with your customers and increase your client base.


Toll-free numbers are commercial phone numbers that help people connect free of charge. Toll-free numbers have the prefix 8XX. The most recognized numbers are 800 and 888.


866 phone numbers is also a toll-free number. With the growing demand of toll-free numbers, The Federal Communications Commission introduced 866 toll-free numbers in 2000. It helped to expand the options to customize the vanity numbers as per business requirements. Businesses can select a personalized number that is easy to memorize and can be recognized by the audience.


Just as 800 phone numbers are free, 866 toll-free numbers are also free. They can be utilized anywhere in North America. Some businesses might restrict the number to a particular area for specific reasons.


There are many advantages of getting 866 phone numbers. The foremost advantage is the availability. Your customer can call you anytime from any location around the country without any long-distance call charges.

They are utilized as a powerful marketing tool. Businesses use their toll-free numbers in promotion jingles and advertising songs. People get to know more about the firms through a vanity number.

Another advantage is that the company appears as an established and professional organization that builds clients’ trust and attracts more clients.


Don’t be worried if you fail to find a vanity number with an 800 or 888 prefix. You can opt for 866 toll-free numbers that would provide the same functionality.

Like the 800 prefixes, the 866 prefixes are not restricted to a specific territory and can be used worldwide. Even if you have a local business, you will give the impression of a national firm. This helps you attract clients that are very skeptical of working with a company that works remotely.


The cost of 866 toll-free numbers varies with the package. Depending on the 24H virtual telephone package with 866 vanity numbers, the price will be different. You can consult our team members to know more about it.


If you choose 24H virtual for 866 toll-free numbers, you will get the following benefits:

  • Live U.S based customer support
  • A dedicated team to set your 866 toll-free number
  • Fastest service delivery on one call
  • The facility of connecting with the same service representative every time you call


If you have made your mind to get a cost effective 866 toll-free number, 24H virtual is all set to help your business grow and provide you with a customized toll-free number. Don’t wait anymore and contact us today at 1.800.825.2587


Smaller businesses that are confined to a specific region and don’t intend to transform it into a bigger business can work fine with a local telephone number. It will be enough to operationalize the things in a small geographical area. But businesses that start with the solemn aim to grow and expand in new markets and territories cannot rely on a local telephone number. A toll-free number to attract an audience from everywhere is a necessity.  An 855 toll-free number provided by 24H virtual can permit your customers to contact you.

It doesn’t matter from which part of the country they contact you; they don’t have to incur any long-distance call charges. Your client will be very comfortable and more than willing to ask you about your products and purchases. With the help of 24H virtual, you can incorporate personalized 855 toll-free numbers in your present phone system or get a package of toll-free numbers with auto-attendant service. If you already have an 855 toll-free number, we can transfer it to our PBX phone system.


An 855 toll-free number can help your company appear as a professional and established organization. People think that it’s a very experienced and stable company, so it is providing a free call facility to its customers. So, even if you are working from a garage, a toll-free number linked to your business can project it as a bigger firm. Your customer’s level of trust boosts up, and you get more clients.


A vanity number chosen with care helps you represent your company and its services correctly. Through 855 vanity numbers, your customers can easily recognize t what your business is about. For example,___ the number 1-800-MICROSOFT depicts that it is related to computer software needs. Customers will identify your business instantaneously and also memorize it.


You might be worried about changing your telephone number because you are transferring your business to another location. If this is the case, get 855 toll-free numbers to solve your problem. Having an 855 toll-free number means that it can move with you wherever you go. It can also be forwarded to a mobile phone. So you don’t have to tell your customers about relocation. Your customers will contact you from the same number, irrespective of your location, to get your services.


855 phone numbers are toll-free numbers in North America. It means that anyone can call free of charge.

Just as other prefixes were introduced with the growing demand for toll-free numbers, 855 prefixes were introduced in 2010. You get a lot of options to choose your customized 855 number.


There are many advantages of a toll-free number. The most noticeable advantage is that customers can call free of charge from anywhere in the country. Another chief benefit is your business reputation. It helps project your business image as professional and stable. So clients would think of your business as a larger corporation. This improves your credibility and increases sales.


855 toll-free numbers work the same way as 800 or 888 works. You can pair this number with an auto-attendant service or virtual PBX answering service. Thus, your toll-free number will act as a central point for all connections. It works beyond the territories’ boundaries. As a result, it helps the contractors for bidding outside their local area.


Choose the 855 vanity number that is easy to comprehend and memorize. When chosen right, it acts as a powerful marketing tool.

Select the easily recognizable specific word or phrase, number string, or letter/number hybrid to represent your business services. But if you have a budding business, don’t use a prominent business name as a number. It won’t help you much in the initial stages.


24H virtual can provide 1-855 phone numbers separately or along with a dynamic virtual hosted phone package. Contact our service department to get information about pricing and packages.


Customers, who choose 24H virtual for 855 toll-free numbers, get the following benefits:

  • No extra charges for set-up or contracts
  • No long term contracts
  • Providing the best advice in selecting vanity number
  • Live U.S based Phone support
  • The facility of talking to the same representative every time
  • Free fax service


The amount of 855 numbers is limited as they are always in demand. If you have decided to get an 855 toll-free number, don’t wait anymore and contact us quickly at 1.800.825.2587


In this competitive business world, every business employs different tactics to improve its social representation. To cast a compelling image is to pave a path of success ahead. Out of several marketing tools, a powerful tool is a toll-free number. With the help of a toll-free number, a company can represent itself as a legitimate, professional entity within the industry.

There are a lot of toll-free number prefixes available. Every prefix has high demand and works excellently. However, no prefix can beat the popularity and effectiveness of 800 toll-free numbers. Getting a toll-free number with an 800 prefix is another perspective of the game. It’s tough to get an 800 prefix number.

Fortunately, 24H virtual has succeeded in gaining a lot of true 800 toll-free numbers for you. As we target the smaller business, we provide these 800 numbers at very affordable rates.

Additionally, 24H virtual also offers a plethora of virtual phone services that include voicemail to email service. Voicemail service can be paired up with a toll-free number to ensure that no chance is left to miss any call.

A combination of 800 phone number with voicemail service can get you the following benefits

  • Increases work productivity of your staff
  • Represent your company as more professional and established one
  • Boost your company’s sales
  • No equipment or hardware installation
  • Time and money-saving
  • Better customer service


Whether you work from your home or office, 800 voicemail service will work wonders for you.800 toll-free number and voicemail service are also included in the 24H virtual telephone PBX system. You will get high-profile telephone services with low monthly payments.

With 24H Virtual, there is no need to spend extra money on setting up physical PBS equipment. Moreover, the physical system is difficult to set and needs high maintenance. So, contact us today and get the cutting edge over your competitors.


24H virtual offers its call forwarding services for business hours as well as for after business hours. Our premium system will route all the voicemails to your email account. Therefore, you will stay in touch with your customers, no matter where you are and what you are doing. You will continually be updated about your customers. New voicemails can be delivered to you via email or plain text message, and you will never miss an important call.


As mentioned above, 800 voice mail numbers can be added to our virtual PBS phone system. In fact, it’s an essential feature of the PBX system.

We don’t restrict you to accept our pre-designed packages that don’t fit your needs. We configure your telephone system and devise a package as per your business needs.  As our services are available virtually, you don’t have to worry about installing any pricey hardware. Get the 800 voice mail number service from 24H virtual and produce a professional image of your company.


Adding up the voicemail service with a toll-free number can provide your business a substantial competitive edge over other companies. The presence of 800 toll-free numbers makes an everlasting impression, whereas voice mail service depicts your company’s professionalism and experience.


800 number voicemail services help you manage multiple calls simultaneously. This service combination ensures that not a single call is missed. Calls are automatically transferred to customer representatives available at that time. In case there is no representative to take the call, the incoming call will be shifted to voice mail service, where customers will be responded professionally.

Once the messages are received on voice mail, all messages will be sent to you via email with a complete sound and computer-generated transcription file attachment.24H virtual also offers the free of charge service of recording professional greetings for the callers. Such an organized and prompt response produces a fantastic impression on the callers. Utilizing 24H virtual 800 number voicemail services will help your business grow, retain more clients and earn more sales.


An 800 phone number and voice mail service is valuable investment for any company. Looking at its benefits, smaller businesses should never take it for granted. With 24H virtual, you can get a toll-free phone number and voice mail service at reasonable rates. You can choose your desired telephone package starting from as low as $27.95 per month.

The price is minimal for the ease and comfort you enjoy in knowing and serving your potential customers. You can choose a better package and improve your telephone services once your business starts making profits.


24H virtual is dedicated to providing small businesses with the best 800 voicemail number services. We work as an independent entity that targets small businesses to help them in their growth. We offer personalized telephone services that many big phone service providers can’t.

24H virtual will assist you in understanding your business aim and know your affordability for creating a perfect solution. A solution that will act as a central point to run everything professionally. We also started as a small business so that no one can understand your independent business better than us.24H virtual can devise the best plan to overcome your technological hurdles.

800 voicemail number features are among the many services we offer to improve your productivity and offer the best customer service.

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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