Do you ever catch yourself thinking that if you can get back one hour a day in return or if simply it could be just 30 minutes? By this, you could get the opportunity to indulge in the next upcoming deal for catapulting your business. Businesses need to allocate a considerable about of money and time in answering all those inbound calls. You can neither do without the calls nor will the calls let you focus on multiple things. The best option for this challenge is availing Virtual Phone Answering Service. Businesses can save 80% money when they recruit a VA instead of a full-time one.

Who Is A Virtual Receptionist?

The best way of describing a Virtual Receptionist is by learning that they are not robots that make people hear pre-recorded messages! A VA is a human being that answers every phone call for a business in the most professional manner. Their services go beyond only answering calls.


When you appoint a Virtual Live Receptionist, you get to work with a trained professional and to not train them separately. You will be paying a less amount for the work they offer. It is considerably less than what an on-premise receptionist charges. Along with answering phones, they are representing your business. In the context of call handling, they are the biggest professionals. Starting from taking hundreds of phone calls every day, they are always available for your valuable clients. Several services by 24H Virtual are offered 24*7. Hence your business never has to miss a call again.


Features Of The Best Virtual Receptionist

So how will you determine that the Virtual Live Receptionist Services you are choosing is the correct one? If you find it expensive, will it be worth it? Can you really trust it if you find no reviews? There are several questions that you will be asking before hiring one. Without proper guidance, it will be hard to get a hands-on master of call handling. Keep reading to find out.

  • Flexible pricing – You cannot judge whether the Virtual Receptionist Services Features are correct for your business or not simply by looking at the price. But you will find an assortment of pricing options that will help you plan to use it effectively. The services will charge you either by every call or by each minute. There are also services with both options. Two businesses can never be alike. The answering service that is perfect for your business will comprehend and model all the pricing. The best service will help you save money and not compel you to spend more on calls or minutes that your business does not require. It will help if you are looking for services that enable your calls or minutes to carry over in the upcoming month. You must also be able to downgrade or upgrade the services if you feel that they will fit your business needs better.


  • Outbound calling – It is quite common that a Virtual Receptionist will answer calls. But they can offer outbound calling services and are the fact that only a few are aware of. When medical offices need to remind patients about the next appointments or when realtors need to communicate with buyers, they all need to make outbound calls. It is not just a telemarketer who makes these calls. So if your business includes communicating with the clients frequently, you must include an outbound call feature in your Virtual Phone Answering Service package.


  • Urgent oncall Dispatching – Your business might need to recruit an answering service for helping respond to urgent calls that take place after hours. The phone answering service you pick will always provide urgent on-call dispatching and won’t even charge extra. The best part about these services is that you can update these tasks within a fraction of a second through a mobile application or online portal. When you are facing a time shortage, these services work the best.


  • Order Processing – Ecommerce businesses nowadays are largely hiring virtual phone answering services that also include processing orders. Most of the customers place orders by going online themselves, but few individuals need extra assistance. This is the space where a VA can be of immense help.


  • Appointment Setting – When your business has a lot going on might find it very challenging to schedule meetings on time. By this, you can lose potential clients as well. In the present tough market, you cannot take such chances. Answering services can simplify this whole thing for you. The best VA service is also the one that carries varied scheduling options for you. For instance, a VA can fix meetings on the website and their own scheduling software.


  • Voicemail and IVR options – Streamlining calls for a business becomes simpler by adding an IVR option to the phone line. For example, press 1 for support, press 2 for sales). A poor phone answering service is the one that does not let you route calls to the innovation of automation. They make money from that time you invest in speaking to operators, but a perfect service will always provide this option. Callers can easily press the conforming option to connect them to the ideal department, or the calls can reach voicemail directly as well. Regarding voicemail, they set up a high-end voicemail service, and the recordings will be emailed to you in your business email id. Indeed, voicemail is not an efficient method of communicating with clients, but still, these options must be available.


Final Say


The agents that provide Virtual Phone Answering Service and carry out all the tasks can truly be life-changing for any big business. However, choosing the correct service is a big factor for the success of the investment made. A reputed service is the one that will always offer the option of a free trial. The trial period can range from 1 week to 1 whole month. You can witness committed professionals working diligently during the trial period as well. So sign up for the phone answering service that best suits your business and get hands-on with your next clientele soon!

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

Join Our Team

24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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