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Virtual receptionists function as existing, breathing, and living telephone receptionists, just not in your office. While they enact your initial line of customer services and handle your calls, you can focus better on your most essential tasks and duties at hand. Neglecting calls can result in losing new and prospective clients while receiving calls at inopportune times hampers efficiency.

As competitive as the finance and accounts sector is, a virtual receptionist can profoundly mitigate this tediously painstaking obligation and massively enhance your workflow by being the gatekeeper for your incoming business calls. For this guide, in particular, we will stringently emphasize the significance of virtual receptionists for financial firms. 

Virtual Receptionists For Different Finance Companies

Just like any other viable and feasible industry, financial organizations can also benefit profoundly from virtual receptionists. Without sufficient acquaintance and insights regarding the finance sector, a virtual receptionist will face trouble acquiring prospective leads and winning clients on board, which is absolutely essential if you wish to create a positive and lasting business impression. The different types of financial firms are stated as follows:

Accounting Firms

Tax Preparation Firms

Bookkeeping Firms

Audit Firms

Insurance Firms

Debt Collection Firms

Wealth Management Firms

virtual finance receptionist must hold an essential and concrete understanding of the different types of financial firms. For instance, bookkeepers are responsible for upholding deals with many clients. They should have the resilience to handle significant company operations and, at no cost, lag behind. The high volume of phone calls can often be overwhelming for a bookkeeper.

Similarly, insurance agents are always tested while selling insurance and informing about insurance policies to new clients. They have to put on a balancing act while coming up with distinctive and innovative means to draw in leads while also making sure not to disappoint a prospective customer. Unluckily, it is unwise to stimulate your insurance plans and assist your clients concurrently.

The same idea applies to the various other types of financial firms listed above. This is where virtual receptionists can step in and ensure your company never has to experience a missed call from important clients ever again. Instead of compromising your clients and service quality, the best idea is to resort to a virtual finance receptionist and let your customers experience a 100% satisfaction rate.

About 24H Virtual

24H Virtual Receptionist was started with a dream and passion for assisting firms and their owners in delivering top-quality customer services and customer experience to their clients. Ever since our launch, we have been escalating. 24H Virtual is entirely focused on creating an innovative Phone Answering and Virtual Receptionist firm. It is filled with highly committed members who wish to work at their own convenience and enjoy seamless tractability of free will.

Unlike your typical virtual receptionist service providers, 24H Virtual is a significant fragment of your team. Our partner-based methods ensure that experienced workers are entirely devoted to excellence. Without a doubt, you can trust our professional virtual receptionists to take a fall into your business operations. Moreover, we offer in-depth insights on precisely how you can serve your customers and clients with the utmost efficiency.

Live Call Answering From Friendly Virtual Receptionists

24H Virtual Receptionist lets your company access a superb staff of highly dedicated and committed virtual phone answering receptionists who are more than willing to assist you in your line of work. Let 24H Virtual handle your daily routine chores of giving your clients an introduction about your company and taking your important business calls. Our skilled personnel permits firms to emphasize growing their businesses rather than deal with petty issues and everyday monotonous tasks.

Never Miss A Phone Call Again

Getting involved in customer services is a tiresome and laborious task, but it is also indispensable for most companies. Missing out on even a single significant phone call due to your demanding timetable and various other obligations can lead to a prospective loss in income for your company. 24H Virtual helps in making a vast array of industries more efficient. These include:

Accounting Firms

Real Estate


Law Firms


Home Services

Transportation & Logistics

This guide explains the tremendous role these virtual receptionists can play in your companies, mainly from the finance sector.

24H Virtual Finance Receptionist Services

Typically in the finance and accounts industry, you need to take out a significant amount of your time to communicate frequently with a horde of customers and clients. Regrettably, it is not always possible nor feasible to help your clients and stimulate your financial product offerings and services simultaneously.

You often have the burden of working meticulously with your team and sharing your prospects with the staff. Whether you work as a broker, a financial advisor, a bank owner, or a financial planner, you must comprehend the severity of working several hours a week, and that too, under extreme duress.

24H Virtual takes care of all your worries, concerns, anxieties, and frustrations. Our team of expert and experienced virtual receptionists are bound to give you superior one-on-one interaction with the utmost brilliance and subtlety.

The intense stress of keeping calls and callers’ trajectory is lifted, giving you more time to focus on your financial obligations. You will feel more confident and have the time you need to steer your accounting firm the way you want. Moreover, we assure you our virtual receptionists will accomplish everything you expect of them and take your company up a notch.

Essential Features Of 24H Virtual Receptionist Services For Financial Firms

Potential accountants, financers, tax preparers, auditors, bookkeepers, debt collectors, etc., would appreciate hearing a welcoming voice. They prefer communicating with a natural person instead of listening to an auto-generated message or have their message go straight to voicemail. Hence, adding a little personalization is the key to accomplishment in the finance and account sector.

An important business call that one of your representatives attended during another commitment can often create a casual or at-the-spur-of-the-moment impression. This might not be the first impression you were hoping to make. This can be one of the most significant deciding factors in winning or losing a deal for an accounting or insurance company.

The Virtual Receptionists at 24H Virtual certify that you commence transactions with your clientele on the right foot and proceed a long way forward. Our specialized virtual receptionist services for all types of financial firms construct an affirmative first impression via proposing good-natured receptionists who will handle calls on your firm’s behalf and treat it like your own.

As an addition to your finance department or team, we are responsible for responding to your phone calls, delivering informational leads, arranging appointments, making a note of essential messages, and replying to all your finance-related queries.

1.     Inbound Calling

Our inbound calling services for financial advisors and investors are designed to give your clients an unmatched experience and boost your business’s success rate in efficiency, cost reduction, and greater productivity.

2.     Outbound Calling

Our skilled workers realize how time-consuming and painstaking managing outbound calls can be. All you need to do is let 24H Virtual take off the entire load from your plate and manage all your outbound business calls without any hassle.

3.     An Overflow Of Calls

24H Virtual emphasizes that no customer should have to wait on call or go straight to voicemail, mostly if they call during regular business operating hours. Our virtual finance receptionist services focus on forwarding all your office calls automatically to us when your workers are busy catering to other clients.

Our virtual receptionist services for financial and accounting firms cover a handful of professional operations. Our operators can multitask and manage multiple calls at one time. We train our agents to deal with incoming calls as if they are physically present in your office lobby.

4.     Go Beyond Office Hours

The plus side of getting our virtual receptionist for your financial firm is that your business will no longer be confined to the regular operating hours. Our telephone answering services function round the clock and our agents work 24 hours, 7 days a week.

5.     Schedule Appointments

We keep your calendar full by arranging appointments on Google Calendar and other useful online planning systems. This allows your firm to tackle clients at the appointed time and not bother about overlapping schedules.

6.     Call Screening

A missed call can often result in a significant loss of potential customers. This is where you can avail the benefits of our outstanding call-screening services. We engage in appropriate evaluations of every call to clarify if the callers are prospective leads or not.

7.     Taking Messages

With 24H Virtual at your assistance, you will never have to lose out on any calls, whether they are essential or not. Our proficient workers ensure that your clients obtain all the necessary information they want to make an informed choice.

8.     Qualifying Leads

It is crucial to state that not all customers who reach out to your firm will be suitable for your business. Our phone answering/virtual receptionist services fulfill all your needs in succeeding all incoming calls with the right selection of questions. Following this, we implement the ap test course of action chosen by your firm.

10 Reasons You Need A Virtual Receptionist For Your Financial Firm

Suppose you are an expert Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or belong to any form of financial businesses listed above. In that case, you will indeed comprehend the importance of successfully establishing, maintaining, and growing a client base and guarding your reputation.

However, it takes more than just the provision of insightful, high-quality services to accomplish these goals. You should ensure that your existing and potential clients can communicate promptly and efficiently with your company.

Consistent virtual finance receptionists are just the right people to do this job. With their incredibly affordable and competent phone management services, these virtual finance receptionists will treat your callers and clients with the utmost professionalism from the start to the very end.

Moving ahead, here are 10 essential reasons why your finance/accounting firms need to hire a virtual receptionist right away.

1.     They Create An Excellent First Impression.

A primary reason for getting a virtual finance receptionist is to create a positive and lasting first impression. The first impression can either strike you a deal or miss one, so its importance in the finance sector and all kinds of financial firms is inexplicable.

You can envision the type of message being represented if your accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, insurance, or debt collecting firm does not have a real person to retort your phone calls. Virtual receptionists are always on their toes and will handle all your queries and needs 24/7.

This means during the day as well as in after-office hours. A virtual finance receptionist will help you create a spectacular and competent appearance of your firm without hiring additional workforce members explicitly for this purpose.

2.     They Will Prioritize Every Call And Attend To Your Clients’ Needs.

Always remember that the person behind the phone can be a high priority lead. This makes treating your callers with respect and giving them the utmost priority a significant affair. Chances are your office receptionist is occupied with other things or is not ready to create a good impression.

Virtual finance receptionists are professionally trained to make an excellent and friendly introduction and never leave a call unattended. This will surely take your company a long way ahead and keep it from facing an adverse situation.

3.     They Can Gather Critical Information From Leads.

Virtual finance receptionists are professionally trained to collect all the necessary information from potential leads from the first call. They do not prolong the calls and ask for a follow-up or an in-house visit to the office premises. A virtual receptionist will follow up with your potential leads in a highly efficient manner.

4.     They Automatically Schedule Appointments For Your New Clients.

Once the virtual receptionists are incorporated into your company’s scheduling system, they will take over all the essential activities which might otherwise be missed. They will instantly schedule clients for new and budding clients as per your agendas. This will also set aside some time for the public accountants and company staff to run by these appointments and back different production responsibilities.

5.     They Provide Courtesy Calls.

Finance and accounting companies must reach out to their clients before the appointments to boost attendance. With a virtual receptionist’s assistance, your company can easily accomplish this.

6.     They Respond To Customer Queries.

A virtual finance receptionist will readily respond to your business phone calls related to common questions and customer queries such as asking for rates, office working hours, availability, etc. Virtual receptions will handle these insignificant questions and allow your team to continue working without any disruptions.

Moreover, your account is managed by an exclusively assigned receptionist. Hence, he/she will have ample time to gain company insights and give customers precise information about your firm.

7.     They Release You From The Burdensome Process Of Taking Endless Calls.

The process of taking phone calls and attending to prospective clients can be tedious for your company staff. When your team is uncomfortable dealing with potential leads or clients on the phone, too busy to cater to callers, or wish to invest more time in other vital projects, turn to virtual receptionists. Let our receptionists handle it while your workers focus on primary tasks and duties without distraction to boost the organization’s efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction.

8.     They Are Flexible.

For exemplary services, the best thing you can do is hire a virtual receptionist for your accounting firm. Their services are flexible, surpass the auto-generated message systems, and are perceived and received much better by your callers.

9.     They Are Very Affordable.

Another significant factor about virtual finance receptionists is that they will cost you a mere fraction of what you will typically pay your 9-to-5 in-house receptionist. Moreover, a virtual receptionist serves to be more useful for your accounting firm. You can simply pay them for attending your calls.

This is much better than paying an office receptionist for merely filling in work hours regardless of working or not. With additional benefits and inexpensive rates, a virtual finance receptionist is the best option for your company.

10. No More Irritating Calls.

Your virtual receptionist will promptly filter out unnecessary calls like solicitations, robocalls, and other junk calls. Thus, your staff does not have to face the trouble of dealing with additional nuisance.

Why Choose 24H Virtual Receptionist Services?

By attending all your business calls during and after work hours, our virtual receptionist services help you emphasize the leading indicator of professionalism, i.e., prompt and superior customer service. Here are some of our biggest fortes that we take great pride in:

●      Hiring Highly-Trained And Qualified Professionals

Rest assured, all our agents are vetted with judgment and go through a strict hiring procedure before selection. Regardless of the influx of calls your firm receives, it will be answered by our proficient English-speaking receptionists that are local to Canada and the United States.

●      Get All Of Your Important Business Calls Answered

You never know which particular missed call can cost your company a fortune. Missed calls are categorized as a practice of a disservice to your clientele and prospective customers. 24H Virtual Receptionist makes sure that all your office calls are handled and taken with the utmost commitment and perfectionism.

●      Provide Incredible Customer Experience

Our representatives are educated to emphasize fulfilling your clients’ needs to be able to provide impeccable customer service. Contact Us and let us show you our great services, that we are providing with responsibility.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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