Virtual Receptionist For Home Services

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Virtual Receptionist For Home Services

Virtual receptionists are the persons who ought to seek professional courses in phone etiquettes and customer services skills. These people are meant to answer the calls on account of your company, convey the information, evaluate the emergencies according to the company’s given protocols, shift the callers, and take all the messages per your company’s guidelines.

Here the word “virtual” shows that they are not sitting in the offices to work, but they are at home. Callers will still think that they are talking to someone from your office without getting a hint. It’s a fact that they are not situated in the offices, but the services they are providing are real.

Why Do We Need A Virtual Receptionist?

It requires a great deal of effort to make sure that no call goes unanswered. It might seem like missing a call is not a big issue, but how it impacts the business growth can be alarming. You never know who the person is on the other side of the receiver. He might be a potential client that you have always wanted. So it’s undeniable that missing only a few calls can lead to losing the most incredible opportunities.

The intensifying internet facility has helped to scale up the traffic towards the companies. Although it is advantageous for the companies to get more and more traffic, at the same time, it creates one more hassle. It’s the hassle of managing the calls and responding to as many calls as possible.

What if you were not there to respond to your customers, and the customer was quite serious about making a deal? He will go for your competitors, and they might respond immediately. Companies have to be quick-witted and respond immediately in this fastest era of the internet.

What could be the solution if you can’t respond to every single call that you get?

Full-time office receptionists are also way too expensive. The only option a company is left with is the virtual receptionists. Although they work from home, they will be available to respond to the calls 24/7 and 365 days a year. The foremost reason for opting for virtual receptionists is for the inexpensive and trained persons who are experts in delivering the company’s message with outstanding efficiency and consistency.

About 24HVirtual.COM

24H Virtual Receptionist was established with the philosophy of supporting the companies and their owners. 24H Virtual Receptionist aspires to deliver a great customer experience and services. Since the day of establishment, with our untiring efforts, we have come a long way. We are dedicated to building an exceptional Virtual Receptionist company that houses hardworking and loyal individuals who work at their ease.

Don’t consider us as usual virtual receptionist service providers. We are above the standard; we are together in your efforts. Our friendly work approach helps our experts dedicate and commit themselves to excellent outcomes. You can no doubt trust your highly experienced and professional virtual receptions for plunging into a business process.

How To Succeed With 24h Virtual?

You are short on time, and you want your business to flourish? 24h Virtual Receptionist is here to provide you with a highly committed team, paving the way for your success. Our professional services will help you achieve the highest revenues and improved efficiency.

Instead of exhausting yourself all day in managing calls, save your valuable time, and leave this task to our expert virtual receptionists. Following the standardized guidelines and pre-set rules, our virtual receptionists will respond dedicatedly to all of your calls.

Responsive Virtual Receptionists Answering The Live Calls

24H Virtual Receptionist offers you the highly committed virtual receptionists’ team. Let us take your daily responsibilities and answer your important calls. Our veteran team has led the companies to expand and grow their companies instead of doing boring and time taking tasks.

Never Miss A Phone Call Again:

We know how difficult it is to answer every call with the best customer service experience. The reality is that no company can think of thriving without communicating with its clients. Failing to answer the calls for any reason may affect your company’s reputation and results in heavy income loss.

24H Virtual assists in reforming the wide variety of industries, which includes:

Home services

Medical services

Law firm

Real estate



From now onwards, we will mainly focus on the importance of virtual receptionists for various home services:

Different Types Of Home Service Businesses

A lot of businesses have succeeded in competitive industries with assistance from virtual receptionists. Home services businesses can also grow exponentially with their help. The critical point to be noted here is the in-depth knowledge and practice with which virtual receptionists should be equipped. Virtual receptionists who are informed about the home services can prove beneficial in getting potential clients and leads.

Talking about the home services business, there are wide varieties of options that come under home services:

Home Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Office cleaning

Janitorial Services

Moving Companies

Junk Removal




Power Washing

Furniture Assembly

Landscape Maintenance

Importance Of Virtual Receptionists For Home Service Business

Starting a home service business is somewhat different from other small businesses. The owner of the home services business can’t be at his office all the time. It’s impossible for him to answer all the calls. Here comes the role of virtual receptionists. They ensure the call management 24/7.

You may be thinking, what role a virtual receptionist plays in growing a home service business. We have compiled the possible ways in which virtual receptionists can help the home service business.

1.     Capturing A Qualifying Lead

Suppose you have paid for your business advertisement on various platforms. Now it’s time to pick the leads. Someone calls you to acquire your services, but unfortunately, you aren’t there to answer. In such a situation, your virtual receptionists can answer your calls and capture the maximum qualifying leads, thus helping your business grow.

2.     Taking In A New Client

Your virtual receptionists are capturing the leads. So, what would be the next step? Is that the only task of a virtual receptionist? Now, your receptionist has to take in that new client. He will take all the necessary information from the client and fix the deal. If a customer is demanding a carpet cleaning service, the virtual receptionist would ask the carpet type, size, room size, and more. The information will be forwarded to the management system.

3.     Booking The Appointments

It’s a piece of cake for a reliable virtual receptionist to book and schedule an appointment. He would also keep on reminding the clients about the upcoming appointments that they have made with your company.

4.     Check-In Calls

Another essential task of a virtual receptionist is the check in call. Calling your most recent client and asking about the services you provided help to build the trust. This can be the right way of asking the customer to post a positive review on your lead generating sites.

5.     Round The Clock Availability

Your customer can demand your home services at any time of the day. Be it in the morning, evening, afternoon, weekends, weekdays, or after work hours. In short, they will call you whenever they need you. If you are unable to answer, you have lost a potential client. Virtual receptionists are there to keep that work going round the clock.

6.     Never Transfer A Call To Voicemail

No one likes to be on hold or to be transferred to voicemail. Moving the call to voicemail urges your customers to turn to your competitors. The best strategy is to answer in an enthusiastic and friendly way. People love it when they get an optimum response, and someone listens to their issues.


Also, responding to unhappy customers, listening to their issues, and getting back to them with the earliest solution to their problems increases your company’s positive impression.

Reasons To Get Virtual Receptionists For Cleaning Services

The cleaning services have a tremendous demand out of all the possible home services. Professional Virtual receptionists respond to calls and secure maximum leads on board. Here are some of their specialized skills

•                 Filter Out The Distractions And Save Money

Cleaning services get the most number of calls. There is a huge demand for cleaning services. Virtual receptionists get training for filtering out irrelevant calls and getting more leads. Instead of recruiting full-time employees and paying them high salaries, choosing virtual receptionists with affordable wages is the best option.

•                 Superior Customer Service

Home services business managers are already loaded with a lot of work. Companies also direct the call management task to their managers. This leads to a very hectic schedule for managers. In doing so, they miss out on many important calls. To overcome this problem without any burden of expenses, virtual receptionists are the best option.

•                 Following Your Directions

Whether virtual receptionists are at their homes or elsewhere, they will always be available as your company’s ambassador. They follow the instructions and respond in the exact way that you expect.

24H Virtual Receptionist Services For Various Home Services

It Has Become A Norm To Use AI Software Receptionists And Messages. No Business Can Ever Think Of Growing Without Good Customer Service.

24H Virtual has also worked with many industries, including home services. We answer calls, book appointments, capture the leads, transfer the calls, manage the schedules, and note down important details for various home services.

24H Virtual is here to provide you the best virtual receptionists’ services for home chores in town. People can communicate their issues with our real-life virtual receptionists. We offer a personalized experience compared to other companies that use AI software models.

Whether you are a newbie in your business or you have an established business, and you want someone to handle your calls, 24H Virtual is always there for you. Don’t wait anymore and call (Tel: 1-800-825-2587) us to share your problems with us. Get the customized plan to shed off all those issues.

Vital Features Of 24H Virtual Receptionist Home Services:

As we always say, the first impression is the last impression. Transferring the call to voicemail or responding through an automated message can trigger the client not to make the deal. There is no way to succeed in this fiercely competitive home services industry except to add a personal touch that no other company can offer. Potential clients would love to talk to a real person. Our reliable virtual receptionists are ready to communicate with your clients and manage all of your home service business. They know how to cast a lasting impression and let your business expand. The vital features of 24H Virtual are given below:

1.     Inbound Calling

24H Virtual home services are designed in such a way that we answer every call and offer the fare deals. Inbound calling certifies that not a single call misses out.

2.     Outbound Calling

Directing outbound calls is not an easy job. Let our virtual receptionists manage your outbound calls and ease your burdens.

3.     Casting A Professional Image

Answering the calls through real people guarantees a good impression. Please don’t go for automated messages or voicemail options; they can destroy your deal. Opt the 24H virtual to make an everlasting impression of your company.

4.     Managing Thousands Of Calls

Leaving your customer on voicemail places the worst impression of your home services firm. You can solve this problem and hire our Virtual receptionists. They will provide the answering services 24/7.

5.     Working Beyond Standard Business Hours

The lucrative benefit of hiring virtual receptionists is that they will be available round the clock with no time restriction, whether it’s day or night, weekend or weekdays, they are here to serve you.

6.     Call Screening

24H Virtual is providing a service that is not offered by many. Our call screening service involves the evaluation of every call to predict whether the customer is a potential lead for home services or not.

7.     Quality Lead

Not every client is your potential lead. Our call attending services inspect the client and asked the questions that your company must be inquiring about. After strict evaluation, we will follow the actions desired by the home services company and get a lead.

8.     Scheduling The Appointments

Our virtual receptionists are trained enough to schedule the appointments on Google calendars and other virtual softwares. They manage the schedules preventing any overlaps and help in a smooth workflow.

Seeking More Clients, Getting More Leads

With our team, we assure you of the lowest risk of losing any potential clients. Owing to our professional service delivery, Your company will never miss a client to make a deal.

Finding the actual clients, directing the clients to the right person, guiding them on their problems, acquiring the accurate details was never an easy task for home services businesses. 24H Virtual has got you all covered and never left you alone.

The main specialties that we have are:

•                 Hiring Highly-Trained And Qualified Professionals

Our recruiting procedure isn’t easy to pass. We have the highest standard to follow while hiring virtual receptionists. No matter how many calls your company receives, our virtual receptionists who are native to Canada and the United States will always respond with their efficient English speaking skills.

•                 Answering Every Call That You Receive

As we have mentioned many times, not answering a call is far behind professionalism and an insult to the customers. We confirm to answer every call and handle it in a friendly way.

•                 Ensuring The Best Customer Experience

No doubt, a virtual receptionist could never be called a receptionist if he doesn’t know how to create a better customer experience. Don’t worry because our team is equipped for incredible customer service.

Final Thoughts

We feel confident in saying that with our professional and highly trained virtual receptionists, you will be able to deliver all the features of your company. In the competitive home service industry, no one can help you better than us. We assure you that you won’t regret choosing us even once. Our team will work beyond the lines and deliver a personalized experience and superior customer services to bloom in the cutthroat home services industry.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

Join Our Team

24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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