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Attorneys are among the most hardworking professionals. The list of their tasks is unending. Their daily work includes attending lawsuits, managing and planning new cases, conducting thorough research, facilitating reconciliations, counseling clients, discussing and finalizing agreements, writing a creative and compelling brief, and always staying up-to-date about new laws and regulatory changes. Managing such work alone is not an easy job.

Doing this work all alone would never be a smart move. Successful lawyers with great insight would rather shift some of their tasks to others for better performance. They value their time and spare it for the most important tasks. By utilizing virtual receptionist's services, they free themselves from the burden of continuously answering the clients.

When a lawyer handles all of his call answering work to a virtual receptionist, he dumps all the tension and frustration that he faces while dealing with a client’s complex matters alone.

A competent answering service helps the busiest attorneys to contract out their tiring work of answering and screening phone calls. With the answering service, they get the advantage of answering every client's query and continuous communication with the customers. The virtual receptionists perform the task of qualifying more leads through their perfect customer service.

Challenges Faced By Attorneys and Law Firms

“The biggest challenge for a lawyer is to fulfill the client’s expectation of answering every call immediately."

When you have already gone too far and have involved yourself in too many tasks, it would be a risk to answer every call in your office personally.

You might get a call at a very inappropriate moment i-e during a meeting, not being in your office, or when you are tangled in a crucial project. Possibly there is a client on the call who nitpicks every matter or a client asking the same question for the tenth time. Such a client not only impedes his own matters but also disturbs his hired lawyer.

Above all that, a lawyer should communicate with his clients and prospects in the most responsible, polite, and helping manner. But spending all the valuable time answering the calls will result in missing the most important work or an opportunity. On the other hand, only dealing with your work and not answering the calls will result in damaging your reputation and overlooking a prospective client.

In a nutshell, combating all such challenges all alone is not possible.

Why Do Law Firms And Attorneys Need Virtual Receptionists?

Every law firm aims at two things. The first one is to help people in their challenging legal matters, and the second one is to run a business that can be beneficial to all the attorneys and staff involved in it.

To solve the client’s legal matters, they need to talk to their clients. But in reality, law firms and attorneys are too busy to answer every call.

Many small law firms did not have the budget to hire an in-house receptionist to answer every incoming call. But not picking up the call can transform a successful business into a failure.

A client wants his call to be answered immediately within a matter of seconds. A call not answered within a minute or a call shifted to voicemail can never be a good sign for a successful business in the long run.

A negative experience will urge the client to head on to a new firm to discuss his legal matter. A law firm that is more responsive and fast in answering will definitely win this competitive industry. If you can't engage yourself with your clients, obviously, you will never get more clients. That is the reason having a virtual receptionist can dramatically transform your business.

Getting a trained legal firm receptionist can help you cast a professional image on your clients and competitors. A virtual receptionist can manage the tasks of handling the clients most respectfully and efficiently. Such trained virtual receptionists are just like your staff members who are dedicated to helping you grow. Through their extraordinary service, callers will be answered immediately that will create a positive reputation.

Hiring a virtual receptionist will not be a burden on the budget. Law firms can get the most efficient virtual receptionist staff at affordable rates. You don’t need to be worried any further about the costs of in-house receptionists. A small and emerging law-firm will be able to answer every call and make more clients.

Best Virtual Receptionist Service Providers

There are many virtual receptionist's service providers in the market, but certainly, not all of them meet the efficiency criteria.

For this reason, 24H Virtual has come forward to provide hands down the best virtual receptionists services for attorneys and law firms.

We know how important it is to have a good first impression on your client. We provide the most friendly, competent, and reliable virtual receptionists' service to achieve this goal. Our virtual receptionists are trained to convey in a warm and trusting manner. They ensure that their first conversation with a new client is engaging and friendly. We assure you that you will make an impression with our virtual receptionists' services just like a bigger firm.

24H Virtual Receptionists are meant to answer every single call. They are the perfect alternative to handle the client overflow.

Furthermore, they get proper training about answering all the questions related to legal matters. That is why we only keep highly qualified and intelligent individuals capable of customizing their responses based on the requirements. Clients may ask about the complicated legal procedures or many simple questions. Apart from just answering in the friendliest way, they answer every query in the best possible way.

With us, you will never be worried about immediate answering of calls or follow up for calls. We will provide a service that will compel the clients to share their problems with us and let us handle their legal matters.

Services Offered By 24H Virtual For Attorneys and Law Firms

24H Virtual offers you the services that will be available round the clock and outside your business hours. As mentioned above, our virtual receptionists are experienced in dealing with legal matters.

Our loyal team is available whenever you need to represent yourself or your firm. As legal virtual receptionists' service providers, we aim to help you make your business successful.

Here is the list of incredible services that 24H Virtual provides specifically for handling your law firm matters:

24/7 Call Intake Services

We understand that answering every call is critical for your business profit and success. A potential client can call you anytime. Be it a day or night, 24H Virtual Receptionists will answer your calls and provide all the necessary legal guidance. So, next time you would never have a fear of losing a prospective client because of missing a call

Taking Client Messages Proficiently

Definitely, a message noted or penned down by a human being is way higher in quality than the message noted by a machine. A human can ask every question specifically to understand the client's point of view. Similarly, our virtual receptionists are trained to handle the client's messages proficiently.

Routing Calls

24H Virtual also offers the service of routing calls to the designated staff members, between the staff, and staff to the external lines. All such calls transfer occurs through a single accessed line. With such a good service, you will give an expression of a high-level firm even if you work in a small office.

Handling Appointments

It is not practically reasonable to trouble your clients. They don't like continuous drifting in and out of the office just to know the schedules. 24H Virtual provides a very simple solution to this. Our virtual operators will manage your calendars and make changes, cancellations, and new appointments to keep all the clients happy. We have advanced tools to help our virtual receptionists manage the calendar efficiently and keep you and your clients always updated.

Call Answering

24H Virtual will cheerfully answer all of your calls through a customized and personalized script provided by your law firm. They will take your messages when you are not available in your office, transfer calls to the right authorities, answer every query, and give all the necessary information asked by your client throughout day and night. They have the capability to recognize new clients, urgent calls, and qualifying leads.

Managing Outbound Calls

You don't need to worry about managing all the outbound calls. From the day you hire our virtual receptionists, they will handle all outbound calls. We will make all the follow-up calls, appointment updates, and reservation updates

Keeping Track of Missed Calls

In case you are not in your office to answer a particular call, our virtual receptionists will gather all the relevant information from the client. That information will be sent to you through email immediately. You will be able to track every single call that you missed and keep yourself updated about your business.

Call Forwarding Service

We also offer the service of call forwarding. Our virtual receptionists can screen all the calls and inform you beforehand about the call. In case you are not there to answer that specific call, our virtual receptionists will handle your client efficiently and take their message, which will be sent to you through email.

Benefits of Hiring 24H Legal Virtual Receptionists

Here are the benefits that you can earn by utilizing our virtual receptionists' services:

Better Response Rate

Hiring a dedicated virtual receptionist’s staff will definitely help you to respond to every customer. As our virtual receptionists are committed to answer every call and solve every query of theirs, there will be an improved response rate. The chance of missing the number of calls will be zero with us.

Capturing More Clients

With our services, you will get the benefit of attracting more clients and finally qualifying more leads. Our receptionists are trained to gather all the essential information about the prospective clients so that you can reach out to them and confirm a hot lead.

Best Customer Service

The thing that compels the client to come back to you is your customer service. Good customer service can make your business, and bad customer service can break your business. Keeping that in view, our virtual operators handle all of your clients' friends and take an oath to provide them the best guidance.

A Positive Impression

Good customer service will not only compel your client to come back to you, but he will also suggest your company to other customers. This will help you to create a positive reputation and achieve a superior position among your competitors. Finally, you will get more clients.

Freedom From Answering Calls

With our call forwarding service, you will be provided the opportunity to answer the calls you wish to and leave the rest of the calls to be handled by us.

Marketing Your Services

You can also utilize virtual receptionist services for marketing your business. Along with answering calls for legal intake, you can inform your clients about the specific services and new packages offered by your company and secure more leads.

Secure Data Handling

Our virtual receptionists are the real professionals who know the value of information shared by the clients. They are committed to keeping all the data secure and private. You can trust 24H Virtual in terms of safely handling your client’s information.

Increased Work Productivity

You are hiring virtual receptionists to concentrate more on your essential work rather than answering the calls. Getting rid of the extra burden will keep you more focused on your work. This would definitely help you be more productive.

Affordable and Time-Saving

Hiring virtual receptionists can save you up to $30,000/year instead of hiring an in-house receptionist. With this, you will also keep your crucial time to manage the most strenuous tasks.
Some of the services are indispensable for your law firm's success. Therefore, before hiring virtual receptionists, always look for the following features.

● Does it provide phone answering service and live chat as well?
● Does it have human interaction?
● Does it provide a call forwarding service?
● Does it have the capability to handle conference calls?
● Is it optimized for client intake?
● Does it provide outbound call service along with inbound call service?
● Does it have any feature related to call filtering and prioritization?

If the answer to the above questions is "Yes," then you can pick that service for your law firm.
Keeping in view the above-asked questions, 24H Virtual is among those service providers who fulfill the required criteria. Hence, you can trust us for handling your calls.

Serving All The Attorney Relevant Practice Areas

Not all law firms and attorneys offer the same service. They work in the same field with various relevant practice areas.24h virtual is also equipped to tailor the services according to your primary practice area. We deeply understand every specific practice area's legal requirements and offer particular services for that practice area.

We help the bigger, medium, and smaller law firms and solo attorneys through our 24/7 answering service.

The practice areas for which we offer virtual receptionists’ services are:
Remarkable Service for General Law

Many law firms deal in general law. To think of it, countless issues need attention. A law firm may get hundreds of calls related to general law. Dealing in general law matters is absolutely not a piece of cake.

Use our virtual receptionists’ services and share the burden of answering every call. We assure you that our highly qualified and trained virtual receptionists will answer every call with a zero chance of missing even one call. They will answer every question regarding lawyers, attorneys, court cases, and many more. They are proficient at gathering all the necessary information required to precede the case.

We work by prioritizing your needs and following your script. By utilizing your custom scripts, we will serve as an extension of your team. Our virtual receptionists are experts in qualifying the leads and helping your company grow.

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms
Immediate answering service for personal injury

In personal injury, most cases are linked with emergencies such as car or bus accidents, severe animal bite, sudden fall near a building, confronting pathetic medical malpractice or exposure to hazardous products. Attorneys who deal in such matters should answer their clients the moment they are being called. A client would never want to be transferred on voicemail in such a life threatening condition. He will quickly move on to another law firm that is active to answer him immediately.

You might be waiting to take the best case, but you lost it the moment you got it. Continuously, missing out on such important issues will destroy your future. To prevent yourself from this problem, try 24H virtual receptionists’ services. We will ensure that you never miss a call and find the best opportunity to prove yourself and create a positive reputation.

We will handle your clients with the empathy and kindness that they need in unfortunate moments. Generally, people are clueless about their legal rights, and confronting a fearful situation might baffle them further. We assure you that we will handle your clients with the utmost professionalism and precision. The professionalism that will help you build your reputation. Our services will be offered 24/7 so that every client gets an answer whenever he calls for help.

Dealing Matters Related To Family Law

While dealing with family law, a lawyer meets plenty of emotional responses. Attorneys who specialize in family law confront very sensitive issues requiring meticulous planning and 24/7 availability. They have to deal with divorce cases, complex custody fights for adoptions and marriages, and various other complex family matters. Such an issue needs long hour conversations. Even during the proceedings, the phone continuously rings.

Lawyers always keep themselves ready to negotiate in complex and challenging life situations. They deal in various matters and help in the mediation of divorcing couples.

In such a situation, answering all the clients can be a strenuous activity and sometimes impossible. That is the reason why such issues should be dealt with skillfully with empathy and understanding. Thankfully, 24H virtual can help the lawyers involved in family law. We can help in managing administrative duties, thus keeping you stressed free to handle complex family matters. With our quick and responsible service, your client will readily trust your firm and hire you for further assistance.

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms
Sharing the duties of paralegals

Paralegals have to do a lot of work under their attorneys’ supervision. They conduct interviews, locate witnesses, conduct research side by side with their attorneys, prepare legal documents and summarize depositions and interrogatories. Without a doubt, they organize most of the tasks for their attorneys, which would otherwise be left unchecked.

While managing such a huge list of work, answering the clients can be missed from the list. Missing out on calls means missing the prospective clients. Hence, it will directly impact your business growth.

You can avoid this situation by hiring our virtual receptionists. They will handle all of your calls and let you focus on your important tasks without any hindrance.

Trusted service for corporate law

An attorney or a law firm has to face plenty of challenges. They have to provide the best advice to their clients, represent their verdict in the courtroom, and prepare the most important and valid documents. While doing all such critical tasks, firms and attorneys can overlook the calls.

On the other hand, a corporate lawyer or law firm needs to be active all the time and operate 24 hours a day. Every call and every client is essential for the growth of the corporate firm.

If your law firm is also handling an international business, then it’s a must that you have a 24/7 answering service to accommodate your international clients. Even if you don’t have international clients, missing a call definitely means missing an opportunity.

A virtual receptionist answering service can help you resolve this problem and share the busiest firms and attorneys’ burden. You can get everything you need within a single package provided by 24H virtual. Our virtual receptionists will answer all the calls and transfer you the most important and urgent messages as the first priority. They will treat your clients with the attention that they truly deserve. With this, attorneys and the law firm will be able to efficiently work on the most critical tasks.

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Immigration law services

If you are an immigration attorney, there lies the biggest responsibility on your shoulders. Immigration attorneys have to face quite a lot of challenges in this field. They have to grow their business, handle complex matters in the courtroom and answer the clients.

A client may call them for a visa extension in the USA or demands a solution for the deported family members. Whatever the case is, clients call when they are in dire circumstances. They are perplexed and have no idea about what to do. They want to know the solution and expect solid advice based on your advocacy experience.

It’s imperative to answer the clients sensitively and efficiently. They are asking for a solution. But dealing with so many things at a time can decrease your work efficiency, and you might frustrate your client instead of offering the solution. It can turn into a bigger loss.

Try 24H virtual services to answer your clients. We help the immigration attorneys to free themselves up from extra burden and focus entirely on the vital tasks.

With 24H virtual receptionists’ services, your customers will be treated compassionately and professionally. We will lighten up your load of work and handle all of your clients’ calls. You will never face the problem of missing a call again. We will respond to your client with your customized script. It’s a quality that differentiates us from other virtual receptionists’ service providers.

Dedicated virtual receptionists’ services for Estate and trust law

Estate and trust law clients deserve full attention in their matters. Estate law attorneys have to work with clients who are emotional and looking for urgent help to solve their issues. Depending upon how much attorneys have to fight to get the legal services for estate and trust law clients, it is apparent that they are jam-packed throughout the day. Law firms are often already fixed with meetings, extensive legal research, court proceedings, and many more. Along with all that going on, answering every call in the office becomes so difficult. Even if they decide to answer every call, answering the calls would eat most of their day, and there will be no productive work at the end of the day.

You can overcome this by hiring virtual receptionists of 24H virtual. With whatever issue the client calls, our competent virtual receptionists can handle emotional clients easily. Our virtual receptionists will perform your responsibilities on your behalf. Based on the script you provide, our receptionists will handle your customers with the compassion, empathy, and attention you want to convey. With that being said, you can rest assured that your firm will explore the new horizons of success.

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms
Making things easier for tax lawyers

No one likes paying their taxes. People contact tax lawyers for planning about their tax issues. Tax lawyers help their clients in various lawsuits, domestic and estate planning, and legal tax issues. Tax lawyers have to work 24/7. They require a lot of time to complete a single case. They don’t have time to answer their clients passionately.

24H virtual provides such tax lawyers a dedicated virtual receptionist staff to avoid any missed calls. We commit to answering every call 24/7 at the most affordable rates with excellent service.

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms
Answering service for notary public

The notary public has to verify piles of documents on a daily basis. He has to give his last consent in finalizing documents like licenses, contracts, loan documents, estates, etc. A client might contact a notary public to verify the documents while buying a home, transferring attorney power, or opening his retirement account. Accomplishing so many tasks in a day is certainly not possible.

A notary public can utilize our virtual receptionists’ services to handle all of their calls professionally. Our highly trained team will work round the clock and answer every single client. They will get you the hot leads to an increase in your profit.

End all of your worries about missing out on the important calls because we are here to cover you all.

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms, Auto Receptionist Pricing

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you have a small sprouting business or a completely developed law firm, you can transfer your call answering responsibilities on our shoulders without any worries. Our virtual receptionists are trained and expert at answering every single call. They are professionals at answering every kind of legal query.

In addition to that, 24H virtual provides the service of managing all of your administrative work even when you are not present in your office. With our call forwarding service, we can connect you with your client immediately. In case you are not available at that moment, our virtual receptionists will take the message cautiously so that you can get back to your client in your free time.

With 24H virtual, never again will you have to manage your calls or worry about your firm’s reputation.

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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