Virtual Receptionist Service For Law Firms

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Virtual Receptionist Service For Law Firms

To successfully manage a legal and law firm, you need to focus intensely on establishing, cultivating, and maintaining a great relationship with all of your clients. This often goes above and beyond merely assisting them during the entire legal system and offering them top-grade counseling services.

A successful law firm prioritizes its clients and does all it takes to make them feel important. A client-centric approach like that determines every choice you make regarding your law firm. Even though each choice plays a vital role in how your clientele views your firm, the most important one is finding the most suitable person to attend to your phone calls.

This matter can be resolved by hiring an office receptionist to work for your firm. You can either bear the costs of training, overhead expenses, time invested in searching for the right fit, etc. or opt for a better option. The best decision would be to sign a contract with a virtual receptionist that can meet all your needs without the additional costs and added benefits for your law firm.

About Virtual Receptionists For Law Firms

Hiring an in-house receptionist solely for taking your calls is a luxury and an expense that the majority of small legal and law firms are unable to afford. Still, every time an existing or prospective client calls you and you do not receive it places your firm in a difficult position.

Sometimes, your office receptionist might be genuinely busy and too occupied with another caller or task at hand. Every call that goes unanswered to a client creates an impression that your company simply does not care! This unenthusiastic response leaves them with no choice but to resort to another firm who will respond and is willing to cater to their needs.

Luckily, virtual receptionists tend to be the best middle ground. It enables your law firm to attend to phone calls whenever a client is reaching out, but without the expense of employing full-time personnel.

Virtual receptionists are quite popular with individual and small law firms that wish to be incredibly responsive. Still, they cannot bear the expenses of full-time workers or intake specialists. They are accommodating in handling an infinite amount of calls when nobody else at your firm has the time or effort to answer.

Improve Your Law Firm’s Appearance With A

Virtual Receptionist

The legal industry faces cutthroat competition. For a run-of-the-mill lawyer, finding success refers to going neck to neck with law practices and people who are as ravenous as themselves. In this sector, performing well is equivalent to performing better.

Virtual receptionists for lawyers will keep your law firm in the competition by adding convenience to your clients’ lives as well as adding to an improved bottom line. Each law firm is different from the other, with a different set of expectations and client base. Regardless of the size, each firm has two primary goals in mind.

  1. To help people manage their legal issues.
  2. To run a business that can assist and pay everybody involved.

This is where a virtual receptionist can immensely benefit a small scale legal and law firm. With the expert training of a regular law firm receptionist but getting paid only on the basis of the calls they attend to, you can strategize a brilliant image to your business clients and colleagues at a nominal expense.

Hiring a virtual receptionist for your law agency refers to getting team members who will work with lawyers, day in and day out. This team will provide your callers with a feeling of a friendly and amicable phone answering team. At the same time, you gain a smart, advanced, thorough, and reliable extension of your firm.

Types Of Laws And Law Firms That Can Benefit From Virtual Receptionist Services

Like any other feasible, viable, and practical industry, law firms can massively gain from virtual receptionists. A law firm virtual receptionist will often have the privilege to cater to a vast array of law firms and serve all kinds of solo attorneys, including those who focus on the following areas:

Family Law

Business Law

Criminal Law

Maritime Law

Tax Law 

Corporate Contracts


Class Action Lawsuit

Estate Law

Entertainment Law

Bankruptcy Law

Healthcare Law

Environmental Law

Immigration Law

Labor Law

International Law

Law Firm Virtual Receptionists Vs. Traditional Receptionists

The majority of law firms hire in-person, traditional receptionists to answer their incoming business calls, handle simple client needs, forward calls explicitly to some office workers, arrange appointments, and help with clientele onboarding. In-house receptionists are usually full-time employees in a designated working space with a specific set of benefits.

Conversely, a law firm virtual receptionist will work distantly through a third-party organization, such as 24H Virtual. These receptionists do not need a full-time salary, benefits, or a physical office workspace to offer their services. Moreover, they provide the same services as do in-house receptionists, but without the time constraints.

A virtual law firm receptionist will be available at your service 24 hours and 7 days a week to tackle your clients’ needs. With virtual receptionist services, you no longer have to fret about increased overhead expenses. Law firms can save a massive load of money by hiring virtual receptionists for their lawyers. The costs of training, equipment, and office space are covered in the prices of their service.

About 24H Virtual

24H Virtual Receptionist was established to help businesses and their owners offer extraordinary customer services and customer experience to their clients. 24H Virtual’s highly devoted virtual receptionists have the privilege to work at their own ease. Moreover, they are focused entirely on creating and representing an innovative phone answering service firm.

Unlike other virtual receptionist service providers, 24H Virtual establishes itself as a significant part of your team. Let 24H Virtual take care of your everyday chores of giving your clients a head start and managing your important business calls. Our superb staff of extremely committed virtual receptionists is more than eager to assist you in your area of expertise.

No More Missed Calls

Missing out on even one phone call because of your challenging timetable and numerous other commitments can result in a potential loss for your firm. 24H Virtual helps in making several industries more efficient. These include:

Accounting Firms

Real Estate Firms

Law Firms

Insurance Firms

Medical Firms

Home Services

Transportation and Logistics Firms

A virtual receptionist can play a significant part in your respective firms. For this guide, we exclusively focus on the importance of virtual receptionists for law firms, whether you seek a business or family lawyer, a class action lawsuit follow up, or the like.

24H Virtual Law And Legal Virtual Receptionist Services

Potential and existing clients would simply love to hear a welcoming voice when they resort to a law firm for their legal and personal issues. They prefer discussing their problems with a natural person rather than listening to an auto-generated message, having their calls unattended, or going on voicemail. A touch of personalization is crucial in generating a name for yourself in the law and legislation sector.

An imperative business call that one of your lawyers or your in-house receptionist attended during another obligation tends to create a very casual impression. This is definitely not the impression you would want to make on behalf of your legal practice, solo/small law firm, or large law firms. This is a crucial factor that determines establishing a solid relationship with your clients.

The Virtual Legal Receptionists at 24H Virtual verify that your clients’ discussions are initiated on the right foot and go a long way forward. We provide specialized virtual receptionist services for all law firms and ensure our services can help construct a favorable first impression. Our friendly and good-natured receptionists will manage phone calls on your lawyers’ and firm’s behalf and treat it like your own.

Essential Features Of 24H Virtual Receptionist Services For Law Firms

The best legal and law firm virtual receptionist services do more than just picking calls and noting down messages on behalf of the lawyers. 24H Virtual Receptionists are incredibly capable of offering everything from inbound and outbound calling to scheduling appointments, call handling and call screening to qualifying leads.

Here are some of our virtual law firm receptionist expertise that we take great pride in. 

1.    Inbound Calling 

Our inbound calling services for law firms are designed to give your clients an unsurpassed experience and boost the firm’s success rate.

2.    Outbound Calling

24H Virtual receptionists are more than willing to take over the tedious responsibility of managing all your outbound business calls without any trouble.

3.    An Overflow Of Calls

Our law firm virtual receptionist services are centered on forwarding your phone calls mechanically to us whenever your staff is occupied with other clients. Our operators can multitask and also cope with multiple calls at one time.

4.    Go Beyond Office Hours.

The perquisites of working with our virtual receptionist are that they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hence, your legal and law firm can benefit from our function of phone answering services round the clock.

5.    Schedule Appointments

With our virtual receptionists’ help, your Google calendar will be efficiently managed with all your scheduled appointments. This way, your law firm can confront clients at the scheduled time.

6.    Call Screening

Our impressive call screening services let you conduct appropriate evaluations of all your calls to shed light on probable and improbable leads.

7.    Taking Messages

24H Virtual Receptionist ensures that you will never have to miss another call again, whether they are essential or not. Our skilled workers adhere to your clients’ needs, note down their messages, and ensure they obtain all the necessary information they need.

8.    Qualifying Leads

Our phone answering services fulfill all your needs in responding to all incoming calls with the right questions. Next, we implement the most suitable action plan that you will choose for your law firm.

Benefits Of Virtual Receptionist Services For A Law Firm

Several attorneys believe that an in-house receptionist or answering the phone on their own is sufficient enough. But, a virtual receptionist can do wonders for your law firm and take it up a notch.

Lawyers can get incredibly busy once they take on a case and commence working with their clients. Therefore, you cannot always expect them to answer every incoming call, but offering impressive customer support via a dependable virtual receptionist service is known to enhance law firms in many ways.

Here are some fundamental reasons that emphasize the need for hiring a virtual law firm receptionist. They can also be classified as the benefits that legal practices and law firms are bound to experience with a virtual receptionist.

1.     After-Hours Coverage

Most law firms forget an integral marketing element, i.e., lead capture. Only generating leads is not sufficient enough for law firms. It is essential to seize them. Simply put, your law firm should pick up the call when the phone rings. Your prospective customers and clients are under duress to solve a critical legal issue, and they will not wait.

If your company does not provide a prompt response when they reach out to you, they will simply switch to your competitor, who will. Virtual receptionists offer phone answering services on weekends, after-work hours, and nighttime, so your law firms never have to miss another call.

2.     Intake Efficiency

Knowledgeable attorneys are aware of the importance of adequate intake. However, some receptionist services miss the point. Taking messages on your behalf is not classified as a total intake. If your attorney spends excessive time skimming through excessive messages, a significant amount of their precious time will be wasted.

An efficient intake procedure is more than only noting down messages. Your law firm requires a team of virtual receptionists that is flexible enough to do a lead qualification. A virtual receptionist will attend to your calls. Rather than taking messages every time, they will question clients on areas that are vital to you.

For instance, they will ask if it’s a returning caller or a new one. If the customer is unknown, the virtual receptionist will ask some more questions to decide whether they are suitable for your company or not. An excellent intake process will enhance your efficiency by simplifying the process of prioritizing who to call back instantaneously.

3.     Schedule Appointments

Your clients need to have access to multiple communication mediums to stay in touch with your firm. Quite evidently, you might wish to meet face-to-face with your clients or remain on call till you eventually dig deeper into their case. This means you need a reliable system for setting appointments for the lawyers of your firm. Fixed appointments can ease the clients’ minds and prevent them from continually shopping around for a dependable attorney.

4.     Capture More Leads

Every missed call is a missed opportunity. Every time somebody tries to reach out to your law firm (besides spam calls and robocalls), you are presented with a fantastic opportunity to convert them into a resourceful client for your company.

Do not miss a viable lead solely because of not being able to take calls. Capturing novel leads is one of the best ways to convert potential callers into valuable customers. Nobody can master it better than virtual receptionists.

Great virtual receptionist service providers invest profoundly in proficiently training their receptionists and making them perfect for your law firm. They are skilled in probing your clients and steering potential to lead to your line of work and expertise. This also saves your precious time because they filter out callers that are unlikely to hire your lawyers.

5.     Create A Professional Image 

Virtual receptionists can very well represent an image of your law firm as a professional and successfully running a business to your existing and prospective clients. This is vital for your clients because everybody is on the lookout for someone who can best represent them and their concerns at the end of the day.

Nobody likes to be associated with an unknown or unprofessional firm with non-serious attitudes, regardless of any type of business, and significantly more so when it has something to do with the law.

6.     Keep Costs Under Control

Hiring an in-house receptionist indicates that every hour spent sitting at the reception desk is an hour worth of additional expense to your law firm. This is applicable whether you are having a slow day and getting only a handful of calls during their day’s shift or whether you are receiving an influx of calls.

A virtual receptionist is helpful for this purpose. You can manage your expenses under control since you only have to pay for the services you require. Hiring a virtual receptionist means there is zero setup fee. You only have to pay them to receive your calls.

7.     Expand Availability‍

Having a telephone answering service available 24/7 and a virtual receptionist at your every beck and call gives your clients a chance to talk to a real person every time. Whether your firm is closed, busy, unreachable, or on holiday, virtual receptionists will cater to your customer needs. Additionally, their questions are always welcomed with a thoughtful response.

8.     Boost Work Productivity ‍

By outsourcing your call handling to a virtual receptionist service provider, you will be left with ample time to spend on more critical areas that focus on growing your business.

9.     Enhance Client Satisfaction And Business Reputation

A virtual receptionist is aware of the importance of providing exceptional customer service; hence, they are professionally trained to offer it to a wide array of industries and companies. A virtual receptionist undergoes proper training in hospitality and customer service. By putting their best practices to work for your firm, they deliver an impressive response that can create an outstanding impression for your law firm.

10. Stay Up-To-Date With Clients And Leads

Virtual receptionist service providers can offer a detailed account of call summaries to your law firm after each call. They also provide social media, text message, and chat services so your valuable clients can keep in touch with you. Virtual legal receptionists offer an added relief, regardless of being overwhelmed by an influx of calls, your team being on a budget, or looking forward to enhancing your law firm’s customer experience and customer service.

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