Virtual Receptionist Service For Real Estate Firms

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A Complete Guide On Real Estate Virtual Receptionist Services

Have you ever come across virtual receptionists? Most of you might be unfamiliar with this term, and many people who are aware might have a misconception. While most people consider virtual receptionists to be a fragment of computerized technology supposed to take phone calls, this is not the proper classification of a virtual receptionist.

Small-scale businesses typically do not have the resources and investment to hire full-time receptionists. This is where virtual receptionists step in for help. This all-inclusive guide explains how big of a role these virtual receptionists can play in your companies, mainly if your firm is from the real estate industry. 

What Are They?

Virtual receptionists tend to be real and professionally trained people who undergo extensive training in customer service skills and phone etiquettes. These people will answer the phone calls on your company’s behalf, give out essential information, evaluate emergency cases in compliance with the necessary protocols, transfer calls, and take messages as instructed. Virtual receptionists function as existing, breathing, and living telephone receptionists, just not in your office.

The “virtual” means that these people can be present in homes and do not necessarily have to work from office premises. However, your callers and customers will believe the latter. Despite having a virtual presence, these receptionists are trained to provide expert phone services that are very realistic. Moreover, your callers will not even suspect a thing.

Why Does It Matter?

Making sure that no call goes unanswered throughout the day requires a massive load of effort. As much as a missed call seems like a minor issue, one can never know who the person at the end of the phone was. As it turns out, it might be a potential client or the one client you have been ultimately waiting for.

Nevertheless, few missed calls can result in grave missed opportunities. The ever-enhancing convenience of the internet has boosted the traffic of phone calls towards companies. It is relatively easy for interested consumers to search for anything with just a few taps of a keyboard.

As beneficial as it is for companies, it can be a hassle if you are not available at their service in the snap of a finger. This means if any consumer who resorts to your assistance and is unable to get it will instantly turn to your competitors, who might be available for them. This is unaffordable for companies. These interested parties have a pretty good intention to take the plunge and engage in business with you.

The point is that in this fast-paced world, it is integral for companies to be on their toes and available for customers around the clock. There are not enough hours in one day to ensure taking every call that might be productive for your company.

Full-time office receptionists can be expensive, but this is where virtual receptionists step in. These virtual receptionists are available 24/7, 365 days a year, affordable, and highly trained to deliver your firm’s message to potential callers with utmost consistency and accuracy.

About 24HVirtual.COM

24H Virtual Receptionist was established with a passion and dream to help companies and company owners deliver superior customer experience and services to our clients. Since our establishment, we have been on a flight of growth.

24H is wholly devoted to building a ground breaking Virtual Receptionist company, filled with committed individuals who can enjoy the tractability of freedom and time and work at their convenience.

We are not just your average Virtual Receptionist service providers. We are part of you and your team. Our partner-based approach makes sure our experts are fully committed and devoted to brilliance.

Unquestionably, you can depend on your professionally trained Virtual Receptionists to plunge profoundly into your business processes. Additionally, we provide in-depth insight on how to cater to your customers in the best possible way.

How To Succeed With 24h Virtual?

As a customer-oriented business, 24H Virtual Receptionist deeply values its customers and clientele. By leveraging our dedicated team to do what you possibly cannot do due to lack of time, we help you mark your way towards success.

Our Virtual Receptionist services will open the gates to earning more revenues and becoming more efficient. With our exceptional virtual phone answering services, you can save your precious time by allocating some of your tasks to our qualified experts. They will be more than willing to handle it.

Following a protocol of high-end recruiting standards and strict procedures, 24H Virtual Receptionist will take all your valuable business calls. Your clients will simply think it is you at the end of the phone when, in reality, it will be our professionals doing the work.

Live Call Answering From Friendly Virtual Receptionists

24H Virtual Receptionist lets you access an outstanding staff of dedicated phone answering receptionists who assist you with your work and streamline growth. Let 24H Virtual Receptionists take care of the everyday chores of answering important business calls and giving clients a head start of your company. Our veteran workforce enables companies to focus more on escalating their companies instead of doing boring everyday tasks.

Never Miss Another Phone Call Again

Engaging in customer services is a tedious and time-consuming task, but it is a staple for most companies. Missing out on meaningful business phone calls due to busy schedules and other commitments can result in a potential income loss for companies. 24H Virtual helps in streamlining a vast array of industries such as:


Law Firms

Real Estate

Accounting Firms 

Home Services

Event Services


For this particular guide, we will strictly focus on the importance of virtual receptionists for real-estate businesses.

Different Types Of Real Estate Businesses

Just like any other competitive industry, real-estate businesses can also benefit from virtual receptionists. These real estate virtual receptionists must possess practical knowledge about the various types of real-estate enterprises. Without adequate knowledge and understanding about this industry, the virtual receptionist will be unable to get clients and potential leads on board and create a positive impression of your business. There are many real-estate business options, such as:

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Brokers

Mortgage Brokers

Construction Companies

Property Inspection Companies

Property Appraisal Companies

Property Management Companies

Home Builders

Importance Of Virtual Receptionists Services For Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate Businesses are crucial for clients, mainly because of the services they can offer. Whether you are interested in managing rental properties or selling homes, a 24/7 live phone answering service can lay down the groundwork for your agency’s success.

A virtual receptionist service is just the thing these kinds of businesses require. In case you are wondering why a virtual receptionist service is helpful for real estate and property management firms, here are some ways how they can be of help.

1. Property Management

Having access to a consistent and reliable phone answering service permits your customers or other potential callers to reach out to you whenever they want. A virtual receptionist is available to answer your phone calls 24/7, which means you no longer have to worry about missed or unanswered calls.

These live virtual receptionists respond to all the possible queries, regardless of the time of day. Whether a prospective client seeks information regarding rentals or a tenant is looking for details on property repairing, virtual receptionist services will instantly give you the information you seek.

2. Appointments

Real estate businesses can profoundly benefit from a reliable virtual receptionist service as they make booking and scheduling appointments seem like a piece of cake. An excellent phone answering service focuses on seamlessly integrating into your Google calendar or other virtual calendar managing tools to book in-house appointments.

Moreover, any unexpected alterations in the appointment can also be duly noted to plan otherwise. This is incredibly important as it mitigates the chances of miscommunication, and your company will not have to waste time with no-shows.

3. Call Routing And Transfer

Real estate virtual receptionists can make your calls to another team member who is right for the job. Whether you are traveling or at office premises, a team of virtual receptionists enables you to stay connected with your clients. They provide reliable and professional phone services around the clock and cater to existing tenants’ and prospects’ needs.

4. Available 24/7

You never know where and when you might receive a call from a prospective client. They can contact you during weekends, standard business operating hours, after-work hours, and basically whenever the need arises. If you cannot receive calls throughout the day, hire a virtual receptionist to ease the load. A virtual receptionist will attend to all your calls, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

5. Messages

Virtual receptionists are exceptionally helpful for real estate businesses as the callers are more likely to trust your business when they hear a friendly, real-live voice on the other side of the call. Chances are that most tenants or prospects will hang up the call and turn to your competitor if they go on voicemail.

Callers prefer to discuss their issues with someone responsive. Hence, real-estate businesses require live-voice customer support, which can be fulfilled with virtual receptionists.

6. Lead Qualification

Virtual receptionist services are more than willing to take your calls and have the potential to turn prospective leads into actual clients for your business. In a thriving and demanding industry like property management and real estate, it all comes down to prompt response.

Statistics reveal that qualified leads are highly likely to convert to clients if they are attended within 30 minutes. If you own a real estate business, turn to virtual receptionist services and inform them what you want to inquire from callers to qualify. This maximizes your business’s marketing and enables you to keep up on exceptional leads.


Reasons To Get Virtual Receptionists Services For Property Management

Virtual receptionist services for property managers are just as essential as real estate brokers and agents. Property management virtual receptionists are only as well-trained, professional, and courteous to attend to their phone calls and score some great deals. Here are some areas they specialize in:

1. Limit Distractions And Save Money

Property management companies also belong to a sector that receives dozens of calls a day. A virtual receptionist is hands down the best solution for a busy property management firm that requires assistance in handling phone calls in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Instead of recruiting people and paying them for merely fulfilling their work hours despite working or not, a virtual receptionist will only be paid for taking your calls.

Besides behaving like your daytime receptionist and fetching daily calls, these property management live receptionists also cater to your needs during the weekend and after office hours. Talk about getting a 24/7 phone answering facility and zero missed calls!

2. Provide Better Customer Service

In an attempt to alleviate expenses, several property management offices directly call managers to take the call. These managers are responsible for a horde of tasks like meeting prospective tenants, exhibiting properties, completing paperwork, and keeping up with maintenance faculty. Undoubtedly with so much workload, some calls are bound to go unanswered.

It becomes challenging for such businesses to rely solely on voicemails or expecting a call from them again. A property management virtual receptionist can do your office staff’s work and take calls that would otherwise remain unattended. Apartment complexes might rely on an auto-generated message. Still, prospective tenants reaching out to your office need a real person to voice their concerns. This results in enhanced tenancy rates and increased revenues.

3. Following Your Directions

Be on-site or off-site, a property management virtual receptionist will work as an extension of your firm. They will adhere to every instruction you expect from them, from the way you want them to answer the calls to handle various phone calls.

24H Virtual Real-Estate Virtual Receptionist Services

With a vast array of businesses setting foot in the real estate industry, it becomes a standard practice associated with a string of computer-generated receptionists and automated messages. 24H Virtual permits your firm to stand out by providing Virtual Receptionist services.

Our real-estate virtual receptionist services enable your clients to voice their concerns and communicate with real-life people. Our personalized interactions ensure to put you above other real-estate brokers.

24H Virtual is open to help thousands of real estate agents and property managers with its exclusive phone answering and virtual receptionist services. Our job is to control and manage all your business phone calls and give you smooth and uninterrupted service for your precious property/home buyers and clientele.

Whether you are a lone-wolf real estate agent or a commercial giant who requires our assistance in more than just answering phone calls, 24H Virtual is up at your service! Call us (Tel: 1-800-825-2587) today to understand how our unique solutions can help you bid farewell to all your problems.

24H Virtual works with many different industries like insurance, accounting, and law firms. We also work with real estate agents, firms, and professionals and provide trained virtual receptionists 24/7 to epitomize your company.

As an addition to your real estate or property management team, we take the responsibility of attending to your phone calls, scheduling appointments, passing informational leads, note down important messages, and respond to all your real-estate related queries.

Essential Features Of 24H Virtual Real Estate Virtual Receptionist Services

Adding a touch of personalization is the key to success in a cutthroat industry such as real estate. Potential sellers, investors, and buyers would love to hear a friendly voice and communicate with a natural person instead of an auto-generated message or have their message go straight to voicemail.

A wrong or casual first impression is one of the decisive factors in making or breaking a deal with your real estate agency. The Virtual Receptionists at 24H Virtual ensure that you start a business with your client on the right foot and go a long way ahead.

Our professional virtual receptionist services for a wide array of real estate businesses and help create a positive and lasting first impression by offering patient and amiable receptionists who will take calls on your company’s behalf and treat it like your own.

1. Inbound Calling

Our real-estate inbound calling services are designed to give your home buyers or sellers an unmatched experience and enhance your business’s overall success rate in cost reduction, efficiency, and better productivity.

2. Outbound Calling

Our expert workforce comprehends that handling outbound calls can be quite painstaking and time-consuming. Let 24H Virtual take off a chunk of a load from your plate and manage all your outbound calls.

3. Create A Professional Image For Your Firm

The first impression can either score you a deal or lose one, so its importance in the real estate industry is inexplicable. If your real-estate agency does not have a real person to answer your phone calls, you can imagine the message you are portraying. 24h Virtual Receptionists are at your beck and call and will handle all your investor, buyer, and seller-related needs 24/7.

This means throughout the day as well as in after-office hours. Our real-estate virtual receptionists will help you create a stunning and professional company appearance without having to hire additional workforce members solely for this purpose.

4. An Overflow Of Calls

24H Virtual believes customers should never have to go on voicemail, especially during standard office hours. Our virtual receptionist services focus on promptly having your calls forwarded to us whenever your staff deals with another customer.

Real-estate virtual receptionist services from 24H Virtual offer dozens of operators who can handle several callers simultaneously. Our agents will attend to incoming calls simply as if they are in your office lobby.

5. Go Beyond Office Hours.

The biggest perks of getting our virtual receptionist for your real estate agency is that your business will not be restricted to the standard operating hours. Our real-estate phone answering services are operational round the clock, and agents work 24 hours, 7 days a week.

6. Call Screening

As we have mentioned continuously, a missed phone call can lead to a loss of potential customers. This is where you can take the benefit of our exceptional phone-screening services. 24H Virtual engages in proper evaluations of every call to outline whether the real-estate callers are potential leads worthy of buying or selling houses and properties or not.

7. Qualifying Leads

It is vital to note that not every single customer that reaches out to your company will be the right one for you. Our phone answering services attend to your needs in qualifying all incoming calls with the appropriate set of questions. Following this, we will apply the most suitable course of action set by your real-estate company.

8. Taking Messages

With 24H Virtual, you will never have to miss out on any calls, whether they are essential or not important. Our experienced workforce ensures your clients receive all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision.

9. Schedule Appointments

We also focus on keeping your calendar full by scheduling appointments on Google Calendar and other virtual scheduling systems. This enables your company to promptly tackle clients and not worry about overlapping schedules. Let us handle all the work of scheduling appointments.

Acquire More Clients, Close More Deals

With our virtual receptionist workforce working for your company, you can be at a decreased risk of losing budding buyers and be exposed to more prospective sellers. Attending all your business calls during and after business hours is the leading indicator of professionalism. No potential real-estate investor, seller, or buyer will be missed when you have 24H Virtual Real Estate Virtual Receptionists by your side.

Finding the right properties and houses for sale and then matching it against the right kind of buyers is critical for a real-estate business and property management firm. But, you can set your worries aside as we will help you achieve it. Here are some of our biggest fortes that we take great pride in:

●       Hiring Highly-Trained And Qualified Professionals

Rest assured, all our agents undergo a strict hiring procedure and are carefully vetted. Regardless of the number of calls your real-estate agency receives, it will be answered by our skilled, English-speaking receptionists that are local to Canada and the United States.

●       Get All Of Your Important Business Calls Answered.

You never know how much a missed call can cost your business. Missed calls are classified as a form of a disservice to your clients and potential customers. 24H Virtual Receptionist ensures that all your phone calls will be handled and attended to with the utmost dedication and diligence.

●       Provide Incredible Customer Experience

Our agents are taught to focus on fulfilling your clients’ needs to provide incredible customer service.


Conclusively, it is safe to state that our virtual receptionists are professionally trained over and beyond the company and industry standards. They profoundly acknowledge the increasingly changing subtleties of the competitive real estate industry.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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