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Virtual Receptionists Services for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are always busy caring for their patients. In a medical facility, there is a constant rush of patients, queues for scheduling and rescheduling appointments, and enthusiastic staff dealing with different priorities. While doing so, answering the endlessly ringing phones can drop from the list of things to do. In other words, it’s nearly impossible for the medical staff to answer the calls and schedule the appointments along with handling the patients. But missing an important call can bring down a growing medical facility business.

“Do you know that 58% of customers never want to go back to the same company that they had a bad experience with?”

24H virtual can serve as your best task manager and answer every call of your medical facility. With us, you will discover the delight of responding to every phone call and that too by human beings and not by voice mail.24H Virtual is nowhere to get the world's corners closer by providing the best medical answering services.

We provide customer service with passionate virtual receptionists who would make your business stand in the leading position. Our virtual operators work hard and satisfy users by providing efficient and rapid call services. Our virtual receptionists act the best to schedule a brand new custom script for running the medical clinics and hospitals. Handle us a load of taking orders from the customers and patients to make your work a little easy.

Healthcare professionals can trust us for their answering service's needs. We have the most competent, honest, HIPPA compliant virtual receptionists to assist the patients in scheduling their appointments, updating them, handling billings, and various other essential tasks. Whether you are a physician or a physiotherapist, our virtual receptionists are trained to handle every client of yours. In other words, you can run your virtual medical office with our loyal virtual receptionists.

We Offer More Than An In House Receptionists

The in-house receptionists' medical activities can be daunting tasks as the continuous distractions by upcoming and ongoing appointments and new schedules can take away the calls on time. Endlessly, waiting for calls to be answered by the in-house receptionists can change the patients’ priorities about the medical center. 25% of clients head on to another business if they are kept on hold for too long. Moreover, hiring an in-house receptionist requires a big budget.

Strong communication between a customer and a receptionist can make your business grow more efficiently than usual.24H virtual provides the facility of answering every call within an affordable range. Our affordable rates and personalized choices make us valuable to medical professionals. Whether you work in a small setup or a large health care organization, the medley of options and policies that we provide can never be supplied by others.24H virtual receptionists' team can provide efficient and sensitive service to your patients.

How 24H Virtual Receptionists Benefit The Medical Professionals and Healthcare Facilities?

No one can deny the benefits of hiring virtual receptionists, but some services will do more for medical professionals and facilities than others. Let's check out the unique benefits that 24H virtual receptionists can provide:

Personalized Service To Meet The Needs of Medical Clinics

If you're running a health care service center, we aim to take care of your business's health. Offering much more on the same plate, we pledge to offer the same services as the in-house receptionists do for you.

By creating a custom script for the medical organizations, our virtual receptionists build a strong relationship with the patients to take their calls on time.

Call Management Program For Inbound and Outbound Calls

We provide a leading and top-notch call management program for inbound and outbound calls. We know it's quite challenging to transfer the call when you're on the way to the hospital or the clinic. Just leave everything on our shoulders as we have the eligible virtual receptionists who're always ready to respond to the patients and customers.

With the availability and affordability of valuable insights in the name of up-to-date technology and calling software, we set our standards relatively high among all the competitors. You'll notice the change in the interests of people toward hospitals. They will head more toward your clinic for the sake of convenience.

24/7 Availability Even During The Odd Hour Emergencies

A medical center isn't supposed to be off during the evening hours when the staff heads off home. Clinical emergencies can pop up anytime.

Thus our virtual live receptionists ensure the availability 24/7 for your medical center. Our out-hours reception services prove the best option to keep your service lines open all day and night.

Keen Eye to Find a Genuine Client

Our virtual receptionists ask every possible question and thoroughly investigate whether the customer is genuinely eligible for your medical attention. After proper confirmation, we transfer a qualifying lead.

Thus, our virtual receptionists do not leave a single way to doubt upcoming customers' demands. Moreover, in case of scams, our receptionists have the guts to take appropriate actions.

Compliance to Deal the Privacy of Customers

Keeping privacy standards high, 24H Virtual offers virtual live receptionists with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to provide your customers the freedom to talk. One of our receptionists' excellent ethics is to handle the confidential data of the patients with outstanding professionalism.

You can unload the weight of upcoming calls by hiring one of our virtual live receptionists. In this way, healthcare professionals can have the convenience to check on their patients without being distracted by the random calls during their round-hours.

Scheduling the Appointments for Patients

For gaining the trust of our users, our virtual receptionists make sure to take account of the important messages. They assure our clients that their names will not slip from the crack list. They can assist prospective patients well by inquiring about their requirements.

There is no further need for healthcare professionals to enroll in the schedules or check on the doctor’s availability timings. Making most of the modern technologies and software, our virtual receptionists make the Google calendar to set the appropriate days of the week for patients’ appointments.

Secure and Competent System

Keeping a wise track on the standard evolving technology to make communication easy, we always update our receptionists about the potential ways to practice modern privacy and security.

We commit to serve your customers the best experience for medical services and let you win the race of growth.

Provide Exemplary Health Care Consults

Medical centers are believed to be the magic houses to do wonders for the health of the patients. But this aim can never be achieved until medical facilities give easy access to their patients to communicate.

Whether there are power outages, holidays, or any other hard time communicating with patients, our virtual receptionists are always ready to ensure the best social impression on the patients.

Healthcare Professionals Who Can Utilize The Services Of Virtual Receptionists

A busy house of doctors, including dentists, oral surgeons, physiotherapists, and medical specialists, can benefit from virtual live receptionists. Virtual receptionists make sure to provide the best customer service to their patients at the right time. A loyal group of virtual receptionists can surely handle the responsibilities and help you experience a streamlined growth of your business.

The healthcare professionals that can take advantage of our virtual receptionists’ services are as follows:
Family Doctor
Home health care
Hospice care
Medical appointments
Massage therapist
Virtual receptionists’ services for a Family Doctor

When a patient calls a family doctor, it is undeniable that he had pain that needs to be addressed. Answering such a patient through voice mail or keeping him on hold for a long time can frustrate the patient. However, a doctor has many more important things than just staying glued to the phone.

Our HIPAA-compliant virtual receptionists can answer all of the calls for a family doctor. A family doctor can also provide a customized script to be followed by our operators.

We offer affordable plans that can be picked out by the novice family doctor or the most senior and experienced family doctor. Let us help you save your time by answering unlimited calls, scheduling your appointments, and answering patients’ general queries.

24H virtual operators can give you the best experience of customer service most efficiently and effectively. With the professionalism with which our virtual receptionists deal with your patients, they will not even get a hint of being talking to an answering service.

A way of success for Dentists and Oral surgeons

Succeeding in the field of dentistry isn’t as easy. If you are a new one to start a dental office, you must fight a long battle before reaching on top. It is not easy to overcome your competitors and win a cutthroat competition. You might have got many patients at times, but unfortunately, you don’t have enough space in your dental office.

Here is a straightforward solution to many of your problems. Answer your clients and schedule their appointments on the phone so that you always have enough space to accommodate your patients.

You cannot cope up with all of your calls while dealing with your patients. Thankfully, you can benefit from 24H virtual receptionists’ services for your dental office. Answering your patients in the best possible way, and scheduling appointments with our virtual receptionists can lead your business to success.

Every patient has his own demands and needs. Not everyone out there can fulfill their needs. You can take advantage of your competitors by providing your patients the excellent customer service that encourages them to be your consistent patients. As our receptionists are HIPPA compliant, you do not need to worry about handling any emergency or sensitive situation. They are trained to keep the privacy of patients.

Our virtual receptionists will listen to your patients, solve their queries, schedule their appointments, manage their billings, and qualify the leads. Not only that, if you wish to run your office even at odd timings, our operators will always be available to answer every call. With 24H virtual, you will get a dedicated team of virtual receptionists around the clock to provide superior service.

Trust us; you will feel like a part of your organization dedicated to seeing your success. Our friendly, satisfactory, and personalized way of dealing with patients can help you gather more patients and create a positive reputation.

Sharing the burden of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians

When a patient comes with an eye complaint, he wants undivided attention and sincerity by his doctors. If your front desk staff is busy answering the calls and doing other paperwork but didn’t pay attention to welcoming and directing the patients, you will lose your patients. Indeed, they will not come again for the pathetic experience that they have gone through before.

You can solve this problem with a simple remedy. Try 24H virtual receptionists’ services to handle your callers and let your front desk staff treat your patient the way they deserve.

Not every patient will call you during working hours. A patient might get pain in his eye at midnight and hit the dialer to get your help. If you are not there to answer the call, he will move on to another eye doctor. Ultimately, if this continues, you will be famous for the pathetic customer service and inconvenience you cause to your patients.

Our highly experienced and trained virtual receptionists will help you clear the hindrances in your growth process. They are eligible to answer every call warmly and precisely in the way that you have scripted. They can schedule appointments, give information about insurance policies, inquire about the patient’s complaint, past medical history, current symptoms, and many more.

Answering the patients with loyalty and solving their queries will help you become reputed doctors who deliver your patients the best customer experience. That is the thing that will help you differentiate from your competitors and succeed.

So you can expect a highly dedicated team of virtual live receptionists from us, answering every call of yours 24/7/365.

Balancing the tasks of home healthcare professionals

In 2004, CDC reported 1,355,300 home care patients. With such a high patient to healthcare home ratio, managing calls can be challenging.

There is no compromise on the home healthcare services. Home healthcare service should be superior and prompt. If you are a home healthcare professional, it is imperative to balance efficient service and patient consideration. Home healthcare professionals need to quickly respond to every call and attend to every query of clients from the comfort of their homes.

Answering every call, even at odd hour emergencies, is the key to your healthcare business success. If you are not good at providing customer service, 78% of your leads will drop automatically. Certainly, you can’t afford such failure. Solve your matter with 24H virtual, and let us handle your clients.

We can serve as your ideal partners in dealing with your clients with speed, accuracy, and sensitivity.

24H virtual receptionists are dedicated to answering every call, listen to their needs, and scheduling their appointments. Any competitor cannot provide the degree of flexibility that we provide in our plans and rates.

Our virtual receptionists are devoted to coordinate between caregivers, family members, healthcare home professionals, and patients. They can handle emergencies, unlimited calls, lab results, routine messages, and new admissions.

Free yourself from the enormous burden of responding to calls, and let us help you creating balance in your business.

Assisting Hospice care agencies in their worthwhile work.

A terminally ill patient needs physical, emotional, and spiritual help. Hospice care agencies help the families go through the most challenging moments by easing the patient’s pain and extending physical and emotional support. Helping such a patient in the last days of his life is the most beautiful duty that one can do.

We know how hospice care providers do the difficult task of helping patients manage pain, supporting them emotionally, and creating a balanced and relaxed environment. Their doings can be interrupted by endless calls of clients inquiring about their loved ones and appointments. Answering the calls while dealing with terminally ill patients can be challenging. With such a heavyweight of responsibilities, adding the additional stress of answering the calls will be a shame.

You may search for an excellent virtual receptionist service to answer the calls. The problem is that most of the call centers don’t respect the clients’ needs or the success of your business.

Don’t worry because we have good news for you. Your search for a friendly and warm virtual receptionist ends here.24h virtual understands the difficulty of your task and sensitivity. We assure you that you will never be stressed again about answering your clients. 24H virtual is here to help hospice care by providing the complete service of answering the calls and responding to every client query.

We will help you release your burden and let you work in a stress-free environment. Round the clock availability will help the families get updates about their loved one’s condition.

Pediatric answering service for patient care

In the pediatrician’s office, the phone rings all day, and people report about their baby’s runny nose or high fever. The pediatrician must have a very calm and relaxed environment to treat his patients with attention. The continuous ringing of the phone can distract his attention. Such an environment cannot produce satisfactory customer service. Treating little patients continuously, along with answering the phone calls, is impractical for a pediatrician. Moreover, if the staff gets busy answering the calls, there won’t be anyone to welcome them and their parents.

When a child’s health is not right, his parents will not sit calm. They want their child’s good health. In such a situation, the very first person they want to call his pediatrician. If parents are set on hold or transferred to voicemail, certainly they will not endure such an insult and never return to your office again.

Never let your clients face this frustration and answer every client through virtual receptionists. Our pediatric answering service makes sure that our cute little patients get the best treatment and their parents have a superior customer service experience with us.

Whether it is early morning or late night, whosoever calls, our virtual receptionists will be alert to answer. This will free your staff from answering the calls and let them engage in their essential administrative tasks. Our receptionists will surely handle all the incoming calls, book appointments, and answer the queries with utmost responsibility.

Our virtual receptionists are trained to calm down the anxious parents and ease their fears with compassion and care. With such superior service, our virtual receptionists will handle your client’s calls. Our HIPPA compliant receptionists can spot an emergency and quickly refer it to the right contacts.

Try our affordable and customized pediatric answering service. Once you have got experience with our virtual receptionists, you would never go back.

Veterinary answering service for clients and their pets.

If you love animals and ever had a pet, you know the bond that develops between your pet and you. Pets are not mere animals; they are just like family members or close friends. When a pet owner selects a veterinarian, he wants the one who can treat his pet with love and care. That is why veterinary doctors always hire employees who love animals and treat them with passion and love.

Similarly, the veterinary answering service should be handled by the staff who knows everything about caring for animals and love attending to animal problems. Our team has virtual receptionists who love animals and enjoy their time while dealing with queries related to animals. Our virtual receptionists deal with every call in a way that shows their love for animals. In this way, your in-house staff can dedicate its time and attention to incoming patients.

If you are also running a veterinary business, you can trust our virtual receptionists. Hire our operators to answer your clients. Consider us a part of your business, and let us help you grow your business.

Our trained virtual receptionists have the experience of handling veterinary issues in the best way. They can attend to the unique veterinary problems without any hustle. They will serve your customers 24/7. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine checkup, our virtual receptionists can answer the queries, book the appointments, handle the billings, and inquire about the pet’s disease history and symptoms. They are accustomed to recording all the necessary information of the client.

We assure you the best experience with our extraordinary service that will help you increase the client retention rate exponentially.

Book your patients’ medical appointments with us.

If you are running a medical clinic, you must be accustomed to the constant bustling of patients entering and exiting the clinic from morning till evening. There rings a phone continuously on the front desk with the long queue of patients waiting for their turn. With every call, there is a new question, concern, or appointment. We could imagine that the front desk staff can never get the time to manage other administrative tasks in such a hustle. It’s not less than a wonder to complete all tasks in such uneasiness.

24H virtual is looking forward to work with your medical facility and eases the burden of your staff. We would take the responsibility off your staff shoulders and let our virtual receptionists handle the calls. No matter what type of medical facility you are running, our HIPPA compliant virtual receptionists are all set to work with you. With our help, we have let countless businesses to grow. Your staff will be more at ease to handle all of the administrative tasks. Your doctors will be more relaxed to follow already scheduled appointments and treat their patients better.

We know that every medical clinic is not the same. Every clinic operates differently and focuses on different areas of concern. But don’t you worry about us being fit with your approach. We would take time to understand your strategy, follow your script, and then let you transfer your responsibilities to us. It is just like having a front desk receptionist’s team available 24/7 to answer professionally and book appointments.

Addition of Virtual receptionist to massage therapist office.

If you are running a massage therapist office, you have to encounter several calls daily. Massage therapy needs a very tranquil environment. In such circumstances, 24H virtual can be a healthy addition to your office. You can use our virtual receptionists services the way you want. We provide personalized virtual receptionists services to our customers throughout the year. We want you to grow your business and become an example for others.

Our virtual receptionists can answer all of your calls streamline your virtual receptionists services, and free you from the anxiety of managing every call. No matter what time of day it is, you are on leave, or there arises some emergency, our virtual receptionists will be available 24/7 to handle your calls without compromising.

With us, you will be free of booking appointments, manage billings, answer specific questions, and maintain a positive response. Our operators will do all such tasks. With that being said, you can focus entirely on your patients and run a successful business.

Premium Virtual receptionists services for physiotherapists.

A physiotherapist can make a big difference for a patient going through physical pain. Physiotherapy services help the patient relieve his physical pain, joint discomfort, and mobility restrictions. The treatment time might range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the condition of the patient. Consider a physiotherapist who is busy dealing with his patient, and the phone is ringing continuously. Indeed, he can’t pick up the call while treating his patient.

If he has front desk staff, answering calls might distract them from their primary work.

24H virtual is here to solve your problem. You can try our virtual receptionists. Our virtual receptionists are HIPPA compliant and professionally trained with years of experience to handle all of your clients’ calls.

We know how difficult it is for physiotherapists to handle all of their calls, along with engaging in hours of extensive treatment sessions. We free you and your staff and let you focus on your essential tasks. With our loyal receptionists, you will get more leads and consistent clients. With the increasing client list, your business will get enormous chances of growth.

As a physiotherapist, your clients will not only call you to book the appointments. Clients ask hundreds of questions before treatment. Our virtual receptionists have covered you for this too. As they are HIPPA compliant, they can ask all the important questions about physical pain, past medical history, medications, and the status of the patient’s ADLs (the activity of daily life). Our virtual receptionists can also answer the number of sessions a patient might need and the procedure that the patient has to go through. Our operators are all set to answer every question and collect all the necessary information.

We assure you of our 24/7 virtual receptionists services that will help you qualify more leads, gather more patients, and make your office’s favorable reputation.


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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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