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Every business, big or small, requires a strong financial system for its sustainability. No business can run without finance, but what about running a finance business? At times, It can become the most cumbersome job.

When you talk about a finance company, you might think of someone giving loans for business. This is not the case. The finance business has many approaches to look into. Finding investors, finding the appropriate bank, managing accounts, bookkeeping, mortgages, loans, and even insurance.

Moreover, it is about advising and planning clients' future investments. All of this makes it completely a client-centric business.

Many times you have to offer a wide number of options so that your client chooses the best suitable. Or he can even go for a combination of ideas. For this, you might have to sit for hours discussing ideas with your clients. Client satisfaction is the essence of this business.

A receptionist here plays a very important role. The main responsibility of a receptionist is client dealing. They are the first person a client would interact with or contact to gain information. If the right and to the point information is provided at the first step with great precision, you can grab your clients' interest in your services.

Why Do We Need A Virtual Receptionist?

Highly Accessible
A virtual receptionist is highly accessible by all types of businesses. This is because virtual receptionists are available remotely. You might be sitting in some other part of the country, and your receptionist is working from the other.
24-Hour Uninterrupted Service
A virtual receptionist is available 24 hours, seven days a week. This is not possible with a live receptionist due to obvious reasons. It is humanly impossible to work 24/7. Over and above that, no start-up can afford more than one receptionist to increase available hours.
Automated Record Keeping
You can record the calls and keep a log of them. Moreover, you can deliver automatic voicemails and messages in your absence.
No More Missed Calls
With a virtual receptionist, you never need to worry about missing a client because of not answering a call. There is no chance of a missed call when someone is present 24/7 to attend to your clients.
No More Spam Calls
Virtual receptionists use certain call filtering software. Indeed it helps ignore any spam calls or marketing calls that might waste your precious time.
A virtual receptionist will be more efficient in communicating with your clients. This is because of highly trained staff. And their thorough study of your business and industrial scope.
Manage Appointments
Being in a finance business means meeting a lot of clients on a daily basis. This can book your calendar for days. Managing all this becomes a hassle. A virtual receptionist will maintain an automated calendar of your appointments.

This will help you maintain a schedule of your meetings. Moreover, you can receive reminders along with client information and interests before the meeting.
The services a single virtual receptionist provides you are much more than two live receptionists working together. So you pay less for a lot more. Adding to this, you don't need to buy any specific equipment for your receptionist. Thus it reduces your cost, and you can invest that in your business.

When you are looking for a virtual receptionist service provider, you will come across many options. Then why choose 24H Virtual?

Why Hire 24H Virtual Receptionists?

24H Virtual believes in building relations with clients. We provide the most professional environment for your clients. When they contact a service, they require relevant information, and with our highly trained staff, we strive to ensure quality service.

24H Virtual receptionist offers the following features;
Inbound And Outbound Calling
At 24H Virtual, we understand the importance of never missing a call. Our virtual receptionists are always there to respond to your clients. Moreover, outbound calling is a must in the finance business. Thus, we make them for you and spare your time to focus more on your business administration.
Call Transfer
Wherever in the world, you and your virtual receptionist are on duty; it will transfer any important calls to you right away. And if there is something to be put on hold, our 24H virtual receptionist can make a short conversation with the client as well.
Professional Client Dealing
We believe in establishing a long term relationship with your clients. Our receptionists are skilled enough to satisfy your clients. We show them a glimpse of your professional work environment just by attending one phone call.
Grabbing New Leads
Our receptionists will never let you lose a potential client. Our receptionists do a thorough study of the industry and are trained to generate new leads.
Noting Messages
We make sure that you never miss anything important. If you are away, 24H virtual receptionists will note down your client's message for you.
Client feedbacks
When you provide some service to a client, it is very important to take feedback. We take this job on our shoulders and contact clients for feedback. Moreover, taking follow-ups to ensure clients returning for more services.

How 24H Virtual Receptionist Helps You In Running A Finance Business?

As said before, the finance business is a multidimensional business. Your clients might be new entrepreneurs and looking for investors. Or they might be established businessmen looking for reliable accountants to record and manage all their cash inflow. Moreover, some might seek help for loans, mortgages, and handling bank accounts. To work in so many directions is not an easy job.

In fact, in some businesses, a single person wears many hats and performs more than one task, and there is no dedicated receptionist. With a 24H Virtual receptionist, you'll have a person dedicated to handling all these matters for you around the clock.

Stats prove that a customer is most satisfied when he comes across a live person answering his queries rather than automated systems.

24H Virtual receptionist can manage the following tasks for your Finance business;
Never Miss An Investor

Running a finance business is mostly about providing investment to big and small business ventures. Obviously, you will not be financing every business, but actually, you’ll be connecting investors to the business of their interest. So actually, both are your clients, the investors, and the ones looking for investors.

If someone is interested in investing in a clothing business, you jot it down. Moreover, you’ll ask the amount of money they want to invest. Also, if they wish to invest in a new startup or an already established business.

Now you might have a list of clients wishing to start a clothing brand or already running one and looking for investors. You can match and connect them. You then schedule a meeting of both parties and try to convince the investor showing him the prosperous future of the business he is going to invest in.

Our 24H virtual receptionist can take half the load off your shoulders by doing all the work from grabbing the investor to connecting and scheduling a meeting. After scheduling your meeting, your work is only to finalize the deal.

Now some other benefits you get when you have a receptionist that is available 24/7 are:
● You are never going to miss an investor because your receptionist is always there to take every call.
● Adding to this, they will develop a relationship with their expert communication skills.
● Our receptionists always do a thorough study of the industry. This enables them to understand the interests of an investor and connects them to the most suitable client.

Contact Venture Capitalists

When looking for investors, you will also come across venture Capitalists. Venture capitalists are firms willing to invest in small businesses and startups. They don’t put in their own money but get investment from insurance companies, pension funds, and wealthy investors. They can provide a huge investment than individual investors.

Venture capitalists will invest in promising businesses so that they earn a good share of profit in return. For this, they have many levels of management personnel that can refine out their business of interest. First, there are analysts who analyze the market value of a business. Next, there will be associates who will keep an account of investment and profit. On the higher level are the partners or the investors.

Matching your clients with venture capitalists can be more beneficial for you. But how do you generate leads with them?

For this task, you can rely on our 24H Virtual receptionists. Many Lists of venture capitalists are available. They can go through them, try contacting them, and once they get a response, they can match them up with a business of their interest.

We believe in Time is Money. That is why we work day and night so that you save time and spend it on planning to prosper your business. And while you are doing that, why not our receptionist grab some venture capitalists for you.

Once our receptionist builds a link with a venture capitalist, he will schedule all the meetings checking your calendar. He will be giving all the reminders. As a matter of fact, the virtual receptionists will act as a bridge between the venture capitalist firm, you, and the potential business which needs investment.

Finds Angel Investors

If you are running a finance business, you know how important are angel investors? As per their name, they are angels for small young businesses. Angel investors are different from venture capitalists. They will invest their own money in a business. They are not looking for established big businesses.

In fact, they would help an idea to flourish into a business. They would provide the founding fund for a business.

This is good for people who just want to start a business and are looking for investors. Another good thing about finding an angel investor is that they are not looking forward to making good money out of it right away but wait till you establish.

Usually, these people are friends and family of the businessmen. But some outsiders also wish to invest in new ideas. By hiring a 24h Virtual receptionist, you don’t have to look for angel investors.

Our receptionist will make all these calls for you. He will ask investors if they wish to be an angel investor? In what kind of business will they be interested in investing?
Moreover, the amount they are willing to invest? Once an angel investor shows interest, they need to be connected to the best suitable client looking for an investor. The receptionist will go through all the startups looking for investment and contact them, tell them about the investor and the amount of investment they want to put in.

Now, if the client shows interest, the receptionist will schedule a meeting. Now here is your job to be well prepared with all details and convince both parties to form an alliance.

Connect Clients With Financial Advisors And Planners

Startups and young businesses always look for someone who can advise and guide them through thick and thin. Finance Companies offer such services and have special teams for this. Financial Advisors, as the name suggests, will advise you how to invest your money? They will keep you focused and narrow down the issue for you. They will identify the product or service you should be offering your clients.

If you want someone to look at the bigger picture, then you need a financial planner. He is the one who will plan your investment and give a futuristic roadmap. His support is ongoing and is there with you for the long term.

At times you have the best people for this job, but you need to understand in detail what your client is looking for. He either wants financial advice for a specific time period or needs a plan for the long run. Our 24H Virtual Receptionist can very well manage this task.

Our receptionists will have a well-prepared conversation with the client. During that conversation, they will assess what your client needs. She will explain the difference between financial advisors and financial planners thoroughly. Moreover, she will explain the benefits of working with a financial advisor or a planner.

We ensure that your clients know that working with financial advisors report greater financial security. Besides, working with an advisor can result in additional annual investment returns ranging from 1.5% to 4%. With a very professional and responsible tone, our receptionists are sure to grab the attention of the client.

Moreover, she’ll be the one explaining the fee structure of financial advisors and planners. Usually, advisors have a fixed fee of the project they are hired for. While on the other hand, planners have long term duties; thus, their fee plan might differ. They can charge per month or take a share of any successful sales.

In a very polite manner, she will convince the client to take your services by telling them that it is the best one for them. We have recorded a 57% increase in happy clients because they are received by an expert professional and not just a dummy receptionist.

Share Burden Of Your Accountants

Being an Accountant is not an easy job. It is not only a hefty task, but also it comes with great responsibility. Being an accountant means you need to manage all the cash inflow, sale purchase, and receivable payment records.

You are the one who prepares financial reports, predicts future financial goals, and manages audit and taxation matters. As a matter of fact, you keep a record of every penny earned or spent. Your little carelessness can cost your client great losses.

With such a big job to do, your accountants cannot attend calls. They always need to stay focused, and a phone ringing can break that concentration. Here 24H Virtual receptionist comes to share their burden—answers all accounting procedure questions by researching and interpreting accounting policy and regulations.

Our Virtual receptionist will take all the inbound calls for you. If Something important comes up, they’ll transfer the calls to you or note down the messages. Moreover, our virtual receptionist will keep track of sales and purchases. Furthermore, he can make calls to remind clients of their payments.
So when there is a busy season like after New Year’s when your accountants are making Tax files, they don’t need to take the headache of client matters. Our virtual receptionist can also make outbound calls and deliver your messages to clients.

Not only clients, but your receptionist will coordinate within your team as well. He can guide accounting clerical staff by coordinating activities and answering questions.

Adding to this, our virtual receptionist can maintain a record of accounts. They can help track transactions and bank activities. Our mantra is honesty and loyalty to our customers. You can rely on our receptionists to Securing financial information by completing database backups. Over and above that, we will Maintain customer’s confidence and protect operations by keeping financial information confidential.

Tax Preparation

Any registered business needs to comply with the country’s tax policy. Every businessman seeks the best taxation services so that he saves more and spends less. Finance companies provide promising tax preparation services to companies.

Your Tax Accountants are responsible for assisting clients and companies with their financial and income tax statements. These people may have typical work hours, except around tax season, when their hours can increase significantly.

This season is usually from New Year to April. In this period, they do some really important tasks like; they prepare tax returns, payments, and reports. They do the necessary paperwork.
Moreover, they have to assess and research difficult tax issues and identify solutions. They also need to manage and maintain the company’s tax database.

Over and above all, they have to determine tax savings and recommend strategies to improve profits. For this, they evaluate all accounting and tax regulations and suggest policies that diminish the tax burden.

Adding to this, they Ensure compliance with regulations by forwarding required information to federal, state, and local authorities. They will offer support and guidance to your clients during audits. Furthermore, they have to Keep track of industry trends and changes related to taxes and prepare accurate quarterly and annual tax reports.

With so much to do, they definitely need some assistance. If you hire a 24H virtual receptionist, it will share many responsibilities with your tax accountants. He can help in calculating tax payments. Yes, they can, because they keep a record of estimated tax returns, deductibles, liabilities, and expenses.
Moreover, they can collect data from income statements and expense documents. Also, they can make calls to your clients and help complete clients’ all tax documentation. You can even ask them to review data on reports and detect possible errors. Adding to this, they can even run research for new tax trends and regulations.

Taxation is a complicated issue for everyone. Your clients may have a ton of questions in mind even after hiring you for the job. Your virtual receptionist will be available around the clock to give them satisfactory answers.

He will answer all tax and finance related questions. Moreover, advise individuals and companies on tax strategies. This relaxes you so that you can only focus on the legal matters of taxation.

Our virtual receptionist will manage your relation with the client and cater to many inside affairs. It will share financial data with the accounting department. You will also need him to collaborate with internal and external auditors and forecast tax predictions to senior managers.

Helps In Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a task of great responsibility. It is a vital department of any company. Bookkeeping refers to keeping the day to day records of every sale and purchase. Every penny spent and earned are recorded on a daily basis.

In addition, a bookkeeper sometimes also manages some HR responsibilities like keeping a record of the payroll, funds, loans. Some companies, instead of hiring a full-time bookkeeper, outsource this task to finance companies.

Bookkeeping of a single company is a heavy task, but if you are keeping records of different companies, it is very cumbersome.

We at 24H Virtual provide you with a helping hand, which is working day and night and even covers up for you if you are away at weekends. Our virtual receptionist will keep an automated record of all the sales and purchases, especially the ones done on calls.

Additionally, it will register the expenses before the actual cash transfer and then after the transaction is done. The same goes for cash inflow. This will make it easy for your bookkeepers to prepare monthly or annual reports.

Some other important tasks our receptionist can perform for you are,
● Maintains records of financial transactions by checking account details and tracking all transactions
● He will also ensure compliance with legal requirements.
● He’ll record everything keeping in mind all bookkeeping policies and procedures.
● Will verify all accounts and transactions.
● Maintains a general ledger of all transactions and account summaries.
● Maintains historical records by filing documents.
● It helps you prepare financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.
● Thoroughly studies federal, state, and local legal requirements enforcing adherence to requirements when filing reports and advising management on needed actions.
● Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Insurance Agencies

Selling an insurance policy requires a lot of client dealing. It has many prospects, from generating leads to knowing your client’s interest in selling the policy. The best thing about 24H Virtual receptionist is that you can outsource all of this work.

Lead generation is all about developing a relationship with a potential client. For this, you might have a long list of names and numbers. You might have to dial up for our hours. Our receptionists are well trained for this.

They will put all the effort of calling the clients and convincing them to talk. Once they have the client’s interest, they would narrate all policies and plans your company offers.

Your virtual receptionist will put all the effort to satisfy the client. It is spontaneous, courteous, and professional. And this is what every client needs. Your virtual receptionist will deal with every client according to individual interests and offer them the most suitable plan. Selling insurance is all about building a good relationship with your client.

At 24H Virtual, we work hard to develop relationships with prospective clients. These relationships are the bedrock of your business. Our receptionist will develop a long-term base of clients through different channels, including calls, email, social media, and postal mailing.

In addition to finding new clients, you must maintain relationships with existing clients. Your reputation as an insurance company depends on you providing a reliable first point of contact. When your client needs to file a claim or increase their coverage due to major life events, like purchasing a new car or having a child, they want to be received by a professional who understands their needs.

Your virtual receptionist also goes through the client’s profile assessing his financial status. This makes it easier for you to offer the most suitable payment plan. Moreover, once you have cracked the deal, your receptionist is there to keep a follow up of payments and claims. He makes sure that all policy requirements are fulfilled. In short, it will assist customers in properly completing insurance applications and form filling in order to act as an intermediary between the customer and the insurance company.

Keeping Track Of Student Loans

Are you helping students get loans for their studies? Hundreds of such requests will fall in daily. Numerous students trying to get into the best universities need financial assistance. If your finance company is offering student loans, your phone will be continuously ringing for queries.

Actually, the whole procedure starts with a ton of questions and queries, and students have regarding your service. What will be the installment plan? Will there be any interest? How will you facilitate them? Next, they will want someone to drive them through the process. How to apply? Whether they have to fill a form or come to your office in person? How to fill the form? What documents do they need to attach?

Now the choice is either someone from the management answers all these phone calls and put a lot of time satisfying client queries. Or you hire a virtual receptionist and let management focus more on processing more and more loan requests.

Again once someone’s request is processed, none of your administration needs to call and tell people whose loan was approved and whose rejected and why rejected? Simply let our 24H Virtual receptionist do this for you.

Once the loan is issued, you have secured a client. Right? But who is going to take all the hassle of calling your clients each month and giving reminders of their due Payments? And who is going to keep a record of what payments are done and what are pending? Our virtual receptionist will keep an automated record of everything.

Unbiased Selection Of Banks Or Credit Unions

Credit unions are distant cousins of our traditional banks. Banks, however, are for profit institutes run by investors. Banks have to earn profit for investors.

Any individual can open an account in a bank as a customer and has no say in administrative matters. Whereas a credit union is a group of people who share credit and issue loans among themselves. It is a non-profit organization, and every person is a member and has a say in every matter.

It can sometimes be a difficult choice for your clients to select what will suit them the best. Your virtual receptionist talks them through it and helps them make an unbiased decision. Credit unions can be beneficial as it has a lower fee and better interest rates. On the other hand, it does not offer a worldwide facility of ATMs, online banking, and mobile banking, which banks will provide.

When you are managing the finances of an individual or a company, such questions always arise. You don’t have to take the pain of answering such queries. Let our 24H Virtual receptionist do this job, and meanwhile, you can just sit back and relax until your client makes a decision. Our receptionist will answer each and every question at any time of the day until we fully satisfy your client.

Manages Private Mortgage Lending

When someone is looking for loans and mortgages, many options are available. If your company offers private mortgage lending, you have to take out an ample amount of time to call your clients and tell them about it.

Private Mortgage Lending is different from bank mortgage as it is much safer. Additionally, banks have a lot of terms and conditions before you become an eligible candidate. Further, they have strict due payment deadlines, and they won’t show any flexibility before ceasing your property.

Adding to this, a Private Mortgage is also beneficial for self-employed people because banks will require proof of a permanent source of income like an employment letter. Moreover, it benefits old age people who don’t have many work credentials. So instead of going for a bank mortgage, clients can opt for private mortgage lenders.

Our 24H Virtual receptionist can convince your clients for private mortgage lending. He will take enough time to explain to your clients all the pros and cons of private lending. He can also find people interested in being private lenders. The receptionists will schedule all meetings. He will drive your client through the process.

He will explain the procedure, the form filling method, all the documents required. Moreover, he will collaborate with the brokers.
Brokers are the middlemen responsible for getting all papers checked and signed by both parties. He will go and read out all terms and conditions to both and take a confirmation nod.
Now another phase is the payment plan.

Once the loan is issued, you settle with both parties at the time of payment. Whether it will be monthly, yearly, or quarterly? Also, will there be any grace period if the payment gets delayed? Your receptionist will keep a record of the payment dates and give reminder calls. Besides, he will register what payments are done and what is left.

Manage Debt Collection With Ease

Debt collection is a tiresome job. Once someone lends money, he does not want any headache of reminding and collecting debts. For this, they might hire you as a debt collecting service. Once you are hired, you have a great responsibility. You first have to determine your share with the client. Then you have to trace and track the debt payment. You need to ensure timely payments using Friendly reminders at first.

If there is any delay in payments, you can send an agent for informal negotiations and send formal letters. If that even does not work, you might have to go for legal help and court matters. As a debt collecting service, your client expects you to handle all these matters. He is only concerned with the recovery of debt.

It is not the work of a single person. It requires a lot of in house and outside work, unlike a simple desk job. We recommend hiring our 24H Virtual receptionist so that someone is always present at the desk. Meanwhile, you can go and finish tasks out of the office.
On top of it, you will need a receptionist to keep track of all debt payments made and which are pending. He will send the reminders to creditors.

Your receptionist can type a formal letter and send it to all indebted. You’ll get a helping hand with all the paperwork as well. And the best part is that this service is always available.
Indeed the people who want recovery of their money become impatient. They would call and call again to know the status of payments.

If you are always answering their calls, who would do the work and deal with the creditors? Our 24H Virtual Receptionist is always on call to satisfy your clients and update them about the recovery. We guarantee that our receptionist, with their professional tone and reasoning, makes clients happy every time.

Summing it up, without a doubt, a professional receptionist guarantees a flourishing business. But not all businesses can afford one full-time receptionist. We at 2H Virtual believe in providing you with competent receptionists who can share your burden. They work tirelessly 24/7 so that you can focus more on developing your business and improving your services. We do all the client dealing. We are here to answer all their queries. We only believe in developing good relations with the client and ensure their interest in our services in the long term. For this, we take feedback, we follow up with the clients, and we make sure they are satisfied with the company.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now at 24hvirtual.com and find your best teammate.


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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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    24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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