Why Must Businesses Have An After Hours Call Center Support?

November 29, 2021by Mr Unsox0

After Hours Call Center Support

The businesses of the present world operate differently than they used to twenty years ago. This is mainly due to the evolution of technology. The way people live, play, and work and how businesses connect with customers is now under the influence of several advanced technologies. The Internet has opened several avenues of interaction and connection wherein companies still use telephones to remain connected to customers. It calls for using an effective after-hours call answering service. With 85% of businesses still conducting over the telephone and 75% of customers refraining from buying from businesses with unsatisfactory phone etiquette, the data clearly shows how important it is to associate with platforms offering after-hours call center support like 24H Virtual. Businesses can recruit experienced virtual receptionists who always remain connected to the customers through email, live chat, and phone calls even when office hours end.

 Step Up The Game With Call Answering Service

If you have a business and aim to make your mark online, you need to stay connected with all your customers. There are times when customers would want to reach you after office hours with a query. However, when the customer receives no response, he will tend to get in touch with your competitor. Prevent such scenarios from taking place by availing of 24h phone answering service from 24H Virtual. We have listed below the advantages of these services and how they can help your business scale:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Customer service outlook is entirely different with the advent of mobile technology and the web. People can remain connected 24/7, and they anticipate the brands they buy from to conduct the same. Anybody can indeed connect with another person through social media, but customers sometimes prefer speaking over a phone call so that they can speak to a real person. Especially when customers have queries regarding Refunds and Returns, they expect somebody from the brand to respond to the call even after the end of business hours.

In today’s time, every person has their own smartphone, making a mobile phone the most straightforward means of communication. As per a report, 12% of smartphone users possess an iPhone. It means that a consumer service application for iPhone will be leaving behind 89% of the customers. Indeed, it is possible to build an application for all mobile platforms, but the means of communication with 100% reach is mobile phones.

When a business fails to deliver this kind of supreme quality service, it can land in trouble. Customers can easily research anytime they want with the help of the Internet that makes them come across your competitor sites. These days customers have access to better information than ever before. When you guarantee that your customers can reach you after business hours, it is pro-level customer service, and it can scale your brand excellently.

  • Global Reach – Previously, most customers lived within the city and were close to the business location. The time zone was similar as well. However, the times are now different as businesses now cast broad nets with the help of the Internet. Customers are now spread all over the world and across countries. Business hours no longer pertain to the nine to five routine. Few businesses even remain open all night. This makes perfect sense to the concept of after-hours call service. Hence when your business is based in NY or New York, and your customer base is in Los Angeles, the after-hours automatically commences at the time of their 9 to 5. You can well understand the scenario when you have your business in North America and the client base in Europe. Now you can make your global customers the most satisfied ones when you respond to their calls anytime and offer quality assistance. Remember that happy and content customers equal strong business.


  • Good Reputation – An effective after-hours call answering service from 24H Virtual will help you shape a solid reputation for your business. Customers these days browse online, and they also like to share their experiences and review on social media. When their experience with the after-hours call center support is satisfactory, not only they will return, but they will recommend your brand to others as well.

You can come across several review websites that offer ratings to businesses depending on the numerous aspects of their services and products. As your business becomes popular for its customer service, the website will notice, and they will reward your business with an enormous boost. Customers will inevitably visit those review websites as they believe in research. As they witness the high rates of your business in comparison to others, they will automatically choose you over your competitors.

  • Decreased Operating Costs – The best way of decreasing operating expenditure is through outsourcing. This is because call centers are pricey to operate. But the teams providing after-hours call answering services work remotely. You can hire them as per hour or on a contract basis as well. It is even possible to end the terms of the contract any time you feel like it. This automatically saves money, as with these remote teams, you do not need an office set up. Also, the virtual assistant teams offering the after-business hours call service are highly trained in extending high-quality customer service.

In Conclusion

The customer service of your business must be seamless all time. This includes the time from the primary contact beyond the closing of the sale. As a matter of fact, most businesses want the sale to be the starting of the relationship with your customer. You must also remember that customers will keep returning depending on the quality of the service they obtain. Customers always wish for good treatment, and waiting is something they are never in favor of. You can ensure that you manage every aspect of your customer remarkably with after-hours call center support from knowledgeable virtual assistants. Be a tough competition in this fast-paced world as you connect with 24H Virtual today.


24H Virtual has been recognized as a Leader in the Virtual Receptionist Services sector by DesignRush.

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?

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24H Virtual is dedicated to creating a revolutionary Virtual Receptionist company full of dedicated individuals who enjoy the flexibility of time and freedom. Excited to never get stuck in traffic again?


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